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    The reality of the current situation is that many people live in small apartments. Therefore, storage space is often limited. While you can always rent out a storage unit from your movers in Greater Philadelphia area, sometimes all you need is just a bit more space in your home. The most common room in your apartment that is suitable for this task is the bedroom. You can install a lot of shelving space, add in some drawers, hooks, or even hanging fruit baskets. In this article, we are going to provide you with seven of our top picks for practical bedroom storage ideas.

    Top 7 practical bedroom storage ideas!

    Here are our top seven ideas for creating more storage space in your bedroom:

    1. Build a shelf space around your radiator
    2. Get a bed frame with drawers
    3. Add floating shelves on the walls
    4. Create a pegboard organizer and hang it on the wall
    5. Put hooks to the back of your closet and bedroom doors
    6. Use hanging fruit basket as a decoration and storage
    7. Install shelves above your bedroom door

    All of these require minimum effort and are low-cost. However, you can always go even further by creating custom-made furniture or perform significant modifications to your bedroom. But that is not really practical and it is usually better to simply use temporary onsite storage containers instead. For the money that you will need to invest, we believe that it is simply not worth it. Instead, let’s start with the most basic suggestions.

    woman holding a cat, laughing, sitting on the floor
    Radiators usually have plenty of space around them. Use that to your advantage!

    Build a shelf space around your radiator

    Radiators usually have plenty of space around them. This is due to the fact that they, well, radiate heat and that it is generally not advisable to have any items next to them. However, what you can do is install shelves made from heat-resistant materials, where you can store some of your belongings. It is an ideal way to utilize all the space around the radiators. But you might want to do this before your residential movers bring in your bed and the rest of the furnishings. It will be a lot easier that way. And speaking of the bed, you might want to consider to:

    Get a bed frame with drawers

    Your bed can be a storage unit in and of itself. The way that you can accomplish this is to create a bed frame with drawers built-in. The mattress is what is really important, anyway, so changing the bed frame will not remove any comfort whatsoever. This way, you will have plenty of space beneath your bed, with easy access to your belongings. If you really want to dial it up a notch, you can even elevate your bed and create another storage compartment beneath it. You can even fit some of the smaller portable storage units beneath it if you are feeling particularly adventurous. All in all, transforming your bed is an excellent way to create more space for your other possessions.

    One of the practical bedroom storage ideas – Add floating shelves on the walls

    Next up, we come to the walls. They present an amazing opportunity to add some floating shelving. In fact, utilizing all the vertical space in your bedroom is the absolute best way to add more storage space. These shelves can hold decorative items or any items you like looking at. Or anything else, for that matter. They are inexpensive to purchase, and you can even make them on your own if you have a bit of crafting aptitude. Shelves are a great addition to every home, and can really spruce the place up. Just make sure that you don’t place anything heavy above your sleeping area, just in case. Try to use the other walls instead.

    floating shelves on the wall
    Floating shelves are cheap to install, and they can look absolutely amazing!

    Create a pegboard organizer and hang it on the wall

    Another way to utilize the wall to great effect is to hang a pegboard organizer on it. This is, perhaps, the cheapest and fastest way to add more storage to your bedroom. You can even remove it easily, and place it on another wall if the need arises. These organizers can be dirt cheap even if purchased outright, but creating one is still the best option. Of course, you will need a bit of practical knowledge or someone that can do it for you.

    Put hooks to the back of your closet and bedroom doors

    The secret to extra storing space lies in simple implements. Hooks. You can hang them literally anywhere and they will instantly create a place where you can store clothes or other hanging items. However, the best places to put them are at the back of your closet and doors. This is what most people end up doing for the sheer practicality of it. You can even install these hooks all around the apartment, you don’t need to stop at the bedroom. But if all you need are several hooks, the doors, and the closet will do just fine.

    wooden hanger, two towels and a basket hanging
    Hooks are supremely versatile and easy to install.

    Use a hanging fruit basket as a decoration and storage

    If you want to combine beauty with practicality, there is nothing better for it than a hanging fruit basket. You can fill it with all manner of decorative items, and have some other items beneath them. This will create an illusion of decoration while it is in fact serving as storage space. Here is how you can make your own basket. Just try not to go overboard, as that might create a feeling of crampedness.

    Another practical bedroom storage ideas – Install shelves above your bedroom door

    Lastly, you can use the space above the door to install even more shelves! As far as practical bedroom storage ideas go, it is really difficult to beat this one. Chances are, you are never using that space for anything, and adding a shelf will cost you nothing in terms of practicality. Easiest storage space of your life.

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