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    Art pieces are an important investment for all of you collectors out there. However, to enjoy them as long as possible, art collection care and maintenance are a must. It will prolong the quality and condition of all your art pieces. Keep in mind that art pieces require long-term care and dedication to details. Furthermore, it takes a special packing method to keep them safe during the move. We at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia operate as one of the most capable moving companies Philadelphia has on offer. Our specialized moving crew will take care of your precious art collection and ensure its safety during the demanding moving period.

    Art collection care and maintenance every now and then is important before the moving day arrives

    As you know, art pieces are more beautiful to the eye when they are clean and in a good condition. It’s especially important to keep them that way because there won’t be much time for that once you start moving. Your collection will have to wait somewhere safe until the move is over. An indoor storage unit is your best choice. Nowadays, all top-level storage units are improved with a climate-control feature that makes it possible to store your items regardless of the season. In case you are wondering ” Where to find good climate controlled storage near me?”, simply go online or give us a call!

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    Art pieces are sensitive to temperature changes and susceptible to damage.

    The environment is important for the condition of your art collection

    Make sure to properly clean your new home before unpacking. Until then, your collection can stay in a well-maintained storage unit, like storage units Pottstown PA, for example. Such storage solutions are spacious and prevent mold catch up with your artwork. Plus, it keeps bugs and rodents away from damaging your valuables. That’s why the environment is a no.1 step towards proper care and maintenance. Therefore, spend some time cleaning and sanitizing your new living space. Both your and your art collection will benefit from it. However, if you end up feeling tired after a long moving day, make sure to at least clean your bedroom. You can continue with the rest of your home the next day when you feel well-rested.

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    Well-maintained and climate-controlled indoor storage unit is ideal for your art collection.

    When you decide to move, consider the professional packing services Pottstown PA has on offer. Artworks are sensitive items and need special attention when packing and unpacking as well. If you are unsure of how to properly unpack paintings without damaging them, simply get in touch with pro packers. Rest assured it’s very likely to find reliable packing services at affordable rates.

    Care and maintenance of your art collection will become a habit

    There’s no other way to keep pictures in good condition than to do your best to preserve them:

    • Keep them away from sunlight. Also, make sure to keep the room temperature optimal for your art pieces. Heath and sunlight are one of the major factors that deteriorate the condition of pictures.
    • Periodic maintenance must become a norm. All you have to do actually is some dusting and occasional cleaning.  A soft bristle brush will do the work since it won’t scratch the paint.
    • Occasionally check the condition of your paintings. See if there are any damages or loose pieces. However, don’t touch the surface of the picture directly to avoid possible damages.

    Obtain insurance for your art collection

    Ensure your investment is protected. As an art collector, you owe to yourself to safeguard your collection and have peace of mind. Schedule an appointment with your insurance agent. Talk about insurance options and keep them updated when you acquire additional art pieces. Take some time to properly document the condition of your entire collection. Take regular photos of them and write down the notes. appearance. Make digital copies of art collection documentation and store them on an external hard drive. You can also make good use of your deposit box where your documentation will be safe from damage. Make sure to pack all papers inside the waterproof file.

    insurance papers for art collection care and maintenance
    Insure your art collection on time.

    Think carefully when browsing different storage options for your art collection

    First, schedule appointments with several moving companies and storage providers. You have the right to see the conditions inside the unit and decide if that’s an ideal solution for your art pieces. Another important factor is insurance. The company or storage provider you hire must fulfill legal obligations towards you as a customer.

    Only experienced and professional moving companies will know how to handle your art collection

    Simply put, you shouldn’t entrust your relocation to whichever company. Many fraudulent schemes are about there, as well as legit movers who actually don’t care about their customers’ needs. Therefore, you need a team of reliable movers who will treat your belongings with care. Keep in mind that hiring quality movers is something worth your time. That’s why you should spend some hours searching for verified and capable movers. Always opt for reputable, licensed, and experienced moving companies. Make sure to browse through testimonials that speak of their expertise in detail. Finally, give them a call and confirm all information from the website. Don’t hesitate to ask anything regarding packing and moving sensitive items. The company’s representatives are there to remove any doubts and provide in-depth explanations.

    Consider white glove movers

    White glove movers always go the extra mile when it comes to packing, loading, and storage of your valuable artwork. Although the price for such services is a bit higher, it ends up much more cost-effective. Once you realize your art collection is in good hands, you will feel less stressed.

    Taking care of your art collection is possible during the move

    Ensure that every picture is in a good state and clean until the movers arrive. Remember that art collection care and maintenance will retain the physical integrity of your paintings and prolong their shine and glory. As long you are responsible for your artwork, the more enjoyable will be to look at them.


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