How to store your sports equipment in Greater Philadelphia area

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    Moving is often stressful and that’s why a lot of people┬ásimply forget to take proper care of their sports gear. It’s often easier to just pile everything in a heap. However, that can cause some expensive damage. But, don’t fret. Movers in Greater Philadelphia area will show you how to store your sports equipment in Greater Philadelphia area. You’ll learn how to keep your pricey equipment safe and make some extra space in your garage.

    Store your sports equipment in Greater Philadelphia area in a proper way

    Before you start implementing any of these tips, movers Media PA advises you to declutter your storage space and make room for any possible DIY or other projects. Once there’s room to work safely, you can proceed. Some of our top tips to store your sports gear include:

    • hang your bicycles on the wall
    • get some plastic storage bins
    • customize your storage space
    • store your sports equipment in Greater Philadelphia area by renting storage
    Bicycle riders looking at beautiful nature.
    While bicycles are a lot of fun, they are also one of the trickiest items to store.

    Install a bicycle mount on your wall

    A very neat way to store your bicycles in a crowded space is to get your hands on some bicycle mounts. Drill a required number of holes in the wall, make sure your mount is leveled and attach it. This is a reliable and relatively inexpensive way to make sure your bicycle never gets in the way.

    Make storage bin towers in your garage

    Plastic storage bins are amazing. These cheap and easy-to-find items can fit balls of various sizes, sneakers, special clothing, etc. What’s awesome about them is that they stack! Furthermore, this allows you to efficiently store items more vertically and free up some space. Movers Norristown PA always emphasizes the importance of effective storing solutions, and there’s no better way to keep everything organized.

    Try out some DIY solutions

    Many are afraid to make their custom shelves, racks, etc. But, if you have some tools and spare time you can save a lot of money. Further, there are millions of videos and guides online that give detailed advice on DIY projects. If you follow them carefully you can create something practical, and most importantly, suited for your storage space.

    Keep your sports gear in great shape by renting a storage unit

    Whether you need to keep your gear safe for a limited time or longer periods, renting storage might be a good idea. Generally, a good storage unit provides a climate-controlled environment and security from theft. It can be cheaper than you might think, so we suggest that you give it a shot. Search for coupons online and you might find some great discounts!

    Storage units, a great way to store your sports equipment in Greater Philadelphia area
    Renting a storage unit is the most secure way to store your sports equipment in Greater Philadelphia area.


    There are many ways to store your sports equipment in Greater Philadelphia area safely and efficiently. Implement these tips and give movers West Chester PA a call if you have any further questions. Naturally, we are always ready to offer advice and help you make your relocation a pleasant experience.


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