Redecorating a kids room into a teenagers room

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    It seems that children grow quickly. And as they do, their interests and needs change. It’s exciting and challenging at the same time, to watch your little one growing out of their Peppa Pig fascination, into young adulthood. It also means that you need to come up with a plan of how to create a teen’s space in your home. In the following few minutes read, our moving companies in Philadelphia offer you some key design tips. Get some inspiration for redecorating a kids room into a teenagers room with ease.

    The basics of redecorating a kids room into a teenagers room

    Interior design is a creative outlet that allows you to express your personality and style. And so it is for your teenager as well. When you set on the project of remodeling a kids’ room into a teenager’s territory, keep open communication. Your youngster may actually surprise you with their evolved personal taste. The obsession with pink shades you think your little girl has, may have developed into enchantment with duck egg blue. So, while you’re supposed to be in charge of the remake, make sure you actively include your teen as well. Besides, it’s a good way to show them their opinion matters to you. Teens at their tender age need their own safe haven. This is the key point to consider. Pro moving companies Lansdale PA have a list of things you should focus on, to carry out the project successfully.

    Color palette - redecorating a kids room into a teenagers room
    Use some paint to help your project of redecorating a kids room into a teenagers room, as this is a sure way to upgrade the feel of the space

    Choose the colors and theme

    The color and theme of the room should be something your teen prefers. And of course, you’ll be here to help with the decisions. When redecorating a kids’ room into a teenager’s room, your trusted residential movers suggest you keep it bright and simple with the colors. To infuse some personality in the space, paint in color one feature wall. Leve the rest clear and bright, or paint them in a lighter, softer hue that matches the popping wall. Although your teen might be inclined towards inky tones, a dark room isn’t the healthiest environment for youngsters. Further, talk to your child about their preferred theme. This will make it easy to decide what to shop for, or how to use the items you already have. The colors and the theme are an essential part of remodeling a kids’ room into a teenager’s room, so decide on these first thing.

    Storage space for a teens room

    Now that your child has grown up, it will need all sorts of nooks and crannies in its personal space. So, when you’re redecorating a kids’ room into a teenager’s room, consider the addition of some cool storage space. This will ensure his or her room stays clear of clutter. There are plenty of affordable, clever hacks, such as storage boxes, hanging shelves, racks, and baskets. You can invest in some stylish furniture with hidden storage as well, like a storage bench or a platform bed. Remodeling a kid’s room into a teens’ room is usually time for decluttering. You may figure out that there are many things your child won’t be using anytime soon. It’s simply because they grew out of them. You might want to look into storage solutions for those, instead of tossing them. Such things tend to hold emotional value,so better keep them somewhere safe.

    An organized wardrobe
    Get creative and use some affordable hacks to create storage space in your teen’s room

    Add a vanity desk when redecorating a kids room into a teenagers room

    Putting up a vanity desk into your teen’s room will not only elevate the look of the space but will save some space in the bathroom. It gives your child some personal space to get ready in the morning, as well as space to organize their things. When you’re remodeling a kids’ room into a teenager’s space, designate a special corner for the vanity desk. Make sure you place it near an outlet for a hairdryer or curling irons. Teens tend to spend a lot of time analyzing themselves in the mirror. Hence, redecorating a kid’s room into a teenager’s room must involve the incorporation of a mirror.

    Furniture upgrade or makeover

    When it comes to furniture, a simple rearranging of the layout can give a completely different vibe to a room.Remodeling a kid’s room into a teen’s room will likely require you to buy some new items, like a mirror or some new bedding. However, if more budget-friendly ideas appeal to you, updating your existing furniture will also give you great effects. With some creative DIY makeover, you’ll give your furniture new life. For example, you can consider reupholstering chairs or repainting shelves and dressers. A nightstand might be as good as new when you repaint it or dress it with a new lamp. Redecorating a child’s room into a teenager’s room doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Use your creativity and you’ll successfully incorporate your existing furniture in your teen’s design plan.

    Red and blue armchairs
    With some creative update, your existing furniture can be an effective addition to your teen’s room

    Bonus little tips and tricks for functionality and aesthetics of a teen’s room

    Your teen will want to update the decor of their room, to reflect their developing taste. The redecorating of a child’s room into a teen’s room can be a fun project for both of you. Make sure you communicate, and acknowledge their needs and wants. Your teen needs to feel that at least you’re trying to understand them. If you disagree on some points, ensure you use your arguments wisely, to convince them otherwise. And with that being said, here are some little trick to make a big difference when you’re remodeling a kids room into a teenagers room:

    • The bedding can instantly change the vibe of the room into space with a more grown-up feel. Let your teen choose the colors and patterns they like.
    • A pinboard is a great way to allow your teen the freedom to put posters, stickers, and pictures while keeping the walls safe and clean
    • A study space should be your main investment when redecorating a kids’ room into a teenager’s room. If you decide to purchase new furniture items, let it be something that they can take with them when they move out for college in few years. A good quality desk or a classy armchair are wise choices.

    Finally, consider our tips to get inspired for when you are redecorating a kids room into a teenagers room. Above we’ve covered the basics that will help you to carry it out smoothly. Have fun, and good luck.

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