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    Relocation can be a stressful task and inevitably, you will have a lot of things on your mind. You need to find reliable Philadelphia movers, moving boxes, pack, unpack, etc. One of the things that you might forget is to check your apartment before leaving. You need to be sure how you are leaving your place before relocating. Is there any damage, did you transfer all of your utilities and many other things. A lot of people disregard this step, and they end up having a lot of issues. It is better to add this right away to your moving checklist, and make sure you have enough time for this task!

    If you want to check your apartment before leaving – create a list!

    Moving from one apartment to another is not easy. With the help of apartment movers Pottstown PA, it can be done fairly easily. But there are still some tasks that you need to do on your own. The best way to handle them all is to create an additional list. You should write everything down, every little detail. When you are in a rush, and you start the whole moving process you can easily forget to check every corner of your home before leaving.

    couple writing down what to check
    Create a list of things you need to check in your apartment before you leave.

    The first step is to give a final notice

    In case you are renting, the first step is to give final notice to your landlord. Check your lease, and make sure that you gave notice right on time. This is especially important if you want to protect yourself and your family from covid while you move. When you give notice, you can also notify your neighbors, so you can avoid any unnecessary contact. Especially if you plan to use the elevator. If you do not give proper final notice, you might lose your security deposit. And, although this seems like an obvious thing, a lot of people simply forget about it.

    Check your apartment before leaving for damage

    One of the first steps should be to check your apartment for damage before you move. The main reason behind this is in case there is any damage, you will have enough time to fix it. If you don’t you will end up paying for it, and your relocation will be more expensive. Also, this the reason why it is important to find reliable movers. Even if you fixed everything, there is a great chance that you will damage something when you move. There is a lot of specialty moving services, and some of them can help you avoid damaging your apartment. Professional movers can even pack everything for you, so you can be sure that you will leave a sparkly apartment.

    damaged socket on the wall
    Make sure to check every detail in your home before you leave.

    Take pictures of your apartment

    Although this might be an additional step when you are checking your apartment before the relocation, it can save you from a lot of possible issues. Once you moved all of your belongings, and you cleaned everything – take a few pictures. They can help you as proof that you left your apartment clean and without any damage. If your landlord says that there is some damage or similar, you can check the photos – and you will know what to do next from there. Checking your apartment before leaving is important and you need to follow all the steps.

    Two weeks before you leave your apartment check the utilities

    One of the important things that you need to do is to call your utility company and schedule when they will turn off your electricity and water. If you are unsure of how to transfer your utilities, you can always ask them for advice. So when you check your apartment before leaving make sure that you disconnected all of your appliances. Also, when you schedule turning them off – make sure to schedule it the day after your relocation. That way you will avoid the unpleasant surprises of losing water in the middle of the relocation.

    A white kitchen
    Make sure to schedule turning off your utilities the day after you move.

    Don’t forget to forward your mail

    You should notify everyone about your address change. You can do this online, so you do not have to go outside. It is important to do this, and although it is not included directly in the check of your apartment before leaving –  it is an important step. You probably have a lot of subscriptions, and you should make sure that you transfer all of them.

    Make sure that you have enough time to fix everything

    So, depending on the contract you have with your landlord you will probably have to return everything in its original state. If you have pictures on the wall, and you used nails – there will be holes. So, make sure that you cover them before you leave your old place. Also, if you painted walls, and you don’t have an agreement with your landlord – you will have to paint it back to the original color. And for this task, make sure you leave some old clothes. You will need clothes for moving as well. Also, if there are any other items that you changed in your apartment – you need to return them to the original state.

    Once you check your apartment before leaving – pay attention to details

    Once you check your apartment before leaving, you need to pay additional attention to details. If you have pets, check are there any scratches for example. Also, one of the things that a lot of people forget when they are checking the apartment before moving – is to check do they have all the keys! If you spent a lot of time in your old apartment, there is a great chance that you gave the money key to your mom, friend, etc. Make sure to gather all the keys back and return them to your landlord. If you are missing one or two, you will be paying the replacement. The devil is in the details, so make sure to check every corner before you leave and lock the door on your old apartment.

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