How to maximize space in your storage unit

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    Using storage for your items has been a useful tool for many years now! It has provided a safe space for many residents who decided to move or renovate their homes. But it is good to know that storage units have many more purposes. Whatever event is coming your way, parties or weddings it is good to know there is somewhere to place your inventory. You may find it difficult to handle everything without additional space, especially when you are not sure how long it will last. Even though storage units are huge you should know how to use all that space the best way possible. To help you out more here is how to maximize space in your storage unit!

    Using storage units

    A lot of people will encounter the dilemma should they use storage units at all. And while placing your inventory somewhere else sounds like a good idea at first, it will probably cause some issues later. Moving companies Philadelphia usually advise that those who have more inventory items or are short on time should always try using storage after all. You can easily end up breaking or damaging your items, losing some of them, or even having to get rid of some. Keep in mind that sometimes we can’t predict the weather, or we simply don’t have enough time for it. Bad weather conditions can completely spoil your moving or renovation experience and damage your inventory. On the other hand, using storage has countless benefits as you will know that every single item is in good hands. 

    man fixing his sofa
    there could be many reasons for using storage, from moving to renovating your home

    Before you get to the point to maximize space in your storage unit, you will have to go through some preparations first. From organizing your items to preparing them for storage, you will have to start multitasking at some point. Depending on how busy your lifestyle is, you may be in lack time for everything. This is where professionals come in, as these tools can help you finish everything faster.

    How to choose a good storage

    For those who don’t have enough experience when it comes to moving and storing items, it can be pretty difficult to choose the right one. A lot of companies have them and just like with many things today, there are a lot of scammers as well. When you decide to store your items the first thing you should do is ask your residential movers Pottstown PA for advice. Apart from guiding you to choose a good one, they can also provide more tips on how to maximize space in your storage unit. Licensed companies usually offer storage as a part of their moving service so make sure you ask them first. As a result, your entire relocation will turn out to be easier than you could imagine as movers will carry it out completely.

    On the other hand, if you are not moving but simply storing your items for more space start looking in your area first. Your neighbors, friends, or co-workers surely know at least one person who had a good storage experience. With all those checked information you will know that you found a good thing and that your inventory will be in good hands. A simple search of climate controlled storage near me can also provide great results, so give it a try.

    Preparing your inventory

    When it comes to preparing your inventory for storage you should have a good and strategic plan ready. No matter how many items you have or what kind, you should always know what your next step is. Good organizational skills during this process will give you amazing results as you will not be stressing out and losing money and time in vain. Even if you are moving your business, commercial movers Pottstown PA will advise the same. If you do this right, every single item you store will be ready to spend as long as necessary in storage. Professional storage units are modernized and by simply putting inventory there you are guaranteed that everything will be in good shape. Nevertheless, if you skip some important steps prior, things can go wrong easily.

    boxes in storage unit as an example of how to maximize space in your storage unit
    When it comes to placing boxes properly you should have a good and strategic plan

    Things to avoid

    When this process begins you will have to know what those things you should avoid. Even if they seem like the easiest way to finish the job, most of the time they are simply too risky. Later when you decide to maximize space in your storage unit, you will have more energy for it and of course, no obstacles standing in your way. When you begin preparing your items for storage make sure to avoid:

    • Using old boxes as they may break under the pressure
    • Packing hazardous, flammable, or illegal items
    • Packing items that are still wet after washing or cleaning
    • Over filling boxes

    These are the most common mistakes people make when storing their items and the consequences are extremely bad. Your items will break, or be damaged for good. This can proceed to damage everything in the storage and you will end up destroying most of your inventory. Instead, simply make sure everything is properly cleaned, dried, and packed for your self storage Pottstown PA well in advance.

    How to maximize space in your storage unit

    When you go through everything above it will be time to focus on space in your storage. They usually come in different sizes but if you have a lot of items, even the biggest one needs some organization first. If you choose residential storage containers, you will have more time for this entire process as containers will be delivered to you. This type of storage has many benefits as you can change the items and replace them anytime you want. They are amazing for big relocations and renovation works but other bigger events taking place in your home as well. To maximize space you will need to be creative during packing and decide what items should be going in there. To have a better plan, let’s go through more details!

    couple packing their items and discussing how to maximize space in your storage unit
    To learn how to maximize space in your storage unit you will have to know how to pack as well

    Items to store

    It all starts with choosing items for storage. Even though the easiest way would be to simply put everything there, that is not the wisest choice sometimes. Begin with exploring your entire home and categorizing things around it. In the storage you should put items that fulfill these conditions:

    • Getting in the way during moving other items or renovating
    • Do not fit the new space until you set up the bigger items
    • Valuable, delicate, and fragile items that need to be safe during the certain process
    • Old things you are not ready to give up yet
    • Things that used to be in the attic or basement
    storage units
    The best thing about storage units is that you can place a huge number of items for as long as you want

    What you need to do right away is set aside things you won’t be using anymore. You must do this at the beginning as you will end up filling up the useful space in vain. Once you put those items from the rest, make sure to find a good solution for them. You can throw them away, or get in touch with a charity organization in your area. This all depends on what items are in question. There are a lot of yard sales all around the borough of Pottstown so you can take some of them as well. Later, proceed to use that income on buying something new for your home or office.

    Choose the right packing materials

    The best way to have neat storage is to use the right packing material. Simply throwing everything around will just create more mess and you will use more space than usual. The packing material should be consisted of moving boxes that can be placed properly or on top of each other. Make sure the boxes are in different sizes as not every item is the same. If you are in the area Chester County moving and storage companies can provide more advice in case you are moving but when it comes to storage you should organize it on your own.

    For those items that are not in regular shape or have many smaller parts to assemble, you can use the original packaging. This is one of the best packing methods as it is designed for a particular item. You can also use bubble wrap or wrapping paper to fill up the space between the items and to additionally secure them. 

    man taping his box
    Every box should be properly closed

    Keep in mind that some items will go without packaging. These mostly include furniture items as they don’t originally have them most of the time. These items will have a special place in storage as they will not be protected like the rest.

    If you are storing tools or some equipment, you can use special boxes specially designed for these items. Since tools can be smaller you should keep them together in one place for as long as in storage. This way you will not only maximize the space but will know where everything is all the time.

    Placing items properly is the best way to maximize space in your storage unit

    Among the final steps is placing your items properly. This is an extremely important step as if you start simply putting boxes you will soon run out of space. Depending on the items you should make a good plan on what goes in first. For those who wish to store furniture items as well, you can place them right away. Even if you wish to take them out first, it is much easier to move boxes than them. Always use some kind of cover between furniture items like nylon or a blanket. This will keep everything secured for as long as you need.

    When you finish with your furniture you can proceed to place boxes. Since they are usually of the same shape but different sizes it will be much easier to place them. Heavier boxes should always go on the bottom to avoid breaking more fragile items. While placing boxes always make sure to leave space to move around your storage. To maximize space, even more, place longer boxes against the storage wall at the very beginning and proceed to place the rest around it. 

    The rest of the space should be used for items you know you will need soon. Especially if you are using portable storage units. If you are doing some work you can place important tools here just to spend the night. On the other hand, if you are moving, this will be a perfect place for kitchen or bedroom elements. These rooms are the ones we usually set up first.

    Following these steps, you will not only know how to maximize space in your storage unit but it will be neater as well. You will find it extremely easy to navigate your items and combine them once the unpacking begins. 

    Other things to know

    Using storage is more than useful. You will have much more space in your household or office once you set some items aside. Probably the best thing about using them is that you will know everything is in a safe place. If you wish to use a couple of them, ask someone to help you place everything inside. Professional movers can do that as well if you are in the middle of relocation so feel free to ask for their assistance.

    couple carrying moving boxes and thinking how to maximize space in your storage unit
    If you possess a lot of items, make sure you have someone to help you

    As long as you stick to your plan, things will work out great. Arrange using storage on time as you will also have to go through all these preparations. Once it is finally yours take all the time you need to properly set everything. When you know how to maximize space in your storage unit, things will start unfolding much faster for you. Enjoy the new changes and rely on professionals if you need to.


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