How to prepare summer clothes for storage

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    Fall is knocking on our doors and winter is on the horizon. For that reason, it’s really not necessary to hold on to your summer clothes for too long. However, you want to have them for the next time the sunshine returns to your area. Thankfully, we at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia know exactly how to help you prepare summer clothes for storage. Take a look at some of the things that you should keep in mind when storing your summer clothes.

    Get all the supplies you need to prepare summer clothes for storage

    You can’t properly store all the summer clothes without the right supplies. Even though you won’t need to have a bunch of boxes and other materials that are usually associated with moving, you can still expect a fair amount of supplies that you’ll need. Be it that you prepare them for moving storage containers or your closet, they still need to be protected. For that reason, don’t hesitate and get quality hangers that won’t rust. That can really leave bad marks on your summer clothes. Of course, there’s an alternative and that’s folding them. However, that’s not always optimal, and especially not to put them in a moving box. Get a clean plastic box and seal it well in order to properly store the clothes, or use one of the methods we’ll mention.

    Diffrent color shirts on hangers
    Make sure to get everything to prepare summer clothes for storage

    Prepare summer clothes for storage by cleaning them up

    Before anything, you’ll need to clear up all your summer clothes. That’s very important to do as it will keep your clothes fresh and clean until you take them back. Besides that, in case you have any dirty stains on your clothes, they can get only worse if you don’t clean them up. Of course, before you start looking up climate controlled storage near me online, make sure to dry up your clothes completely. Don’t forget, any type of stain, even the smallest one, can attract insects to your storage unit.

    Avoid using plastic to store your belongings

    If you want to avoid moisture building up around your clothes, avoid plastic as much as you can. For that reason, make sure to use fabric bags that can help the air circulate and that won’t create problems for your clothes. Of course, it’s not a bad idea to clean them up too, in order to avoid staining your clothes. You don’t want our commercial movers Pottstown PA to handle all your suits and shirts for work. Put them all safely into storage and protect them. You can be sure that everything will go by without a problem and you’ll have your summer clothes ready when summer arrives again next year.

    Roll rather than folding your summer clothes

    Another way you can speed up your storage process is to roll up your summer clothes rather than fold them. Even though people usually fold or leave clothes hanging, it’s not strange for people to roll them up. Especially if they put them in a storage unit and want to maximize as much space as they can. Of course, this isn’t going to work for every type of clothes. However, if you avoid doing this to clothes that create wrinkles easily, you can be sure that you’ll make the right decision. Especially if you’re in a hurry when you don’t have much time to prepare summer clothes for storage.

    Four diffrent color shirts folded on a bed
    If you don’t have much time you can always roll up the shirts that you don’t mind getting wrinkled a little

    Make sure to prepare summer clothes for storage by putting a repellent on them

    Don’t forget to protect your clothes from insects. There are many insects that eat the fabric from clothes and you don’t want a bad surprise after you put your summer clothes in storage. Of course, there are repellants to help you protect them. However, there are better ones than others. Unfortunately, there are many repellents that contain chemicals. For that reason, explore the options of using natural insect repellents that will help your clothes stay fresh and safe. After you prepare summer clothes for storage you don’t want any mishaps while they are in it.

    Find storage solutions that fit after you prepare summer clothes for storage

    Depending on the quality of your summer clothes and your overall needs you’ll choose your storage facility. There are many circumstances that can impact the way your clothes are stored. Of course, always make sure to check out the facility itself before you trust them with your clothes and items overall. Do you think the storage units are clean and checked upon? Is there any danger that they will be impacted by outside factors? Make sure to think about all the details. One of the most important ones is the fact that you need quality storage for your clothes.

    Storage units
    Find the perfect storage facility to store your summer clothes

    Rent a storage unit with a reputable storage company

    In the end, you can always get quality service only with a reputable and professional storage company. For that reason, it’s not a bad idea to look for it. The best way to do it is by asking your neighbors and friends. If they had a great experience with a storage company, why not choose it? On the other hand, you can always check out the Better Business Bureau and similar third-party websites to find the company that fits all your needs. You definitely won’t regret looking for the best of the best for storing your summer clothes.

    With the changing seasons and weather, you will change your behavior. And for many people the clutter in their homes. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know how to properly store their items and clothes. However, if you listen to our advice then you’ll know how to prepare summer clothes for storage. Make sure to find the best solution for you and your clothes and follow that idea. In the end, the most important thing is to keep your clothes fresh and clean until next summer.

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