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    Many people change their address quite a few times during their lifetime. Changing your surroundings, saying goodbye to your friends and dear family members is a difficult thing to do, but sometimes we need to take that step for better job opportunities or because of studies. Movers Collegeville, PA based present an excellent choice for students seeking affordable yet reliable professional movers. Good business opportunities don’t come often and you have to be ready to make compromises. Organizing a full-scale move in a difficult task to undertake, but luckily for you, there is always a solution for that. But what happens if it turns out that your movers are actually scammers? How to deal with fraudulent moving companies? Stay with us to learn more.

    Avoid fraudulent moving companies by doing your research

    Basic online research will help you narrow down the choice to several moving companies. So, how to perform online research and find affordable movers in greater Philadelphia area?

    Picture of a man conducting a research on a laptop. The best way to deal with fraudulent moving companies is to do your research
    If you invest some time in research you will be able to avoid fraudulent moving companies

    What some of the red flags that indicate you are dealing with fraudulent moving companies?

    • Low-quality website. Every reliable moving company has a website with relevant information about their business as well as a gallery with pictures.
    • Reviews show a lot. Professional moving companies have a section for comments and customer feedback. Take a closer look at these reviews to learn more about a particular company.
    • Licenses and certificates. You know that you are dealing with a legitimate moving company if they have all the necessary documentation to carry out their business activities.
    • Quality of personnel. If their employees are rude, and not ready to answer your questions this means you should probably refrain from using their services.
    • State of their vehicles. The condition of working equipment speaks volumes about the overall quality of the company.

    When it would be appropriate to take legal action?

    So, what are the possible unfortunate events where it would be appropriate to take legal action? Well, any violation of the contract you have signed is an indicator that you have to act and seek your customer rights.

    • Damage to your property. The moving crew damaged your furniture or scratched your TV. In short, you should react if any damage to your property occurs.
    • Delivery delays. Delivery delays are also a serious violation of your right as a customer. Your movers must deliver your belongings on time. If they fail to do so, you can file a complaint to the moving company.
    • Hidden costs. The moving company is asking you to pay more than previously agreed. This is also a serious violation and it usually happens because of unclear moving contracts.
    • Theft of your belongings. This is by far the worst incident that you can experience. If this happens you should file a claim against and moving company. We also advise you to immediately call the police.

    How to file a complaint

    Important reminder: Before you seek justice, it is essential that you have fully understood the moving contract and that you know your rights and obligations as a customer.

    Picture of two people signing a contract
    Before you sign anything you must be sure you fully understand your rights and obligations

    When you are familiar with your rights and obligations, it is time to start collecting the evidence. Do you have evidence about agreed terms? You should know that e-mail is an official document and is valid evidence in court. Write a complaint understandably and concisely. Explain the whole situation and name witnesses if you have any. In case you are filing a complaint because of damaged belongings, it would be great if you have photos that support these claims. So, photograph your belongings before the move just in case. At least those valuable items.

    Know your moving vocabulary if you want to deal with fraudulent moving companies

    Just like any other business activity, moving has its own terminology. One of the best ways to prevent ill-fortuned events with scamming moving companies is to know how to read moving contracts. Therefore, we will try to clarify the moving terminology for you, so that you can better understand what are you signing.

    • Cargo Claim. A written statement or a list with items that got damaged during the move.
    • Claim. An appeal against the moving company for any inconveniences like including shipment delays or broken or lost items.
    • Carrier’s liability for loss or damage. Your mover’s obligation to reimburse the eventual loss of your belongings. How much you will get back depends on the insurance option you have chosen.
    • Additional charges. These charges appear because of the transportation of specialized items like pianos or huge pieces of furniture. Likewise, transportation of high-value items like artwork and paintings is priced differently than the regular household items.
    • Bill of Landing. A very important document. The evidence that the moving company took your belongings for transportation. This document includes all the important details of the shipment and is an integral part of the moving contract. When your items arrive, you sign the delivery report.

      Picture of home insurance
      Even if you hire the best moving company in the world we advise you to get some sort of moving insurance

    Additional tip: always get some sort moving insurance

    One of the best ways to protect yourself from fraudulent moving companies is to get moving insurance. So, what options do you have and what’s the difference between these options.

    • Third-party insurance. This is basically an insurance contract that you can sign with an external insurance company. This is a great way to additionally secure your belongings.
    • Released value Insurance. Or in other words, basic moving insurance. This type of insurance is obligatory by the letter of law.
    • Declared value is a type of insurance where you declare the value of each item separately.
    • Full-value protection. This type of insurance covers the current market value of the broken item.
    • Storage unit insurance. Do you plan to use temporary onsite storage containers? It would be a good idea to protect your belongings with an insurance policy.

    Other than moving insurance the best way to deal with fraudulent moving companies is to learn how to avoid them. If you, however, engage in doing business with such companies you must know how to protect yourself.

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