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    Relocating to a new city is a daunting task as it is. Once you add the fact that you need to look for a job upon relocation makes it even harder. Of course, it is always advisable to search for a job before you move. This would bring you much-needed stability, especially in the first couple of weeks or months. Being financially stable is one of the most important things once you move. If you fail to do that, you will become stressed and overwhelmed by the whole process and situation. Today, we help you get a job in Media right after you move. Furthermore, if you require moving assistance, consider hiring a professional moving company, like moving companies Philadelphia. Although we cannot tell you exactly where you can get a job, we can help you understand the process.

    How to get a job in Media?

    Media is a suburban area of Philadelphia. It has a population of 5.500 residents and it is located in Delaware County. The area takes 0.77 square miles and it is home to many young professionals. Moreover, the majority of the population is renting their homes instead of owning them. This is mostly due to the fact that the average home value is around $331.500 and rent is $1.160 per month. On the other hand, the median household income is $77.700, which is higher than the national average.

    an office meeting between eight people as something to expect once you get a job in Media
    Many companies in the area are white-collar companies and they are the biggest employers

    The area provides a small-town vibe, with Philadelphia being nearby. Because of this, many people are commuting to Philadelphia to work. So, if you have ideas for startups in PHL, for example, moving and living in Media might be a good choice for you. Instead of specifying jobs, we help you find ways to look for them in the area.

    It is best if you can do this before you move

    We understand not everyone will be in the situation to do this. However, searching for a job prior to your relocation might be a good way to approach this. There are several reasons why you should do that. So, to name a few:

    • You ensure a more stable lifestyle after moving
    • Reduces the chances of financial instability
    • Is a great way to get back to your tempo if working
    • Researching in advance prepares you for the future

    These are just some of the positive impacts of doing research prior to the relocation can have on your life. Furthermore, as each situation differs, you might not be able to search for jobs before you move. On the other hand, finding enough time to do this will help you adapt to the city better and not worry so much about your financial situation. If you can, find a job before you move.

    Media is home to white-collar jobs

    The whole community of Media is based on white-collar jobs. Many of its residents are working in fields like management, office and administrative support, or sales. These are the three major employing fields in the area. Apart from that, many people are working in jobs that require a lot of math and computers.

    a man and a woman drinking coffee while on a job interview
    Aside from white-collar jobs and universities, you can seek opportunities in Philadelphia

    If that is not the case, you can find jobs at local universities like Haverford College, Swarthmore College, and Eastern University. Furthermore, to get a job in Media also means to be able to commute to Philadelphia. As movers Media, PA, relocate you, you might notice that a lot of the population is also traveling to Philadelphia to work.

    Get a job in Media by actively working on your employment

    From day one, start researching. Go online and see what are the jobs in Media that you can work. Let us assume you had no time to do this before the move. If that is the case, you should devote all of your attention to it, of course, after you unpack your home. Go around the area and try to meet and chat with a few people. Get to know the area and learn what are the biggest employers there. Communicate with the locals and inquire about any open jobs or positions. Of course, what job you need will depend solely on you and your preference. So, make sure you talk to people around the suburb and learn more about the ins and outs.

    Consider part-time jobs for starters

    Maybe you have a specific job you want to apply to, but you have to wait for openings. If so, do not wait for the spot to open but start looking for more seasonal or part-time jobs in the area. You will need all the money you can get as soon as possible. Especially if you opted for some services, like renting storage units Pottstown, PA, which will drain your finances on a monthly level.

    a woman barista placing a coffee cup on the counter
    Instead of chasing jobs for companies, you can try working part-time jobs until you get back on your feet or a better opportunity comes along

    If there is something you wish to do, but cannot do at the moment, start working at the local bar or shop. More importantly, understand the situation you are in and how important money is for you at that moment. Every extra dollar you can earn will surely come greatly into your new household.

    Work on your resume and be ready for interviews

    Update your resume as soon as you can and start sending it to the companies you want to work with. Furthermore, as many people from Media often find a job in Philadelphia – do not discard it as an option. If you find places you can work in Philadelphia then apply for them. Because it is a small suburb, to be able to get a job in Media might not be as easy. Therefore, expand your options and work towards finding the perfect job. More importantly, make sure you are always ready for an interview with the company. Especially if you are planning on working in Philadelphia or somewhere outside of the area you live in.


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