How to dress when moving during the winter?

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    Relocating during the winter period is not so hard as it seems. Yes, you still must prepare your moving plan, pack, and find trustworthy Philadelphia movers to assist you. The only difference is that you must pack a bit better and figure out how to dress when moving during the winter. And we will help you get all the answers on the topic. Let us prepare you for the winter move!

    Create a moving plan as soon as you can

    As soon as you figure out your moving date you must begin your moving preparations. The very first thing is to check the forecast and obtain the info about the upcoming snowstorms. You want to be sure that you can relocate at all. And keep on following the weekly updates so you can make adjustments if necessary. Then, create a moving checklist with everything listed so you can guide yourself better through the process. One of the steps is to inspect the whole environment, your belongings, and the furniture. This way you can create a packing plan much easier, sort your stuff better, realize moving costs, and prepare a moving budget.

    Dress when moving during the winter by using your old seasonal clothing
    A simple woolen sweater will do the trick. But you shouldn’t use your favorite one.

    Pay special attention while inspecting the areas your movers will visit. You want to be sure that it is a safe and secured environment to be in. You will have snowy and slippery roads already, you do not need any additional complications on top of it. Therefore, check your doors, windows, floors, staircases, hallways, etc. And when you prepare the environment and figure out how much stuff you have, then call your Main Line movers and schedule estimates and moving date. Keep in mind that your movers will calculate moving costs and provide a quote much easier if you provide the basic info already. Hence, inspect your home and your stuff like a pro and come prepared.

    The options on how to dress when moving during the winter

    The options are vast but we will try to keep it simple. It is all about the layering and the insulation. Yes, some of us would like to stay cool while moving in cool weather. But you must understand that it can be much harder to move and performed inadequately. Therefore, let us cover a few combinations and you can choose the best options for you. Dress when moving during the winter with one of the options below:

    • Underwear – Depending on what you’re going to wear over it will decide if you want to use everyday underwear or longer winter ones. You can choose from silk or thermal ones that will keep you dry and warm.
    • Socks – You can use two pairs of thinner socks or one pair combined with woolen socks. Although, you will be moving a lot and keep your boots the whole day. If you have woolen socks on, you can get all sweaty and irritated and your body temperature will rise which will make you sweat even more. Your choice entirely on this one.
    • Layers – The base layer should be either Merino wool or athletic fibers if you want to avoid heavy sweating. On the other hand, if you do not mind changing clothes at some point, then you can use any t-shirt you can find. Just avoid polyester. For the middle layer, use a shirt with buttons or a zipper. And for a final layer use a sweater made out of fleece, wool, or flannel.
    • Pants – The best options are jeans, wool, or corduroy. You should choose one of the three that you are most comfortable in.

    Now, let’s get dressed for the occasion

    The goal is to be able to move with ease and to swap your clothing easily when needed. So, anything with buttons and zippers is viable. Remember that you will be active for hours and no matter what you wear you will sweat a lot. Of course, this varies from person to person. But you might want to change your clothing at some point and replace it with a dry set. And it is the same situation with the boots. You want to aim for proper winter boots because you need to walk steadily and stay warm at the same time.

    Winter move specifics

    There are a few things you should know about the winter move in general. First, the common misconception is that a winter move is dangerous. No more than any other relocation, and it is even safer than a summer move. Because of the snowy and icy roads, people drive safer or they do not go out at all. This means there are fewer vehicles on the road overall. It is statistically proven that it can be much safer than hitting the road when everyone else does. Not to mention that the moving industry is extremely busy in the peak season which complicates things even further. You are unable to choose a date you like, prices are 30% higher than in a winter period, and high temperatures hinder your progress.

    A car on the snowy road
    Winter roads can be much safer due to the low traffic overall.

    All in all, you shouldn’t be bummed about organizing a winter move. It will actually be cheaper, easier to schedule, organize, and transport. But, to secure the perimeter, you must take a few precautionary measures. You should invest in a few shovels and a couple of bags with ice-melting salt. If you do not have it already, rush to the nearest hardware store and purchase it. The same goes for the cardboard boxes and cartons. Use salt to melt the ice, shovels are used to remove the snow, and cartons to pave the way between the loading dock and your home. You can place some inside as well to leave the snow on it instead of on the floor. Note it all down and prepare for it.

    Locate your old seasonal clothing

    You can dress when moving during the winter by using the old clothing you have at home. But can you remember where is it? Hence, this would be the moment to declutter and downsize a bit. Shuffle through your belongings and figure out what should be removed. This process will make your relocation easier, you’ll pack fewer items, and you’ll have a lower moving cost. So, set aside all those items you wish to remove, and when the time comes, donate, sell online, give away, or throw it out. But in case you have more than you can handle, you should c consider renting one of the storage units Pottstown PA.

    A woman browsing through her clothes
    Sort out your clothes and find the set you can use while relocating.

    This way you can keep all your items and decide later what to do with them. It can be a temporary solution to make your relocation easier. Or a long-term investment if you like to have extra space to store all your stuff. Whatever you choose is fine but remember to keep your storage clean and your items will stay intact. Do a bit of cleaning each time you visit and you won’t have to worry much.

    Now you know how to dress when moving during the winter, let’s get moving!

    It would be ideal if you can find and use your old seasonal clothing for this occasion. Then after you are done moving and settled in, you can throw it away. And one more thing, now when you dressed well, you shouldn’t remember to eat lighter meals and drink enough fluids. You must stay hydrated when moving because you won’t even notice that you are dehydrated while moving in cold weather. Therefore, drink warm beverages like tea or coffee and offer some to your movers as well.

    Now you know how to dress when moving during the winter. You can purchase the whole deal or combine what you already have at home. And try not to think about the looks but focus on the efficiency of the clothing you are wearing. Keep yourself and your movers safe and relocate successfully. Good luck.

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