What to pack in your essentials bag for relocation?

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    Moving is a very tricky business. There are so many little things that you need to do. If you forget one of them, you could have more trouble than you would want to have. One of the most important things when it comes to relocation are the essentials. They represent something that you would not want to lose or forget since they are crucial to the whole process. It is very important that you know where they are at all times and we are here to tell you what you should pack in your essentials bag for relocation!

    What are the most important things you should pack in your essentials bag?

    Before you are about to move to your new home, make sure to have all the necessities right with you. These are the things you need to make sure to place in your essentials bag:

    • Keys and wallet
    • Personal documents
    • Electronics
    • Toiletries
    • Toilet paper
    • Paper and pen
    • Change of clothes
    • Food and water

    Keys and wallet

    These are two things that you have the most chance of forgetting. A reason for this is that you do not need them until the last moment. That is why you should be one step ahead and pack them in your essentials bag on time. Most people keep them in their purses and it is still okay to do this. On the other hand, it is better to keep all the important stuff in one bag. You will not have to think about anything else but keeping the bag with you at all times.

    a wallet - pack in your essentials bag
    You would not want to forget your wallet!

    Personal documents

    Some people would put them on the top of the list but the truth is that it really does not matter. It is crucial for you to keep them all together and the order is not that important. We all have personal documents that we have to carry with us at all times. But, there are some that you do not need until you have to move like the passport. It is one of the things that can prevent you from leaving if you forget it.

    There are a lot of other important documents that you have to pack in your essentials bag. Birth certificate, registrations, social security numbers are just some of them. We can’t tell you all the documents that you need to have since it depends on the type of the move and the destination. You should inform yourself about documents that you may need for relocation purposes. Of course, you need to take the documents that you get from the moving company that you hired as an insurance policy.


    Some people need to use electronics very often. It is not about addiction. They just work online or they have to be available at all times. Of course, we include here electronics like phones and laptops. When packing them, be sure that you bring the chargers that go with them. You will not be happy when the laptop turns off in the middle of your work. If you have a place where you can stick the charger in, that is good. In other cases, it is better to get power banks. Just be sure to charge them also before you get out of the house.

    a laptop
    When packing electronics, be sure not to forget chargers!


    Moving is not easy, especially if you are having a long-distance relocation. A problem with them is that you will probably have to be on the road for more than a day. That means that you will have to sleep somewhere. In order to have a pleasant evening as you possibly can, you need to bring the basic toiletries with yourself. No one likes to go to sleep without brushing their teeth, right? Besides the toothbrush, be sure to bring deodorants, soaps, hand sanitizers, etc.

    Toilet paper

    The same principle applies here as well. Long-distance relocations are quite hard since you have to spend so many hours in the car. All of that combines with inadequate lunch can bring some trouble where you would want to bring the toilet paper with you. It is better than to improvise, right?

    Paper and pen

    A good thing is that phones are a good replacement for pen and paper but it is always smart to bring some on the road. A lot of unpredicted things can happen and it is better for you to write it down instead of remembering and forgetting. Also, you may get some information from the moving company that is relocating you. Write it down and have a piece of mind when you get to your new home.

    Change of clothes

    Moving in summer? Good! You will be in a good mood and you can enjoy the countryside. On the other hand, summer brings us heat which makes us sweat a lot. A long-distance relocation in these conditions is impossible and you should know that. Even if you hire professional packing services from Philadelphia to pack your belongings, you should make sure to have some things with you.

    Prepare yourself by bringing another set of clothes that you can use anytime. It is very important so that you could enjoy the ride. Another positive aspect of this is psychological. Changing clothes will decrease the amount of stress and you will feel better. If you are having a short trip, bring another set of clothes too. It is always better to be prepared than having to improvise.

    a sweatshirt
    Bring spare clothes

    Food and water

    These two things are ones that you just can’t go to the road without! You can even survive and not eat anything while on the road but if you have small kids you just have to brings snacks and water for your children. You should always use the chance to stop and have a proper meal but that is not always possible. When it comes to snacks, it is always better to bring protein bars and snacks that can satiate you and your family. We all know that carbon hydrates are not that healthy but when it comes to energy, they are number one!


    There are a lot of other things that you should pack in your essentials bag when moving. On the other hand, this stuff is just not that important or vital. You can go without a knife but you can’t go without food or drinks. Of course, we are all different and we all need different things. Be sure that you sit down and write all of the things that you may need on the road and pack them in your bag. We wish you a safe trip to your new home!

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