How to store your winter decorations before spring

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    There are not many people who don’t like winter holiday decorating and all the cheer it brings. As much as we all like putting the decoration up, putting them down is not nearly as fun. When the whole holiday spirit fades away in early January, some of you may still linger with some winter decorations. But, as spring comes, all the stuff should go to storage and leave space for your Easter-themed décor. You don’t want this to become a chore that no one wants to do, but rather a fun activity; depending on how many Christmas ornaments you have, you might even need to contact Philadelphia movers and get yourself a storage unit. After all, you want your decoration in a safe and secure place until winter comes again. But how do you properly store your winter decorations? There are more than a few valuable tips.

    Organizing and storing Christmas décor is more work than fun

    If you are like the rest of us, you love putting up a Christmas tree and bringing all our ornaments out. You carefully select which ball goes where the lights are placed, and the garland-looking goods like it did last year. But then Christmas is over, and you have a lot of work to do. Suddenly you are left with a bunch of ornaments to pack and store somewhere until next time. If you already don’t have a system but plan as you go, it may prove not easy to store your winter decorations properly. Keep in mind that good organization this year can mean less work next year. Therefore, now is the time to develop a system of safely keeping all your winter décor. Also, think about safe and secure storage solutions if you don’t have a garage or a dedicated space inside the house.

    winter decorations in boxes
    If you find a good packing system for your winter decorations, it should be a fun activity you can do with your family

    How to store your artificial tree

    As the focal point of any winter decorations, a Christmas tree should be packed with proper care. Depending on the size of the tree, you would want it stored somewhere close. But, not all of us have the opportunity to keep our three in the house, on the first floor. It is big and heavy, and it takes up a lot of space, even dismantled. Perhaps you already use residential storage containers for other seasonal stuff. Consider moving your tree there. If the tree is big and beautiful and you plan to use it for years to come, you should keep it protected by wrapping it tightly. That way, you will well preserve it through different seasons. When Christmas comes, you have to cut the wrap and position the branches per your liking. If you don’t like that idea, you can always take the tree apart and put all the parts into a box.

    Properly storing Christmas lights can be quite a challenge

    Who among us did not deal at least once with tangled Christmas lights? Well, there is a proper way of storing them until next season. It will not require you to run to the store for some particular container. You can use household items and materials, as well. Try cutting pieces of cardboard and wrapping the lights around. You probably have boxes from when you moved to the house, or you can use some gift boxes from Christmas. Wrap the cord around the piece of cardboard, and you will have the light all untangled and ready the next time you need them. Another way is wrapping the cord around some coffee cans or other types of cans you own. The trick is to put a little hole in the can lid and put the plug inside. From that point, start wrapping the rest of the cable around the can.

    Christmas lights
    Christmas lights can be extremely difficult to untangle until you learn useful tips on how to store them

    You can store ornaments in DYI storage containers

    If you already don’t have an ornament box or container, you can easily make one. You can use items you find at home or leftover packing materials from the time you moved in. First, you can use egg cartons for more miniature ornaments. Remember always to wrap the ornaments in tissue paper for extra protection. Put the decorations into the egg carton, close and tape it. For more giant balls, you can use shoe boxes or plastic containers. Use the cardboard from your moving boxes to make a separator. That way, you will be sure every single ornament is safely stored. If you have large plastic containers that you can use, try hanging them on plastic sticks or rods. When you pull them out of storage next to you, they will be ready to hang on the tree. The good idea is to use plastic cups that you can glue to a piece of cardboard and put inside a bin.

    Christmas ornaments in a box
    You can make a container box for your ornaments from items you already have at home

    Find a place to store your winter decorations

    As you use your winter decorations only once a year, the best solution is to pack them and store them somewhere. Depending on the amount of décor, you should look for space available in your home or elsewhere. If you choose to keep your decoration in the garage or your basement, you should put it in bins and label each one. That way, it will be easier to pull out only the trunks you need. If your basement is already cluttered with stuff and your garage fits your car, you will have to store your winter decorations elsewhere. Renting a storage unit. Keep in mind that the storage unit has to be well-maintained and easily accessible. You must transfer your tree storage bag from the back of your car into the unit. Also, it would be best if you looked for affordable rates throughout the year.

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