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    As the moving day is getting closer, people begin to pack their items on a daily basis. In order to avoid having tons of moving boxes all over your house before you actually have to, we bring you some useful tips. These room-by-room packing guidelines are used by professionals and guarantee that the job is done a lot faster and with less stress. Hiring movers that can provide the best packing services is also a great option if you do not have enough time or desire to do it on your own.

    Before you start packing

    Before you start following the room-by-room packing guidelines, there are some things that you can do to make the moving process even easier.

    room-by-room packing guideliness are useful. A living room with a TV and a sofa in grey color
    Room-by-room packing guidelines help you systematically finish your move without stress.


    The final moving cost will largely depend on the weight of your items. And everyone would like to save some cash, right? Especially if moving long-distance. And in order to reduce the moving costs, you can start by deciding what the items that you will move are. Set aside a day or two just for this. Go through every room in the house, and check out what items you have. You should not move the items that are old or do not function properly. Give away, donate or simply throw away everything that you do not plan on using anymore.

    Clean the house and the items

    It is very useful to clean the items that you have before you move. In this way, you will avoid the dreadful task of cleaning everything as soon as you move into your new house. Kitchen appliances, clothes, furniture can all be cleaned and it will help you later on. As you go through each room packing it or just deciding what you will throw away, clean it. You will end up with a lot less work before you have to move out.

    Get packing supplies ready

    Go to the improvement store or the DIY store to get packing supplies. Once you buy them, it will be easy to organize everything and start packing. Here is what you will need in order to finish packing with success and we recommend that you check out the best places to find packing supplies in Philadephia.

    • Moving blankets
    • Moving boxes in all sizes
    • Duct tape
    • Packing paper
    • Permanent markers
    • Bubble wrap
    a bedroom with a bed and a night-stand
    Disassemble the wardrobes in your bedroom, and pack the clothes inside the medium-sized moving boxes.

    Room-by-room packing guidelines for living room

    The trick with packing is that you pack all the non-essential items first. So, when you start packing the living room, pack the items that you will not need before you move out. Most of the living rooms contain electronics, books, sofa, and a shelf. Now we will see what professionals advise us to do.

    • Electronics – Plug off the TV, stereo, laptop, and other appliances. Pack them in their original boxes, and read the manufacturer`s manual to see if they require special handling when moving.
    • Books – Pack books in medium-sized boxes. As they can be quite heavy, it is safer to pack them in smaller boxes. Pack the heaviest books on the top of the box and finish packing with the least heavy books.
    • Shelves and other furniture – Furniture should be disassembled before moving. Ask someone to help you, it can be your friends or a moving company. Disassemble the furniture carefully and pack the items in the moving boxes.
    • Specialized items – If your living room contains items that are harder to pack and move, like a piano or a pool table, call the professionals to pack them. This is a much safer option as the damage can be something that cannot be easily fixed.

    Packing tips for the kitchen

    The kitchen is the place where there is truly a lot of work. You have kitchen appliances, cupboards, dining tables, chairs, food, and so many dishes. Here is where you can most benefit from decluttering and throwing away what you do not need.

    • Kitchen appliances – Unplug the appliances and clean them thoroughly. Let your fridge defrost, and call someone to help you disconnect the stove which uses gas. Use original boxes for moving, and once again read the manufacturer`s manual for more details.
    • Food – Defrost all the frozen food and eat it in the weeks before the move. Not only will you eat healthier, but you will not have to throw all the good stuff away. Room-by-room packing guidelines include that you throw away all the perishable items.
    • Furniture – Again, disassemble the dining table, chairs, and cupboards so that they can be packed more easily. You will avoid any possible damage to your items. Save any screws, and other pieces left from disassembling the furniture so that you can assemble it easily.
    • Dishes – Check out the most useful techniques on how to pack fragile items like dushes and glass. Secure every piece with bubble wrap, tape the moving boxes, and do not forget to label them accordingly.
    kitchen with a stove and flowers
    Be careful when packing the kitchen as it contains a lot of fragile items.

    Packing guidelines for bathroom

    The bathroom is everyone`s favorite room to pack. It is among the easiest ones to pack, and you can finish packing in less than a day. This is why you should pack the bathroom last. Do not buy any new bottles of shampoo or conditioners. Instead, use the ones that you already have. Use medium-sized boxes for all the hygienic items, and pack your towels in garbage bags or inside the boxes. Packing instructions for each room are quite useful, especially when it does not take up much time to pack.

    Tips for packing the bedroom

    A bedroom is also fairly easy to pack as room-by-room packing tips from professionals suggest. Pack all of your clothes in medium-sized boxes, or even large ones as they will not be too heavy. You can pack linen, sheets, and towels in moving boxes, or you can use garbage bags as they will not use up much space. As far as wardrobes are concerned, if they are really big, call the pros to help you.

    We have seen the best of room-by-room packing guidelines from professionals. However, the most important thing when packing is that you start on time. Good luck!

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