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    Packing your entire household and transporting it to another address is by no means an easy task. Luckily for you, reliable movers in Greater Philadelphia area stand at your disposal for this task. Professional movers have all the necessary tools and knowledge to tackle every relocation-related problem and make the whole experience a lot easier. But it’s not only the physical part that makes the relocation a frightening process at first glance. The period of adaptation to the new surroundings after the move makes some people uncomfortable. Also. Relocation is not something we do every day, so it remains somewhat unknown to us. Then there is all that annoying paperwork. And that’s what are we going to discuss today. We are going to go through paperwork your movers are obligated to provide you with so that you don’t miss something.

    The moving estimate is the first paperwork your movers are obligated to provide you with

    This is the first document you are going to face. So, what is exactly a moving estimate? Basically, a moving estimate is a prediction of how much your move will cost. Your apartment movers Pottstown PA will take a tour of your home and make an inventory list of your belongings. Then they will ask you where are you moving to because the length of the road is a key factor in calculating the final price. There are two types of moving estimates. Non-binding and binding.

    A non-binding estimate is an expectation of how much the service will cost. The final price can up to 10% higher but not more than that. A binding estimate is a fixed, final price that the company will charge you when the job is done. This document must clearly show all the services you have purchased, their cost, cost of moving quotes, and so forth…

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    The bill of landing is the most important piece of paperwork your movers are obligated to provide you with.

    Contract-related paperwork your movers are obligated to provide you with

    Written below are some of the most important documents your movers must give you, as well as a brief explanation. Moving terminology is sometimes difficult to comprehend, and this list will also help you to get a better understanding of your moving contract.

    • Moving Quotes. Based on the weight of the shipment and the total distance of the move, these quotes determine the final price.
    • Additional services. List of all services you have purchased. From the basic transportation to finer services like packing and storing valuable items like artwork and paintings.
    • Bill of Landing. This document includes important details like payment methods, moving rates, moving origin, and destination. This is the contract between you and the moving company.
    • Order for Service. A document that is attached to the bill of landing and that holds other important info such as pick up and delivery dates and special services purchased.
    • Inventory documentation. List of your belongings in the truck.
    • Copy of rights and responsibilities. A document that informs you about your rights and responsibilities as a customer.

    Insurance-related documents are also very important

    Insurance is an integral part of every relocation process. It is always the best idea to ensure your belongings before the move. That being said, a moving company must provide you with one of three basic types of moving insurance. If you wish to get better protection, we advise you to seek third-party insurance, but the moving company is obliged by the letter of law to provide you with some insurance option.

    Released value Insurance. The entry-level type of moving insurance, obligatory by the letter of the law. However, it covers every pound of the shipment with only 60 cents. We don’t think that will cover your 20-pound OLED TV. You do the math. Declared value Insurance policy where you declare the value of each item separately before the move. Full-value protection. This type of insurance covers the current market value of broken items or covers the repair.

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    Remember that it pays to get protection. Always opt to get moving insurance

    Where it would be appropriate to file a claim against a moving company

    What happens if your moving partner fails to provide you with these important documents? Well, we advise you not to sign any deals with such fraudulent companies. If they can’t provide you with essential stuff like moving documents, imagine what could happen in the long run. Anyhow, if you proceed doing business with them, you must know that any breaching of the contract is a violation of your rights as a customer. For example, if they damage your property, you should act immediately and seek justice. Similarly, you should react if your mover doesn’t deliver your belongings on time. Before you take legal action, you should try to sort out any problems and misunderstandings with the company’s management. If they refuse to cooperate or just hear you out, you should take legal action.

    A picture of a gavel.
    Know your right so that you can take action if necessary

    The best way to ensure that you will get all necessary documents is to hire a reliable moving company

    We already agreed that relocation is one of the most important life evens. Therefore, you should hire an experienced and reputable moving company for this occasion. Reliable movers will certainly give you all the required paperwork, transparent and understandable contracts. Now you can be sure that no hidden costs wait around the corner and that your belongings will be in safe hands. So, how to find such a company?

    • Ask your friends for advice. Do you have friends who recently moved? Ask them about their experiences. Nothing beats a friendly recommendation.
    • Research online. Your next best bet is to go online and inform yourself about moving companies that operate in your area. Open the company’s website and read the reviews posted by customers. Scroll through photo gallery with pictures from previous jobs. Likewise, be nice and leave written feedback when your moving process is over to help fellow customers make good choices.

    Okay, this was the list of important paperwork your movers are obligated to provide you with. Now you know what to expect, and how to react if something is wrong. We wish you a safe relocation.

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