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    Moving is often hard and stressful. A complicated process where you must organize, pack, find the right movers Paoli PA, and be ready for your moving day. And after all those hardships, investments, and time consuming, you shouldn’t have to deal with impolite movers or any unpleasantries. So, let us explain how to avoid it all and be ready if such a situation occurs.

    You won’t have to deal with impolite movers if you search for movers the right way

    When you embark on a journey to find movers in greater Philadelphia area, you will find yourself swimming in an endless sea of choices. Today most of us search for movers online because it is the best way of doing it. But once you begin, you might have a rough time distinguishing legit from a fraudulent moving company. But do not worry, we will point out a few things you should look for while browsing online. Your movers should have the following:

    • Official website with a logo, address, and contact info
    • Tools, equipment, manpower, and proper vehicles for the job
    • An experienced and knowledgeable moving representative that will provide onsite estimates

    You can get most of the information and find your movers online. But probably the best way of confirming is to give your movers a call and communicate further. You should ask all the questions to find the right answers. You won’t have to meddle with frauds or to deal with impolite movers if you take precautionary measures.

    A woman browsing the internet.
    Find your movers online. Read reviews and blog posts to make your choices easier.

    Avoid fraudulent moving companies

    Once exposed, usually, the fraudulent movers are the impolite ones. Yeah, sure, once in a while you can find a bad-mannered mover in a reliable moving company. But those do not last long. You must know that legit moving companies are giving their best to draw the line between legit and fraudulent. And of course, once you call your movers they will always tell you the best stories and offer the best services. So, question is, how to be sure that your choice is legit? A simple way of finding out is by checking online reviews and blog posts. Read about your moving company. You can surely find external sources describing the experience they had with the moving company you are hiring.

    A person pointing at the positive feedback.
    Inspect your movers thoroughly and make sure they are up to the task.

    Moreover, you can always put on a detective hat and research a bit further. You can check FMCSA or National Movers Association. Simply type in the mover’s name in a search box and in a matter of seconds you will find out if they are licensed and what are their ratings like. Whichever way you choose, just make sure to investigate a bit. This way you won’t have to deal with impolite movers or even worse, fraudulent ones. Usually, a simple word of mouth will do the trick. If you can find a friend who can recommend a trustworthy moving crew, that would be splendid.

    Onsite estimates

    Movers provide onsite estimates and usually, they do it for free. It is the best way to figure out the complexity of the task ahead and the real cost. Hence, if your movers insist on providing estimates and rough numbers over the phone, do not fall for it. You will probably have an unpleasant conversation going forward simply because you confronted it. But you must endure and avoid such a moving company. Remember, movers, can’t know the exact weight, number, and sizes of your boxes. All the information is crucial for the final estimates.

    Moreover, they must see the environment and inspect it adequately so they can form a moving plan. Also, if you need any additional services like packing, or renting residential storage, your moving representative will suggest it and make an offer. Your moving representative is here to help and make it all more affordable and pleasant for everyone. So, if your movers offer estimates over the phone, it would be best to skip and find another moving company.

    Be nice to your movers

    Sometimes, things can heat up a bit caused by heavy stress and unfortunate events. And in those situations, you shouldn’t argue with your movers but rather try to calm the situation down. No one will benefit from the bad energies and tension that are piling up. Of course, if your movers are reckless or break your favorite piece of furniture you should act on it. But the best advice we can give is to simply make claims against your movers later on. You can always file a complaint regarding damages or emotional stress caused during a relocation. Furthermore, you should always pay with your credit card instead of using cash. This way you have a chance to stop payment if the numbers are not right.

    Put a smile on your face and deal with impolite movers
    A simple smile will take you a long way. Be nice to your movers.

    All in all, you should try to be the best host there is. And if the situation arises where you must deal with impolite movers and unpleasantries, make sure you are not the one causing it. Take some snacks and beverages out, put on a smile, and assist as much as you can. Kindness will repay for sure.

    When the time comes you will know how to deal with impolite movers

    Now, we mentioned earlier that you can make claims against your movers. But to avoid all of it together, you should consider purchasing moving insurance. It is another way of finding out where your movers stand. Fraudulent and sketchy movers do not like insurance simply because it will mess up their shady business. Therefore, do not miss out on asking your movers which kind of moving insurance they provide. Usually, moving companies offer moving insurance where they pay 50-60 cents per pound of a piece in question. And we fully recommend upgrading it to full coverage. With full coverage, your movers will pay, repair, or replace the full value of an item that is either missing or is damaged.

    If your movers do not offer any kind of moving insurance, that’s a red flag right there. But that can also depend on the cargo you are transporting. Maybe it would be best to talk to your movers about it.

    Now you know how to avoid or deal with impolite movers. But do not worry, search for a moving company is important. And if you do it right, you will find affordable, reliable, and polite moving team to relocate your home. Good luck and we wish you a safe and pleasant journey.

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