How to move from West Chester to Exton in less than ten days

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    The moving process can be mentally and physically exhausting. Although you’re living in a great neighborhood, it’s just not enough for you. For all those people who want to change location in Pennsylvania, one of the best areas for that is definitely Exton. The moving process itself won’t be that long because West Chester and Exton are quite close. Only a couple of miles sounds like a great deal, but you almost forgot that the packing and cleaning process needs to be done anyways. Determining the due date is one of the first things you should do before you contact movers West Chester PA. Always double-check your calendar to be sure you have enough time to pack. Well, sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want them to and you can book your moving company by mistake earlier or forget about your calendar, which is a problem. Don’t panic. Here are tips on how to move from West Chester to Exton in less than ten days.

    Tips on how to move from West Chester to Exton in less than ten days

    As we already said, the first rule is not to panic. There is no time for that. Instead, plan your time in detail as fast as you can. If you do have someone who can help, alarm your friends and family to help you pack until you handle the rest of the job to the professionals. In the meantime, follow these steps to ease the whole process:

    Tape and scissors
    Packing basics: tape and scissors are your best friends. You can’t do it without them.

    Days 1-2

    The first thing you have to do is to make a list of the necessary equipment you’ll use for packing and organizing belongings. These days need to be booked for shopping, and you’ll definitely need a planner. Depending on your budget, which you need to determine within these two days, you can find more expensive or cheaper materials. For example, if your first thing on the list is buying boxes, a limited budget can make this process more difficult. Still, it’s not impossible. Make research to find cheap or free boxes. You can find them anywhere, and many companies are willing to give them for free. Everything you already have could be used for packing like paper towels or trash bags. After all, you’d probably want to check out this list and use it as a template for your own:

    • Bubble wrap
    • Packing boxes (various sizes)
    • Trash bags
    • Ziploc bags
    • Permanent marker
    • Plastic wrap
    • Packing tape

    Days 3-4

    Sounds obvious, but you need to get organized. Maybe you don’t want to go from one room to another while listing every item and placing it into a fictive box before you start packing. Sorry to disappoint you, but you’ll have to if you don’t want to waste your time. One mistake can lead to additional costs, not to mention last-minute moving costs a few times more. So, don’t let this happen. Take a pen and start writing. Walk through your home and take notes. This is the best way to visualize your new home and ambient. Create a list of the rare and valuable items that need special care while packing. Then, you can prepare to move from West Chester to Exton in less than ten days. One more thing, think about renting temporary onsite storage containers PA. They’ll surely ease your job and enable professional movers to transport your belongings without any damage.

    Packing clothes for a move.
    Tips and tricks: Always leave clothes on the hanger.

    Days 5-8

    Here comes the tough part. These couple of days will make your go to bed extremely tired from packing boxes all day long. Our advice for a move from West Chester to Exton in less than ten days is to go room by room. Packing every room in a separate box is crucial here. By doing this you’ll save time while unpacking the boxes. The only thing you need to do is not forget to mark each box so you can determine where all items are. Don’t worry about the furniture, because that’s mainly on your movers Exton PA. Other than that, you can just use some hacks to save space. One of them is leaving clothes on the hanger and using trash bags to cover them up and prevent stains. After they finally arrive at your new home, they’ll be ready to use without ironing. Always remember to place fragile items last, and mention they need more attention while placed in temporary storage.

    Days 9-10

    Almost everything is packed, and you undoubtedly got ready for the move in less than ten days, but the final touches remain. You can finally take some rest and do just a simple touching up like cleaning the rest of the empty house. It’s not the best part, but it gives you a moment to relax your brain from all these lists and planning while lowering stress levels. This is the time to prepare your pet for a move and spend some time with family. When you are done with cleaning, call Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, enter your car, and go. Say goodbye to your old house and prepare to start a new life chapter in the near.

    cleaning supplies on the floor
    Cleaning your old house is the last, but not the funniest part.

    The moving day

    Even dough it was hard, everything stays in the past because there is a fresh beginning waiting for you. You succeed and made a move from West Chester to Exton in less than ten days. They say that adapting to a new environment takes time, but our advice is to continue with old habits and routines. The house itself is new, as well as the neighborhood, but your routine needs to be the same. One more thing- when you arrive at your new home, do not unpack immediately. Use your first-night box with all necessities and rest. Other boxes can wait for tomorrow. Remember that you do have everything for that first day and night. This box should contain items like clothes, pajamas, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo. If you’re asking us, it’s absolutely enough for that day. Also, we know that you need to get additional hours of sleep and when you finally do, start exploring Exton. There are plenty of things to do for the whole family, and we’re sure you’ll love it.


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