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    Moving is one of the most complex procedures that you can undergo. Most people experience it at least several times during their lifetime. And each time it is different and never easy. It takes lots of details to prepare everything. If you decide to move around Pennsylvania, then you need to prepare well for your relocation. Philadelphia, the capital city of Pennsylvania is also one of the biggest cities in The United States. If you are planning to move to, or around Philadelphia, the first thing that you should do is find a reliable moving company, such as Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia. Philly, as the locals like to call it, has a rich history. Today, it is one of the biggest cultural, financial, and tourist centers in the world. Preparing for the move requires packing materials. Discover in this article the best places to find packing supplies in Philadelphia.

    First advice: Let the professionals do the job for you

    You might need to move in a hurry. You have received a call for a better job position, and you have a deadline to change your address. Perhaps you are too busy to organize the move on your own?

    Picture of Philadelphia skyline
    It is not difficult to find packing supplies in Philadelphia if you know where to search.

    Maybe you don’t know how to do it, but you want to be sure that everything runs smoothly. This is the perfect time to contact movers Montgomery County and let the experts handle your relocation process. Professional moving crews have all the necessary knowledge and tools to move all types of objects. This includes heavy and bulky items like pianos, large chandeliers, and kitchen appliances. Furthermore, they have got all the required packing supplies, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can now concentrate on other important aspects of the relocation process like selling your old apartment or learning a thing or two about your new neighborhood.

    Find packing supplies for large furniture in Philadelphia

    When moving, after creating an inventory list of your items, you will need to start looking for suitable packing materials. At first, it may be easy to find packing supplies for smaller items. However, once you have to start packing large furniture, you may face some difficulties. First of all, your large items need disassembling. Since these are heavy and bulky, you can easily get hurt. Therefore, hiring packing services Pottstown PA might be a good solution in this case. If you wish to go on your own, check first if you keep some of the original boxes of your furniture so you can use them. In case you do not, then visit some local stores in Philadelphia that sell furniture. They usually have lots of boxes after getting a delivery to the store and you may even get them at a large discount price.

    What packing materials do I have to buy to pack my home for the move?

    Packing materials are a fundamental tool for every relocation process. By acquiring the right equipment you will make the whole process a lot simpler and more systematic. Furthermore, by organizing the packing process correctly, it will be easier for you to unpack when you arrive at your destination. Since there are plenty of items to get here you can find a list of the necessary packing supplies.

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Packing paper
    • Packing tape
    • Bubble wrap
    • Scissors
    • Basic tools like screwdrivers
    • Marker pens
    • Multi-colored stickers
    • Styrofoam peanuts

    In addition, remember that the safety of your belongings is at stake here, so you must do your best to prepare them for transportation. It doesn’t matter if you are moving just a couple of blocks away or conducting a long-distance move. Proper packing is the key to every successful relocation.

    Picture of various tools
    If you wish to organize a move on your own, you will have to get some basic tools like screwdrivers, scissors, and packing tape

    Where to get free packing supplies in Philadelphia?

    The average cost of a local move starts at around 1,500$, while the long distance move can cost anywhere upwards of 4,500$. As you can see, moving can be very expensive but there are ways to cut costs and save some money. For example, you can opt to get free or used moving supplies. Here’s how to do it:

    • Contact your friends. Do you have friends or relatives who recently moved? Maybe they still have some leftover boxes that you could put to good use.
    • Go online. Many websites have segments with used moving equipment, and there is a fair chance that you will find something interesting there. Additionally, social networks like Facebook have pages dedicated to pretty-much everything nowadays, and maybe someone in your local community is giving away free moving boxes.
    • Visit your local stores. Supermarkets receive daily shipments of merchandise that come in cardboard packaging. If you explain your situation to the store manager, they will probably give you some free boxes. Specialized stores like vine shops or bookstores have sturdy boxes or wooden crates that could be useful for packing of your heavy belongings.

      Supermarkets and specialized stores are great places to find free packing supplies in Philadelphia
      Pay a visit to your local supermarket and talk to the store manager. They use cardboard boxes every day, and they might be willing to give you some for free

    In case you need to move your business

    In case you have an awaiting business relocation, you need to prepare well for this upcoming event. Depending on the type of business that you have, you will also need different kinds of packing supplies. The first place that you can look for packing supplies is your office. Only think about how many deliveries and supplies a typical office receives over time. However, you might still need professionals, so you should consider hiring labor only Philadelphia moving companies offer, to provide you with adequate assistance. Professional movers can provide different kinds of packing supplies that you may need. In addition, check those big storage premises that you have. There are great chances that they contain lots of different packing supplies. You may also check other offices around you in Philadelphia and ask if they can provide you with any packing materials. You can ask some of your employees to go around and check.

    Some of the stores where you can buy packing supplies in Philadelphia

    While it is possible to find free moving boxes, you will have to buy other pieces of moving equipment. So, if you have set your mind on organizing the move on your own, these are the places that you should visit:

    • Your local DIY store. Hardware stores sell various home improvement items like tools, electrical and plumbing supplies, cleaning products, paints, and so forth. This is the ideal place to get packing tapes, bubble wrap, boxes, pens, and other moving supplies. Don’t waste your time and get everything in one place.
    • 99 cent stores. Dollar stores sell a wide range of inexpensive household goods, and there is a good possibility that you will find boxes and palettes here.
    • Lesco paper and box is the place to get corrugated cartons, protective packaging materials, and shipping supplies.
    • Your local moving company. There is a possibility that your local moving company is also selling moving supplies on top of offering moving services.
    • Office supply store. This a good place to get marker pens, sticker labels, and scissors.

    Check the recycling drop-off to get some packing materials

    If you are looking for packing supplies in the city of Philadelphia, you can find them at a number of recycling drop-off points around the city. There you can find plenty of dumpsters which are full of different kinds of cardboard boxes.

    moving boxes and packing supplies in Philadelphia
    At the recycling drop-off, you can find many different boxes

    In addition, you find there are also other types of boxes ready for recycling. At the moment, around 70% of commercial boxes undergo recycling. In case you are preparing your items for residential storage containers, in these drop-off points, you can find boxes that can easily fit in there. This is one of the ‘dumpster diving’ methods that can save you a lot of money on your packing supplies. However, you need to be aware that you will not find only boxes in good shape. For this reason, carefully inspect every box to make sure it is sustainable enough for your goods.

    In case you wish to make more space in your home

    There comes a time when you need to start packing for your relocation. Or you simply wish to do some clearing of the space and still keep all your favorite belongings. If you find yourself in the middle of the packing process, then you can use some temporary onsite storage containers. In this way, your local movers will provide these storage containers which you can keep near your home. You will not have to waste time going too far to reach your storage. In addition, these containers can serve as storage boxes. They come in different sizes and you can keep them in the parking lot or in the backyard. You will benefit greatly from renting these containers since you could easily access your items at any time you need them. This can be a good solution both for your local relocation or some spring cleaning of your home.

    Other places where you can look for packing supplies in Philadelphia

    Another idea where you can look for some packing supplies is some closing stores in Philadelphia. Many of those stores may wish to get rid of different items, including different types of moving boxes.

    a man and a woman carrying boxes
    Closing stores may offer packing supplies in Philadelphia

    Take a day or two, and go around your neighborhood to see if some store is shutting down. They would be thankful for helping them with the clearing process. A great idea that will save you tons of time is choosing moving storage containers. In this case, your renting company will bring you these containers directly to your address. Other places where you can look for useful supplies are wineries and liquor stores. Bottles are heavy and come with additional protection in sturdy boxes. Therefore, take your time to contact a few local stores and ask the manager to put aside some moving supplies which you can reuse and recycle.

    Some popular online stores to get your packing materials

    Getting packing supplies is a serious business since you can look for them in many different places, both online and in-store. In case you are too busy or have very little time to go around the city to find boxes, you can buy them online. There are many different online stores that can offer the right kind of supplies for your relocation. One of the retailers that have it all is certainly Amazon. There you can find from regular packing boxes to different kinds of packing kits. Another solution may be Walmart. This big online box store offers endless types of moving boxes of very quality brands. In Home Depot, you can find either wardrobe boxes dish packing kits, or large boxes for fridges and TVs. In addition, there you can find different kinds of fillers and dividers, such as glass dividers.

    All things considered, finding packing supplies in Philadelphia shouldn’t be a problem. However, we advise you to make a good moving plan in advance. It will help you estimate how many boxes you will need, and in what sizes. In addition, you can choose among several online moving supplies calculators that will help you figure out precisely how many boxes you need. To do this, type in the number of rooms you have and your family members, and also select your packing style to a precise estimate. Just do not let yourself get into a situation where the packing process starts and you do not have enough packing supplies. Finally, remember to use only boxes which are in good shape and condition. You might initially save some money by getting cheap boxes but this will usually result in spending more money elsewhere down the proverbial line.



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