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    Moving is a stressful and complicated process, especially when you look at it from your kid’s perspective. Settling in Glenside with kids will take time and effort, but you and your family will love your new neighborhood and your home in the end. Once your Philadelphia movers have unloaded everything- your adjustment period can begin! With a good plan and a little bit of creativity, you will be able to do everything! Glenside is a great community, with excellent schools and you will love it.

    When you are settling in Glenside with kids you should take a tour first!

    The first and the most important thing that you need to do is to take a tour with your kids. The first tour should be in your home. Before Glenside PA movers bring all of your belongings, you should go around and explore your home. Go through every room and discuss what will be there. Talk about your possible activities and plans for the future. This is part of settling in Glenside with kids, and you should do your best to help them feel included and happy about their new home. Explore it, check every corner – you can even play a game of a treasure hunt. There are a lot of different options, just adjust what suits you and your family well.

    kid in a room with toys
    Settling in will take time, so you need to help your kids by making it fun!

    Explore Glenside

    As you probably know, Glenside is a suburb of Philadelphia. And definitely one of the best places to live in. Most of the residents are young professionals and young families with kids. Glenside offers a lot of restaurants, bars, and parks. It is sure that you will love living here. If you really want to get settled in Glenside with your kids, you should take a walk or drive around and find a place that you will all love.

    Having an essential box will help you to settle in Glenside with your kids with ease

    One of the most important things for any relocation is an essential box. Every member should have their own essential box. And when it comes to your kids’ ti should have their clothes for a day or two, linen. And most importantly they should have their toys, books, music, games- whatever they love. Those things should help them to feel better the first couple of days until you unpack and settle in. Also, when you are moving with kids, you need to be prepared for everything. Make sure to pack a first aid kit, some chocolate, and things that your kids love to snack.

    snacks in a machine you will need for Settling in Glenside with kids
    Make sure to get snacks for the first day or two.

    Unpack kids room first

    Unpacking is a process that will take time, and you will probably feel overwhelmed. One of the best things you can do at those moments is to go for a walk and learn more about Glenside. It will give you a fresh perspective and possibly new ideas about what you can do in your new place. But one thing is for sure, unpacking will take time and you should start with your kids’ room. It will help them to adjust easier and faster and the process of settling in Glenside will be better. Ask them how they would like their room arranged, do they want to change something. Ask them about their opinions and then decorate everything together.

    Let them decorate their room

    One thing is for sure, letting your kids decorate and maybe even change something in their room will help them settle in. If you are unsure about this, give your kid three options to choose from. That way, you will be able to oversee how the room will look like and your kid will be able to decorate and unpack much faster. This simple trick will help your kids to feel safer and they will feel like they have control over something in their life. Also, you can include them in the decoration of the whole home. There are a lot of little things that they can do, and they will feel like they contributed a lot.

    girl decorating her room
    Let your kids decorate their room

    Routine will help you to settle in Glenside with kids fast!

    Every person and every family has its own routine. It might be small things – when they drink tea, or on which days they make pancakes. But a routine helps people to feel that everything is okay and normal. So, once you start unpacking you need to start getting back to your routines and adding new ones. After a relocation, your whole family will feel stressed and there is a great chance that your kids will act out. If you notice that behavior, you should react to it right away. If you used to watch a movie every weekend – start doing that ASAP. get your routines back and stick to them. And you will see your family adjusting to Glenside, as well as your kids. Change is always scary, but this is a great way to overcome that fear.

    Make the unpacking process fun

    You really don’t have to unpack the whole home in one day. Give yourself some time, and try to include your kids in this process. You can try to make up some games, or simply make this a family activity. But if your kids are not really eager to do that, it is better to spend some time in your home with them than to unpack everything. Boxes will be there, as well as all other responsibilities you have after the relocation. Give your kids, but also give yourself some time.

    Settling in Glenside with kids will take time

    Do not expect everything to be like it used to be in your old home overnight. It will take time to adjust and process this change. Emotions will be complexed. And although you will unpack and organize everything, it will take time to feel at home. Be patient, and be positive. Keep a positive attitude, tone, and spend time with your kids. That will create great new memories and your kids will love living in Glenside.

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