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    One of the worst things that can happen to your relocation is if it gets delayed. However, this is a fairly common occurrence and you need to be ready and prepared for it. The best way to handle delays when moving is to select a reliable mover in the first place, organize your relocation efficiently, and have some help handy. The first thing that you will need to do is look into movers in Greater Philadelphia area that are fully trustworthy and reliable. After you sign them over, everything else is going to be a lot easier. They can help you with organizing everything, which will make for a smoother process. This article will provide you with some additional tips to ensure that delays do not hamper your relocation as much.

    How to handle delays when moving? Useful tips!

    To start things off, we are going to present you with some tips on how to handle usual moving delays. Here are the things that you may want to consider doing.

    person filling in a weekly planner
    Good organization can mitigate most delay issues.

    Be patient and organized no matter what

    Patience is a virtue, as the old proverb goes. It is actually quite true when it comes to moving delays as they are sometimes unavoidable. There can be a variety of issues that your moving crew may encounter, and some of them can be unavoidable and completely out of their hands. This is true whether you are using a full-service company or simply hiring residential storage containers for your move. Furthermore, try to always have a backup plan if you encounter any delays. Try to avoid any travel arrangements that are “set in stone” if you can. You will want to be patient but only to a limit, though. After waiting for a fair bit, move on to the next part.

    If movers are late – Give them a call

    When faced with a moving delay, the best thing you can do is contact your movers directly and ask what is the reason for their delay. While you may not usually have the power to influence things, you will at least be working with up-to-date information. This may enable you to change up your plans and have a better handle on the situation. When your long distance movers are running late, there is usually a really good reason for it, one that they could not prevent. All the top moving companies do everything in their power to prevent any delays from occurring, after all, and delays are not something that happens all that often. They have their reputation to think about and any delay has the potential to ruin it.

    How to prevent delays when moving?

    Alright, that being said, let’s look at the ways to prevent any delays from happening and mitigating them if you do:

    • Book a reliable and professional mover
    • Sort out your budget and know exactly what kind of services do you need
    • Save a parking space for a moving truck
    • Declutter before packing
    • Ask your friends for help well in advance

    For the most part, if you do all of the things listed above, you will be in a great situation to mitigate any inconvenience that delays may cause. Or you may not even have a delay in the first place!

    Book a reliable and professional mover

    As mentioned previously, the best thing you can do to minimize the chances of delays happening is to book a moving company that has a reliable and trustworthy reputation. These reputations do not exactly “grow on trees” and all the companies that have attained them are worth your trust and money. However, if you want to be sure that your movers are as they say they are, you are going to need to read a lot of their moving reviews. This is a process that can take quite some time, so be prepared for it.

    male talking on the phone, working in the office
    Always try to do extensive research on your movers if you want to prevent delays.

    Sort out your budget and know exactly what kind of services do you need

    Some moving delays may happen because you decided that you do not require a particular moving service. This can make it a lot harder for your movers to perform to their full potential. Therefore, you need to consider your situation and choose services accordingly. For example, if you have a lot of items to pack you may not finish everything before your movers arrive. And that will inevitably cause a delay. In that situation, hiring packing services would prevent the delay altogether. The best thing that you can do is to analyze your situation with a calm mind. This will help you select the right services for the job at hand.

    Save a parking space for a moving truck

    If your movers need to wait for parking to be free, that will cause a delay. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons for moving delays. In order to ensure that there is sufficient parking space available, you may need to “reserve” it a few hours ahead. You can simply park your vehicle, or ask a friend to do it, on the space you want your moving truck to occupy. This is a great way to completely eliminate this particular delay.

    How to handle possible delays when moving? – Declutter before packing

    Most delays actually happen before the transportation process already started. Most people cannot properly evaluate the time they need to pack all of their belongings, and they can’t afford packing services. The best way to avoid this situation is to do your decluttering way before the moving day comes. This way, you will have a lot fewer items to pack and the process will be much faster. Of course, if you pack all of your belongings before the moving day, this becomes a non-issue.

    a lot of clutter in a room
    If you declutter before packing, you will minimize the chances of any delays associated with packing.

    Ask your friends for help well in advance

    Lastly, you may want to ensure that you have enough help for your relocation. Depending on how you want to perform your relocation, you might need assistance from some of your friends. Asking your friends for help is a great way to make everything go faster and you should always do it. However, if you want to handle delays when moving the best way, ensure that you ask them ahead of time. This will allow your friends to plan around your relocation and be there when you need them.

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