Living in Pottstown 101; what to know?

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    Living in Pottstown 101 is not as glamorous as living in, for instance, Manhattan. But for those who had enough of big city chaos and pomp, this might just might be the perfect place.  Ideal for students, seniors, and everybody who already had their share of metropolitan glamour, Pottstown won’t disappoint you. Once you set your mind, call some of the best moving companies Philadelphia and arrange the easiest move of your life. After the comfortable move, settling in should not be complicated. Soon enough, you will be able to know every corner of this perfect borough.

    Pottstown 101 in short

    Pittstown was established in mid 18th century and it was named after its founder, John Potts. It is the heart of Montgomery County. The borough itself has an average size and around 23 000 people.  Pottstown 101 is very well positioned 40 miles away from Philadelphia, to the northwest. It used to be famous for steel production but nowadays is more oriented towards farming and diarying. The borough also has a long history of trade.

    Houses that sum up living in Pottstown 101
    Although it used to be famous for the steel trade, Pottstown is farming-oriented nowadays.

    Get ready for the Pottstown climate

    The climate in Pottstown is officially humid, subtropical climate. If you are coming from a similar region, this kind of weather will be very pleasant for you. However, if you are used to a completely dry, continental climate, you will have to get accustomed to all the humidity and rain as soon as possible. The most pleasant months in the year are May, June, and September. If you happen to move during the cold months, such as January or February, you may want to leave some of your temperature-sensitive belongings in storage units Pottstown PA for some time. 

    The average incomes and livability

    Pottstown’s economy keeps growing despite the high average age of the community. The unemployment is under 4 percent, the same as the US average, which is an excellent rate for such a small town. On top of that, the cost of living is almost 12 percent lower than the state average. So living in Pottstown 101, you could significantly reduce your living expenses. The population is also slowly growing, which probably means more opportunities in the future. Add the cheaper real estate prices to all this and you’ve got yourself an improved lifestyle as a result.

    a house for sale on a green lawn
    You will save a lot on real estate.

    Living in Pottstown 101- is it safe?

    Pottstown 101 is nothing less safe than an average town in states of the same size. The general recommendation is to avoid the crowded town center and get some real estate in the quiet suburbs. As with every place to live in, it all depends on how well you know it. On the plus side, most of your new neighbors are famous for their hospitality. Some of them will be happy to show you around.  Reliable residential movers Pottstown PA are in your neighborhood and ready to help too.

    The quality of the local schools

    The education centers are high in numbers in Pottstown. The borough counts 65 schools, including the numerous preschools. The town is, therefore, well suited for young families. Some of the local elementary schools have high grades in quality on the interstate level. The two best schools in Pottstown are North Coventry Elementary School and French Creek El School. These are considered above average for Pennsylvania in terms of quality of education. People consider Owen J Roberts High School the best high school in the area.

    The amenities and cultural life

    The historical face of the borough is nicely preserved, along with its ecosystem. Pottstown is a perfect blend of the pleasant natural environment and modern amenities. You will feel protected from the outside noise but not hidden from the current happenings. All the necessary malls and shopping sites are available. Students’ exhibitions are frequent, and Pottstown Dance Theatre gives an additional value to the cultural life. The borough also has its theatre and a cinema downtown.  A great variety of restaurants exists for your convenience.

    Living in Pottstown 101- food

    Since packing services will pack for you anything but food, it is good to decide where to eat upon arrival. Pennsylvania, in general, does not have any particular food that it is famous for. Although, the legendary Philly cheesesteak is also very popular here, same as in Philadelphia. Besides that, Pennsylvania people like to eat pretzels, which they learned how to make from their German predecessors. Next on the list is banana split. And then it is mostly fast food from thereon. Pottstown is no different in these eating habits. The only thing special is the latest trend towards healthy nutrition programs. Pottstown people are hoping that this way they will increase the intake of healthy food.

    a delicious looking pretzel
    Pretzels are more than food in Pottstown.

    The crowdedness and the traffic

    Pottstown is incredibly densely populated. That is good in terms of socializing and public happenings. However, it is very challenging in terms of traffic. The one-way commute time is slightly higher than the state average but it keeps increasing each year. But don’t let this fact demotivate you. Various healthier ways of transportation exist other than wasting all that time in a car. Here is what you can start practicing in Pottstown, and any other crowded town for that matter.

    • Move to the outskirts to avoid the crowd– if possible move your business there too.
    • If you can’t move your business or job, then, perhaps, you can move closer to it.
    • Use public transportation whenever possible in Pottstown 101– especially commuting through the town center.
    • For shorter distances use your bicycle– not only it is faster at times but you get to enjoy the fresh air and exercise simultaneously.
    • Going on foot– very often, even for the shortest distances, we forget about this option.

    Moving to another town is at times complicated and time-consuming. But, the sooner you set your mind to it, the sooner you are halfway there. The next thing is to hire professional movers, and you will be ready to start a new life sooner than you think. With a little bit of luck and research, you can settle in a nice neighborhood. So, learn a bit about the borough in advance. And from there on, it gets much easier. Living in Pottstown 101 can be very pleasant all in all, if you know how to use the benefits of the town.

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