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    As the moving process usually lasts longer than people tend to anticipate, unpacking is often seen as an obstacle to enjoying the new place and getting to know the new surroundings. However, if you pack properly in the first place, and follow our list of the items you should unpack first after moving, you will have a different experience. As a matter of fact, you will manage to take care of it in a more efficient and smooth way. Before you know it, you will turn your house into a home, and get to enjoy it all in its full capacity.

    Your essentials box is the one you ought to unpack first after moving

    This is a rather logical step. As your essentials box contains all that you need for the first few days in your new place, you should unpack it right away. And if this term is not familiar to you, I hope that you are reading this before your residential move. Namely, your essentials box should contain things that will make that initial period in your new home more bearable. These would include:

    • basic hygiene products (a soap bar, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, some clean towels)
    • basic kitchen tools (a pan, a spatula, plates, and cutlery for your family)
    • bedsheets and pillowcases
    • indoor footwear
    • optionally some food items if you didn’t have a very long distance move

    With these, you will be able to have a shower, some food, and quality sleep. And that is all you need after the relocation day.

    A person sleeping
    A nice shower and a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can give to yourself after a long day of relocating.

    Address the rooms that you use most often

    That is, unpack the boxes that contain items you are going to need on a daily basis. While you can go a day, two or even seven without watching your television, you will have to sleep, shower and eat every day. With that said, the rooms that take precedence when it comes to unpacking are your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. However, not all items have the same importance.

    Unpacking your bedroom

    Start with your bed. I know it sounds trivial, but it is important to say this, as people can start unpacking smaller things first. This is a big mistake as it can hinder the process of placing your bed in the right position. And the bed is the most important part of your bedroom. So, when you place it and make it, you will have the comfort of sleeping in your own bed tonight. That is why you should do it as soon as your hired Philadelphia movers leave your home.

    Clothing items that fit the weather in your new town should be the next thing to find their place on the shelves. So, if you have moved during wintertime, do not haste to unpack your bathing suit and shorts. Get your warm jacket out, your sweaters and boots.

    A drawer with some clothes
    Clothing pieces that fit the season are the ones you need to unpack first.

    Taking care of boxes that contain bathroom items

    Having a shower after a long day is a commodity that helps many people get through their obligations. Well, I’ll admit, it may not be that significant all the time, but it sure is nice. So, why not provide yourself with such a nice experience after moving day? Make sure to take out your cleaning supplies and use them where necessary. Upon doing so, get those necessities our of your essentials box, and find a place for them. Take out only what you need for the next 7 days. You can gradually continue to unpack your bathroom during the week. Remember, there is no need to rush this process too much. While you don’t want to unnecessarily prolong it, you also want to avoid burdening yourself with the pressure of getting it all done in one day.

    Emptying the kitchen boxes

    Food is fuel, and food is a pleasure. Do not rid yourself of it. Unpack your food right after you have taken care of the previous two rooms and said goodbye to your local movers. Of course, if you are super hungry, get some takeout and treat yourself after a successful relocation. When unpacking your kitchen, take out the items you will need in the nearest future. These would include your:

    • pots and pans (not all of them, but just the ones you use on a daily basis)
    • utensils and tools that are necessary for daily cooking (knives, spoons, ladles and basic cutlery)
    • glasses, mugs, and plates
    • dry goods (coffee, tea, or anything else you like to consume on a daily basis)
    • salt, sugar, oil, vinegar
    • dishwashing liquid and sponge

    As days go by, you would take out the cans, flour, spices and so on. You will also start filling your new fridge and get a better picture of what you need. This also stands for those kitchen appliances that have a specific use. There is no need to rush unpacking these, as you can spend a few days without your pasta making machine.

    Nice looking meals.
    As you won’t be making complicated meals right away, there is no need to get the tools you need for them out right away.

    General rules of thumb to follow when it comes to the items you should unpack first after moving

    1. Start with the biggest and bulkiest furniture items. It will be easier to navigate around them when carrying smaller belongings than the other way around.
    2. Items that you need on a daily basis should be the ones you unpack first after moving.
    3. Do not rush with unpacking too much, and try to view it as a process of turning your new place into a home. Find the right place for every item you own, and make the place exactly to your liking.
    4. Try not to stretch it out for too long, as you will never finish it. Those boxes that hold memories and items you seldom use will never get to be opened until your next relocation. And that is the situation you probably want to avoid.

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