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    Hiring a storage unit is a great solution to a few different problems. However, even when you decide to rent a storage unit, there are some things you should keep in mind. Namely, most storage units Pottstown PA has on offer have certain rules when it comes to what you can and can’t store. So, if you want to get extra storage for your items, you should be informed of the things you’re prohibited from keeping in a storage facility. Of course, this means you have to do some research before deciding what to store. To help you out, we’ve decided to give you a list of the things that are most commonly prohibited in storage. So, keep reading to see which items you can’t put in a storage unit.

    First, find a good storage facility

    First things first, let’s talk about finding the right storage unit. There are a lot of storage facilities you can choose from. That’s why it’s crucial to pick the right one to make sure your items will remain safe. Of course, you can ask your Philadelphia movers if they offer storage services, but you should still do a background check before renting storage. Here’s how to make the right decision.

    Red storage units.
    Make sure to find a good storage company first

    Before anything else, remember to do proper research. As we’ve said, doing a background check is crucial. So, do your research and find out everything you can about the storage facility. If you see any red flags, move on to a different one.

    • Ask for suggestions. One of the best ways to make sure you’re making the right choice is by listening to your friends’ recommendations. If any of your close ones have experience with storage units, it’s worth asking them for advice.
    • Read the reviews. When you’re researching a storage renting facility, take the time to read their reviews. This way you’ll see if the storage units are reliable or not.
    • Contact the company. To make the right decision, it’s a good idea to contact the company and ask any questions you have. This way you’ll also get an idea of what the company is like.
    • Inspect the storage unit before renting. Before learning about the things you can’t put in a storage unit, you should visit the storage facility and see the storage units for yourself. Inspect them for mold and pests, and check the humidity levels and the security system.
    • Get storage of the right size. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a storage unit is the size. Don’t get a bigger storage unit than necessary – it will cost you more.

    The items you can’t put in a storage unit

    Now that you know the best way to find storage that’s the appropriate choice, we can move on to the list of things you can’t store. Every single item on this list will most likely be rejected by storage employees due to many reasons. To make things much easier for you, down below you will find possible solutions for each one of them. Moving and storage Montgomery County PA companies will inform you about this right away but if you know these things before, you will find it much easier to deal with them. Let’s begin.

    colorful medications
    If you wish to set aside some medication, you should find another place for it

    1. Flammable items can’t be stored

    Combustible and flammable items are a no-go when it comes to storing your belongings. You’re not allowed to store anything that can explode or catch fire. It’s a matter of safety. So, you can forget about storing things like gasoline, chemicals, propane, grease, oil, paint, and cleaners. Also, this category of prohibited items includes fireworks and any kind of explosives. Even if you decide to go with portable storage units, you should avoid placing these items there. One tiny mistake is more than enough to cause huge damage and even hurt someone in the process. Portable storage units will be close to your home or office and it is extremely dangerous to keep flammables too close.

    What you can do is simply store them someplace else or get rid of them. If you are moving or renovating, you will find it much easier to buy these items again, than to risk many things. A lot of things from the list are not even expensive so you won’t spend a fortune getting them again. Always think about safety and make sure that it is your number one priority!

    Paint buckets on a shelf - these are items your can't put in a storage unit
    Flammable items like paint can’t be stored.

    It’s no surprise that these items are prohibited in units as they are a safety hazard. Keep in mind that if these things were to explode in your storage unit, you’d be held responsible. Storing these items is considered a felony. So, if you have any of these things, it’s best to find a different place to keep them.

    2. Firearms

    Something that practically goes hand in hand with flammable items is firearms. Most storage rental facilities don’t allow storing ammunition and firearms. Bombs, weapons, and ammunition are things that require higher levels of security than your regular unit. You can’t keep them in the same place where you’d keep your seasonal clothes or furniture. That’s why you need to contact the storage company beforehand and see if they allow storing firearms. For example, if you contact Zippy Sheel of Greater Philadelphia, we will let you know what options we have available. Storing these items is risky because of possible theft or accidental firing. And of course, a lot of employees are not trained to deal with firearms. Different types of storage units are made for keeping these items, and they are a much better solution.

    3. Wet items

    People are always trying to take the necessary measures to prevent mold in their homes. The same goes for storage facilities. That’s why among the items you can’t put in a storage unit are wet items. Storages are closed for a longer period and mold is more likely to form there than in a household. The dampness can quickly spread to the rest of your boxes and lead to mold forming. So, if you don’t want your items to get ruined by mold, don’t put wet boxes in storage.

    This mistake is most common if people are moving or renovating in a hurry. They would want to wash many things before storing them and if there is no time for them to dry properly, issues will start emerging soon. Even if you try to find climate controlled storage near me, they will not prevent your items from catching the mold. As you probably know by now, you will have to throw every single one of them if that happens. Mold is pretty serious and you don’t want it close to your kids and other items.

    white storage units
    If you are not sure about some of the items, ask the employees on time

    4. Perishable items

    Another thing you can’t put in storage is perishable foods. You’re prohibited from storing foods that need to be in a refrigerator, dry pet food, and things that aren’t properly sealed. The reason is that these items can attract rodents and bugs as well as create an environment that’s susceptible to mold. You’re also not allowed to store canned foods, especially if the storage isn’t climate-controlled, because the heat can lead to the cans exploding. When you give it a second thought, is storing perishables necessary? No matter what kind of event you are having or in how big of a hurry you are, there is always a better solution. Chances are huge that you won’t be using that food again, so why waste it?

    If you want to store perishables someplace, you can ask a friend or a family member for help. Even if you must divide the goods, that is much better than wasting everything in storage. Onsite storage solutions can be used for perishables but only if you wish to store them for a couple of hours. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure you inform the storage staff and ask them for advice.

    5. Plants, pets, people

    Another example of items you can’t store is living things. This goes for everything from plants to animals and even people. Plants can also be the cause of mold or pests in storage. Also, residential storage units don’t have the proper living conditions for keeping your animals there. It’s overall a bad idea to keep anything live in storage. Keep in mind that it’s prohibited to treat the storage unit as an apartment or office. Each one of these situations has a better solution and there is no need for you or your furry friends to suffer. Storage units are made for storing items that won’t go bad or get damaged no matter how long they stay in there.

    Green indoor potted plants represent items you can't put in storage unit
    Plants are yet another example of things prohibited in storage.

    6. Medication

    For those who are moving and are thinking about storing their medication for some time, maybe finding another method is much better. The staff won’t let you store your medication because of safety and other policy regulation. But Chester County moving and storage companies will make sure that you know this on time. Before you place your boxes in storage, your medication should be with you no matter the number of items. 

    Other examples of items you can’t put in a storage unit

    • Stolen goods- Of course, in legal terms, you are not allowed to possess and store stolen goods. Storage employees will have to react right away and you will get in big trouble.
    • Toxic chemicals– All toxic chemicals should be set aside or stored someplace else. Putting yourself and other people in danger is not good and you should stay away from it.
    • Garbage– Garbage items will cause huge damage to the storage itself, so there is no need for doing it. The storage company will most likely ask you to pay certain penalties and you will end up losing a lot of money for no reason at all. Find a good use for your unit and get rid of garbage.
    • Vehicles that are uninsured, unregistered, or non-operating– Not a single facility will accept these items for many reasons. Luckily, if you take some time to do your research, you will find a lot of companies that will take care of your vehicle no matter the state.

    What if you can’t find a replacement?

    You have a couple of options for those items you can store. The easiest way is to simply throw them away and once your relocation or renovation is over, you can get yourself new ones. This way you will not cause any damage and will proceed to use storage for other things.

    If throwing them away is not an option, why don’t you ask your neighbors or friends if they need them? This may work especially if you live in the suburbs and have your garden and many chemicals for maintaining it. You will feel much better knowing that you didn’t throw them away and that someone else is having good use.

    And for those items that you can throw away or give to someone, selling is a good option. There are countless websites where you can put your advertisement and wait for a good buyer. As long as you are keeping it legal, everything will be fine. And once you get a certain income from those items, you can buy new ones once the time comes. No matter what the event in your life is, staying creative is always the key.

    vegetables in the supermarket as some of the items you can't put in storage unit
    Food and drinks are items you can’t put in a storage unit

    Now you know which items you can’t put in a storage unit

    So, now that you know the items you can’t put in a storage unit, you’re ready to find a reliable company. You have the necessary information to find the right kind of unit and make sure you’re not storing anything illegal. Prepare your items and ask the staff about every single dilemma you may have. It will be much better to prevent certain issues at the very start, so keep that as your main goal.


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