How to organize a move using color coding?

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    There is a very interesting approach when moving. Some people simply pack their stuff in the bags and boxes, toss them inside a truck, and get going. However, you need to be a bit smarter and more responsible than that. We advise you to listen to our input and contact Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia. We will help you not only move with ease but give you some tips on how to organize a move using color coding. It could really help you make your moving process faster and more practical.

    What does it mean to organize a move using color coding?

    In case you don’t want to play a guessing game after moving, color coding is what you should do. This is actually very simple. Organizing a relocation using color coding means you should label your boxes in a way you will be able to distinguish what’s inside your boxes without peeking inside. That will speed unpacking after moving. Moreover, you should definitely use both color coding and labeling because it doesn’t really matter anyway. The most important thing is to label each box so that you could unpack it faster and easier.

    Markers in different colors
    You can use markers to label your boxes.

    Some say that color coding is the most efficient way to distinguish what is inside your boxes. Therefore, you should learn more about how to do it. Don’t worry, we will help you out. Moreover, if you reach out to our moving companies Pottstown PA, you will get a chance to move like a pro without wasting too much money.

    What is the difference when you organize a move with color coding and labeling?

    To be honest, there is not much difference between these two things. They are practically synonyms. When it comes to labeling, it usually refers to writing the content of the box on the box. However, it could also be sticking notes to the box in order to label what the content is. It’s not only important to label the box, but it’s also important how you place them inside your moving truck. Therefore, if you want to avoid confusion, label all sides. When you double-check how you packed your stuff, make sure you put the labeled part in the front so that you could read it well. You should know you could use portable storage units in case you need to place your boxes somewhere while you’re moving.

    Moreover, there are different labeling options. You can emphasize that your boxes contain fragile or delicate items so that your moves would handle them with the utmost care. There are two main ways to organize a move using color coding. The first one requires using premade stickers. That is clearly visible and everyone will be able to read what’s on it. The other option is somewhat cheaper and faster because you can simply write with a marker what’s on the box.

    What will you need when organizing color code move?

    First of all, as we said labeling and color coding are pretty much the same things. There are different ways to color code your boxes. Here is what we mean by that:

    • Using a water-proof marker
    • Sticking notes in different colors to your boxes
    • Using colored tape that usually comes in three colors (black, red, white)
    organize a move using color coding with sticky notes and markers
    Labeling your boxes is quite easy.

    Once you purchase these items, you can move on to labeling your boxes. Now that we’ve told you what you need to buy in order to label your boxes properly, we will tell you how you should pack your boxes. If you develop that packing system, you will easily pack and save a lot of time during that process. Here is what should do:

    1. Pack efficiently – You need to pack one room at a time and save your kids’ rooms for the end. Also, disassemble all your items before packing and wrapping them.
    2. Use color codes wisely – If you decide you will use color codes, use one color for each room of the house. Also, let your movers know about the schedule.
    3. Keep it simple – Use simple colors such as blue, red, green, yellow. There is no need to look for pink or some other colors. But, you could if it makes your moving more fun.
    4. Protect items within boxes – Make sure you put cotton wool or some other material in order to cushion your delicate items.
    5. Don’t overfill or leave too much space in the box – Overfilling could lead to boxes tearing up. On the other hand, leaving space is inefficient.

    Should you simply label with a marker instead of color coding?

    As you can already conclude from what we wrote previously, color coding and labeling are the same things. Therefore, you don’t have to bend your brain over the differences between the two. Now, you should simply decide what way suits you better. Also, we have some special moving offers for our senior residents. Therefore, you should contact us and find out more about our senior movers Pottstown PA and the services that we can provide. On the other hand, we would also like to tell you that when you organize a move using color coding, it would be good to label the sides of your boxes. Don’t label your tops or bottoms because that’s where you close your boxes. 

    Furthermore, it’s crucial to write the sign FRAGILE on your boxes if you want your movers to handle them with good care. Some people operate without thinking which could lead to damage. Therefore, do your best to label your boxes on time because that will save both your time and energy.

    Person labeling a moving box
    Or you could simply write the content on the box.

    Move like a professional

    Finally, you are ready to organize a move using color coding! You learned all you needed to know, including the fact that labeling and color coding are synonyms. Now, you could focus on some other things. We advise you to check out the storage facilities near you and rent one in case you want to store your stuff somewhere while you move. You will see that using a storage unit is quite easy and you will like it.


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