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    Moving somewhere new might be exciting for you, but most people think that packing isn’t as thrilling. It’s generally a complex and therefore overwhelming project, especially if you are in a hurry. But since you have us to help you handle a short notice move, it will be thrillingly simple for you. Before you start panicking about your last-minute move, read this article and follow our tips. Never worry if you receive a last-minute relocation notice, our residential movers Philadelphia are here to guide you through this process. There are many tips that can guide you through a short notice to move more effectively. And most of those involve a lot of efficient packing. Arm yourself with good organization, perseverance, our expert tips and you’ll quickly pack up your home!

    A moving plan is your best bet when you need to handle a short notice move

    We have to warn you that it’s close to impossible to handle a short notice move without a proper moving checklist. Of course, you could try to execute a move yourself, but it will most likely be chaotic and/or a stressful one. If you plan your move in great detail, it will set you up for success.

    Saving your smaller rooms for last will keep you motivated, making a last-minute relocation less dreadful.

    We understand that you might be feeling like you were on borrowed time by this point. But creating one will only take half an hour, we promise. Plus, this step will only save you time later! So, before you can start packing, you should objectively examine your whole house. Do this by taking a quick walkthrough of your home to help your decision-making process.

    • You need to separate the items you will certainly be relocating with you.
    • Make three piles: items you’ll be packing, the second will be a donation pile, and the last on will be for items that will end up in the trash.
    • After this you can start packing up your home, clearing one pile at a time.

    How to handle a short notice move: Start as early as possible!

    When you have to plan a relocation, it is essential to get an early start. But since you need to find the best way to handle a short notice move, you will have to pack really quickly. That can’t be good for your fragile and delicate items. The smartest move you could make when you only have limited time is to hire our reputable movers? You may be worrying that hiring full-service movers will cost you more, but that is a fallacy. It is usually more expensive when you separately organize services such as renting the moving truck and labor-only services. But, our reliable movers can guarantee to keep your items safe during transportation! So why risk it, when you can rely on us?

    Living room
    Another trick is to start with big furniture and end with small. The rest of the moving checklist is basically hiring reliable movers to do the heavy-lifting!

    Prepare the right moving supplies

    You should aim to collect, rent or buy boxes in various sizes. You will also need a lot of packing paper, the very much needed bubble wrapping, a marker to label your boxes and a box cutter. Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia can deliver all the moving boxes and packing supplies you need to your home. Consider hiring this type of service, because it’s the best option since your moving day is so near. Our experienced moving team will also properly pack all of your valuable belongings in a matter of hours. Even if it’s really late on the night before moving day, don’t be afraid to call us! We will make sure to provide you with all the proper supplies in order for you to have a safe relocation.

    Utilize whatever you have around the house for a cheap packing solution

    If you want to handle a short notice move like an expert, yet frugally, use whatever household belongings you have as cheap packing supplies. Why not pack smaller household objects into larger ones to maximize space?

    You can stuff all your suitcases, baskets and travel bags with things that aren’t so easy to break. Using something that is already on wheels is always a bonus! Note that you’ll still need to get some professional packing equipment in order to safely pack fragile items. Call our movers and they’ll supply you with all the necessary packing materials your move requires. Make sure to get moving straps, a furniture dolly and moving blankets for transporting large appliances and heavy furniture.

    Use garbage bags for a quick packing fix

    Quick packing using common household items like garbage bags is just easy packing 101. When you want to handle a short notice move like a pro, you can use the following tip. Pack your softer and lighter things like towels, blankets, and clothes into garbage bags. This neat trick makes packing in a hurry super simple and convenient. Just make sure you only throw your non-fragile belongings into large trash bags. These household items are also extremely practical because they can carry more items than boxes. But, still, if you want to really stuff your trash bags, make sure you buy a brand that is very strong and sturdy.

    Trash bag
    You can tie up your common trash bags with ribbons or just use clear garbage bags! That should distinguish them from your normal garbage bags!

    The best way to handle a short notice move is to hire professional packing services

    Why hustle, when you can hire our pre-packing services to move your entire household swiftly and with all the safety precautions? If this still not an option for you, for whatever reason, you can contact us and we can prepare just a few rooms instead. We can save a lot of your time all the while not burning a hole in your pocket. Our previous clients all say that our trustworthy, reliable packing team was a great investment.

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