Why is it important to supervise your movers?

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    Hiring a moving and packing specialist is a decision that you must take seriously. Of course, you should evaluate the cost and benefit of having a mover do all the work for you rather than packing and moving your property on your own. The fact is that reliable movers Media PA based can handle all of your moving needs. This is stress relieving and we especially recommend it when you are moving long distances. Still, there lingers a question, should you take the time to supervise your movers or let them work on their own? This article may help you come to a conclusion.

    Help and supervise your movers at the same time

    You can supervise your movers as they pack your belongings but this does not guarantee that the packing and moving process will be efficient and productive. However, if you help them, you can be sure of a better outcome. Some of the ways to increase the productivity of your packing and moving process include paying attention to your mover’s needs and giving them everything that can make the process simple and efficient.

    Ice tea and cupcakes.
    If it is manageable, some small refreshments will mean a lot and help them do a better job while you will have a reason to stay and discretely supervise your movers.

    Get ready for your move

    While supervising seems to be a great way to ensure that your mover is packing and transporting all of your items safely, it may not be the only thing you can do to ensure a successful packing and moving process. Here are some ways you can help your movers in Greater Philadelphia area instead of simply supervising them:

    • Sort your items. Make sure you sort all items before your movers arrive. Leave out the items that only you can pack, such as documents, food, and other valuables. You can also get rid of any unnecessary items – you don’t want the movers to spend a lot of time sorting items.
    • Make sure the refrigerator is empty and clean. Some tasks, such as cleaning or defrosting the refrigerator, are best to be done in advance rather than on the day you move. It is important that you complete some of these minor tasks before your mover arrives. You need to save as much time as possible while packing and moving.
    • Start packing your essentials. Take the time to prepare the essentials bag for the move a few weeks before the day of the move. This can save your moving company time packing all of your belongings. Some of the essentials you need to pack early include prescription drugs, valuables, paperwork, and other life-saving supplies, but make sure they are within reach if you need them.

    Supervise your movers to avoid fraud

    It is estimated that up to five percent of long-distance movers are less than scrupulous. How to find a reliable moving company among all the companies offering their services? Below are eight ways to avoid moving scams.

    Choose an experienced moving company

    A company with a proven track record of success has a reputation to maintain and is much more likely to treat you fairly. Moving scams are a surefire way to tarnish the reputation of a moving company. A reputable company will not participate in promoting fraud out of fear of losing its credibility. Make sure the employees of the moving company are connected and that the company is insured. You let the movers into your house. By making sure they are connected, you will have less to worry about. In addition, all moving companies can make random mistakes. A moving company that has insurance against such incidents cares about your business.

    Check the BBB rating of the company and get references

    It’s also a good idea to check the details of the moving company with your local Better Business Bureau. While any company can have random incidents or a bad report, poor customer service should be a red flag. As with most illegal businesses, roaming fraud will be reported and there should be some kind of record that you can track. A reputable moving company should have no problem giving you the names and contact information of a few satisfied customers. If the potential moving company refuses, you need to cross them off your list – they were probably involved in some form of moving fraud.

    Rating stars.
    If you choose a company with a high rating, you will, probably, not have to supervise your movers all of the time.

    Ask your real estate agent for advice

    You will probably only move a couple of times in your life. However, your real estate agent sees hundreds of moves and hears stories from satisfied customers and those who would like to choose another moving company. If the moving company is known to be involved in a scam, the news will be passed by word of mouth. If you have the opportunity, six months in advance is not too early to start negotiations with moving companies. Many of the best, most reliable moving companies can be fully booked if you wait until the moving day to call them.

    Make sure you get a complete contract. You should know about all the paperwork your movers have to provide you with. Reliable moving companies put everything in writing so you and they know what they need to do. Don’t move without a contract that contains all the details you discussed and all the associated costs. With moving scams, there is usually a shortage of necessary documents. Also, beware of requirements for large deposits. Most reputable moving companies only require a small and symbolic deposit for booking their services. A typical deposit is between $100 and $500. Be wary of a company that asks for much more. Unfortunately, moving fraud can often take the form of hit-and-run.

    Dollar bills.
    Don’t give a lot of money in advance. No matter how perfect things seem to be.

    You see, now, why you should supervise your movers

    As you can see, it is really important to supervise your movers. In most cases, it can take a long time to fully pack all the belongings in the house. Supervising itself might not be the best way to guarantee successful packing but getting into the actual process will. Help your movers and finish the whole moving process much easier.

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