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    Relocation is a complicated life event that requires a lot of planning and good organizational skills. You should know that packing your entire household and moving it from point A to point B is not an easy task, even if you are relocating just across the street, let alone another city or state. Luckily for you, there is a way to make things less complicated. Long distance movers Pennsylvania stand at your disposal and are ready to help you overcome this difficult period. But there are some things you can do on your own to make the whole experience more tolerable. We are talking about the packing process, of course. We will use this article to show you how to label your moving boxes and make the packing and unpacking process more efficient and a lot easier. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s start.

    What do you exactly need to conduct a relocation process?

    Before you start packing you have to get some basic moving supplies. Moving supplies are necessary tools that will make the packing process a lot easier. Not only that, these materials are used for protection also. You don’t want your belonging to get damaged, do you? So, here is what you have to get:

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Packing paper
    • Packing tape
    • Bubble wrap
    • Styrofoam peanuts
    • Scissors
    • Label stickers
    • Marker pens
    • Basic tools like screwdrivers

    You can get most of these items at your local hardware store, or DIY store. If you wish to save some money along the way, you can ask your friends who recently moved if they have some leftover boxes that you can take.

    Picture of bubble wrap and scissors. Get moving supplies to label your moving boxes
    You can get moving supplies online or in local hardware stores

    Why would you want to label your boxes in the first place?

    While this seems like an additional work in an already hectic moving schedule, labeling your boxes is of utmost importance. This task will take you only a couple of minutes, but you will save a lot of time in the long run.

    • You will eliminate the chances of forgetting something. When your boxes are neatly packed and properly labeled you will reduce the possibility of leaving something behind. Also, making a good packing plan will help you a lot in this sense. Create an inventory of your belongings and cross packed items off the list.
    • The unpacking process will be a lot simpler. When you know what’s inside each box you just have to remove the tape and arrange your belongings around the house.
    • Safety of your belongings. You can find fragile items in every household. Labeling the boxes containing such items is very important, as it will inform your moving crew to treat these boxes with extra care.

    How to use stickers to label your moving boxes

    So, now when we have all the right tools, let’s see how you can label these boxes using sticky notes. These tiny pieces of paper are an easy way to leave a short-term message, but not so great for labeling moving boxes. The problem is that they can fall off easily leaving you clueless of what’s inside the box. Moreover, they are quite small compared to the size of the box, and therefore could be difficult to spot and read. So, we advise you to use sticky notes if you wish to provide your Main Line movers with additional info about the box.

    The technical aspect of the box labeling procedure

    Before you start labeling your boxes let’s see how to use all these moving supplies in the most effective way:

    • Download label templates. You can find these premade templates on the internet you just need a printer, some glue, or packing tape.
    • Write down labels with marker pens. This is a method that you should use if you are packing your belongings room by room. Simply write down “Bedroom” or “Kitchen” on all boxes that contain items from these rooms. If you wish to make things even more accurate and tidy use different colors for different rooms. So, write down “Kitchen” in red or “Bedroom” in blue.
    • Use numbers. You should add numbers to each and every box you pack. This method will add an additional level of security because you will be able to easily check if all the boxes are safely delivered to their destination.

      Picture of cardboard boxes
      You should label your moving boxes because this will help you to be organized and keep track of what you have already packed

    The best methods to label your moving boxes and pack your belongings

    • Pack and label the boxes according to priority. Generally speaking, you should pack items according to the frequency of use. Pack items that you don’t use often first. Similarly, unpack these boxes after you unpack everything else. Accordingly, label these boxes with priority letters. For example, put “H” for highly important, “M” for medium, and “L” for low.
    • Pack your belongings room by room. This is the most efficient and systematic way of packing your household. You will eliminate the chances of forgetting something while also saving a lot of time. Use those labels and markers we mentioned before to label your boxes.
    • Don’t label the boxes on your own. Yes, you are reading correctly. If you don’t have enough time and have to move in a hurry get professional packing services. They will do the job for you.

      Picture of a box containing fragile items. Don't forget to label your moving boxes
      Putting a fragile tag on a box will ensure that moving crews deal with these boxes with extra care

    Some additional tips

    • Write room name and number on each side of the box
    • Don’t forget to put the fragile tag on boxes with breakables
    • Use permanent and waterproof markers
    • Create a master inventory with a listing of matching box numbers and contents of each box.

    Al things considered, there are several ways to label your moving boxes. You can use one of the methods listed above, or use a combination of several methods. This decision will ultimately come down to your personal needs and preferences. We hope that you will find our advice useful and we wish you a happy relocation.

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