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    Relocation is one tiring and complicated process. To make out of it alive, you should organize properly, pack like a pro, and find the best Philadelphia movers to help you out. But to coordinate all those steps, you should assemble a long distance moving list. It will serve you as a guide and a reminder along the way. Therefore, let us help you assemble one and relocate successfully.

    Set a moving date and start creating your long distance moving list

    So, your long distance moving list should contain all the details about the moving day. You’ll need the date and hour when your movers will arrive. Also, add to it all the chores and errands you must finish before your movers arrive. If you are moving long-distance, remind yourself to check the forecast, traffic reports, or anything else that might influence your relocation. Aside from the moving day errands, there are a few unavoidable steps you must cover on your list. Include the following:

    • Evaluation
    • Budget
    • Search for the moving company
    • Packing process
    • Decluttering

    Everything begins with a date you chose. Hopefully, you had the leisure to choose the exact date you wanted. But in most situations, people choose the best date possible provided by the moving company.

    A woman writing on a piece of paper
    Create a moving checklist and add anything you think is relevant to it.

    You can divide these steps into categories that are more suitable to you. Organize yourself as you see fit and then remove each step gradually until you complete everything.

    Move forward with a thorough home inspection

    To realize the complexity of your moving project, you must inspect your moving environment. Yes, this includes the new place as well. Hence, start inspecting your old home room by room. Once you are done inside, you can move to the basement, attic, garage, and backyard. This way you’ll realize how much stuff you have and if there are any possibilities for moving mishaps. Also, you’ll be able to calculate the number of moving supplies required. And eventually the moving cost and relocation budget. Do the same sort of inspection at your new place as well. You want to know if all doors, windows, elevators, floors, staircases, are in order and safe to be used. And you should measure doors and hallways in case you have robust furniture that might not fit in.

    Although, you should pay close attention to your belongings. While inspecting everything you’ll realize that you have a lot of old items that you’re not using anymore. If you shuffle through it and set aside those items you do not need anymore, you’ll make your relocation easier. Moreover, you will make it time and cost-efficient. So, downsize as much as possible and start clutter-free at your new home. On the other hand, if you want to keep it all but you have no space, you can always rent residential storage. You can find a storage unit fairly cheap and store your items for better days to come. Whatever you decide, make sure to place it on your long distance moving list.

    The next step is to find a reliable moving company

    Now after you are done with the inspection you should have enough basic info about your relocation. With it, you can start searching for proper movers Downingtown PA. The best way to find them is to check online. After an hour of browsing, you’ll find a match for sure. Just make sure you are comparing prices, services, and previous customer’s comments. Reading reviews is important because it will show you how your movers treat customers.

    A person pointing toward a smiley face
    Read moving reviews and found out everything about your moving company.

    Once you find the most suitable choice, give them a call to obtain the missing details. Double-check if they are licensed if they possess all permits, and if they have the adequate tools. You must check as well if your movers have a proper vehicle and enough experienced manpower. Ask anything you think is relevant and don’t be shy to make special requests. Movers will help you finalize your moving logistics and provide the moving price. From there, you can move on and calculate your moving budget.

    Calculate your moving budget

    Ok, your relocation checklist must have the math done and numbers crunched. And now when you inspected everything and found your movers, you can finally figure out your moving price. Of course, this depends on the moving service you decided on purchasing. Therefore, communicate this part with your moving representative. They will provide a moving quote or onsite estimates, whatever suits you more. And what is cool about it, guided by your moving project, your movers will offer services that will benefit you greatly.

    So, if you need storage, packing services, or a moving team to handle your special request, movers will oblige. But be careful, dishonest moving companies offer a bunch of services regardless of your moving situation. Never mind that some of those services are beneficial while others are obsolete. So, what you need is an honest moving company that will make your relocation cost-efficient. Make sure you find such a company and secure your relocation project.

    Without a packing plan, your moving checklist is incomplete

    Probably the most boring and time-consuming moving stage. The packing process is something you should organize in detail. Firstly, you should order your packing supplies online, purchase at the nearest hardware store, or buy from your movers. Note that you’ll need packing tape, labels, blister packs, and of course, cardboard moving boxes. Once you have it all, figure out where to start. Some people like to get the kitchen and the bathroom out of the way first. Simply because you have most of your fragile items there. But you can begin wherever you like. And make sure you find additional help for this project because some steps require more than two hands.

    Your long distance moving list needs a thorough packing plan
    You should list down all the packing materials required. This way you won’t forget a thing.

    You can do it with a member of your family or ask friends to help you move. Especially when it comes to packing. You can pack gradually and have a chat with your friend. It will make the whole process engaging, less boring, and even fun.

    Finalize your long distance moving list with personal documents and legalities

    This one must be done in due time. You should list down all your personal documents, moving documents, and other legalities on your moving list. And start updating and transferring as soon as you can because some documents might take more than two weeks to become active and viable on your new address. You should cover your medical records, bank documents, school documents, moving documents, passport, personal ID, PO box, internet services, cellphone services, etc. The most important one is to set up a PO box and reroute your bills and mail.

    That would be it. Now you know how to assemble your long distance moving list. Include all steps we mentioned and add a personal touch to it. You can assemble an inventory list and attach it to it as well. Also, you should clean your home after moving and you’ll need a plan for it as well. Remember, you can put on your list anything you think is relevant to your relocation project. It will be extremely useful as long as you are thorough and you are following your moving guide step by step. Hopefully, you’ll have a fun time creating one. Good luck.

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