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    Choosing the right neighborhood to raise kids in, was always a challenge. There is always something missing. It is either a property, school, or a neighborhood. But you finally chose Chester County and now is the time to find a neighborhood within. Also, you must prepare for moving, create a packing plan, and find Malvern PA movers. So, today we will cover all that and justify the main reasons for raising your kids in Chester County. Let’s take a look.

    Prepare for moving first

    Before we dive into this story, we must ensure you are ready to relocate as soon as you find a property in one of the Chester County neighborhoods. Therefore, start creating your checklist and an inventory list by inspecting your home. Figure out how many pieces of furniture you have and which ones are hard to handle. Then note down all other household items as well. Inspect your loft, garage, and basement as well. If you do it right, you’ll know how hard will be, if the environment is safe, and how much you must set aside for packing materials. Basically, you’ll be one step away from your final moving price. With this list, you can approach your Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia moving company and create a relocation plan together.

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    Prepare your relocation plan so you can hit the road as soon as you find your new property.

    You will find your movers online by comparing prices and services. And when you make your final decision, give them a call and ensure your Chester County moving and storage company is licensed with all the permits to operate cross-state and locally. Also, check if they have all the tools and equipment for the job. Once you confirm everything, you can move forward and strike the deal. Wrap up your moving plans and be ready when the time comes.

    Prestigious schools are one of the reasons for raising your kids in Chester County

    The first reason why you should consider raising your kids in Chester County is the amazing School districts in Philadelphia. There are so many private, public, and charter schools for your kids that we can’t even explain. Not to mention the universities and colleges. We will mention Lincoln University and the University of Pennsylvania just to pique the interest. But you must check out the extensive list of all schools available before you enroll your kid in one of the schools in the area. At least you won’t have to think about this part. Your kid won’t have to travel far from home to attend classes while still having the proper education they deserve.

    children in the classroom
    Your children will have access to the best education in the area. Utilize the best schools Chester County can offer.


    The whole Chester County is booming with sports events but most of them are held in Philly. You can raise your kids here and live in the center of all the sports activities or choose a nearby neighborhood and still be close enough to your favorite team. Support them over the weekend just with the 20 minutes drive from your home to the stadium. Here are a few teams that call Philadelphia home:

    • Phillies
    • 76ers
    • The Union
    • Flyers
    • Eagles

    Your kids will love it for sure. The sports spirit is always there and the community is sharing it all the time. Especially over the weekend. So, take this into consideration as one of the great contributions to your children’s development.

    Adventurous neighborhoods

    Ok, if you never visited any of the Chester County neighborhoods, you must do it as soon as possible. Preferably over the weekend because it becomes a small town out of movies. Small shops and bakeries with chimneys spreading wonderful and colorful smells around the town. Locals strolling, having fun, and doing window shopping at unique stores. Others sitting on benches and enjoying nature while kids and families are all over the place. Surely something worthwhile seeing in person. Be sure to stop by with your family and feel the energies of this place before you make any decisions. If you can check the upcoming month and figure out if there is any social event or a festival so you can visit those as well.

    a group of happy kids, representing the benefit of raising your kids in Chester County
    Surrounded by nature, spacious fields, and children-friendly neighborhoods, each day is an adventure.

    If not, there are always shops, small private stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Check them out or spend a day in the local park and have a picnic with your family. It should be enough to tell you if this is the right place for you or not.

    All the nature is the reason for raising your kids in Chester County

    Another reason for raising your kids in Chester County is all the nature that is surrounding the place. At the same time, you’ll have all the open space you want. The endless fields and tall trees are all you need. With such an open space, properties are huge which means that you’ll have a sizeable backyard for your kids to play in. Let them create their own football field, a treehouse, or build them a swimming pool. Possibilities are endless. As long as you have such an open space, you can create wonders. And if you are surrounded by a bit of nature as well, what more do you want. Such properties are all over Chester County, check them out and you will be most pleased.

    Are you ready to move to Chester County?

    As you can see, if you decide on moving to Chester County, your children will have everything they need. Prestigious schools, sports activities, social gatherings, plenty of cultural events, a nice place to live, and a comfortable life overall. All you must do now is to make the final decision. If you already did, it is time to call your labor only Philadelphia team and use your previously assembled checklist. You’ll be ready within a few days. Chester County awaits!

    Now you know the main reasons for raising your kids in Chester County. Mainly it is a great schooling system and a healthy environment. Society is diverse and the sense of community is strong. It is all you need to raise your children the right way. Good luck and stay safe.


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