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    Chances are you moved at least once in your life – most Americans do by the time they are 20. Actually, quite a few families move rather regularly, akin to modern nomads of the sort, in pursuit of job and happiness. This is exactly why there is such a high presence of advanced moving companies that are ready to facilitate such relocations. However, even with professional help – relocations are not a simple affair. It takes a lot of effort, planning, and, in many cases, quite a lot of money to complete. Time, effort, and money are even more in need when we talk about long distance relocations. This is inherent in a sheer logistical challenge that is presented when an individual, family, or a business wants to relocate across the state or the whole country. That is why we made this guide on how to make a long distance moving checklist.

    First, figure out what movers to use

    When you are making a long distance moving list the first thing you should write down is the number one task – finding good movers. Having good movers is vital to your relocation. These companies can make or break relocation. You might survive relocation by the amateurish company on a short distance relocation, sure, but a long one? This is a complicated task that should be left to professional long distance movers Pennsylvania. But, knowing what the company is good is something that requires knowledge that you might not have. It is usually gained by experiences… not necessarily pleasant ones at that.

    Therefore, in order to help you find out what kind of moving companies you should be dealing with, and which ones you should avoid, we are going to go over qualities you should look for when searching for a mover.

    A laptop and a notebook
    Time for browsing!

    First things first – the movers have to actually be a professional. We already explained why long distance moving, in particular, requires dedicated professionals. In order to make sure that your moving company is true to their word and is a company, you can work with, make sure that they are licensed. Licensed companies offer guarantees of quality, with some other things like at least minimum insurance levels,110% limitations, etc. In order words, when you are working with a licensed company, you know what you are dealing with.

    Make sure that your company is experienced in this kind of work as well. Having experience in long distance relocation is key. Try to look out for any information on their crew size and truck numbers when making your long distance moving checklist as well, as it indicates logistical capability.

    Reviews and how to use them

    We mentioned reviews. There are a great way to look into the moving companies conduct with previous clients and to determine what are their strong suits, and what are their flaws. Therefore, looking into reviews is a pretty big step before having to make lists about anything else in your relocation.

    But how to best utilize reviews? Well, reviews should inform you of how the relocation passed. They should be of moderate length. Stars (4 out of 5, for example) are good indicators, sure, but they fail to provide you with any relevant details. For example, many people assuming stars according to highly personal criteria that would not suit you at all. Therefore, in order to avoid bad reviews, be on the lookout for these three:

    • Fake – Fake reviews are malicious reviews that are only there to put down the good name of a company. They might be hired by a rival company with less-than-stellar adherence to ethics, or by a troll. These reviews are of no use when putting together your long distance moving checklist, and can even seriously damage the chances of you picking out your best choice.
    • Too short – These reviews are not malicious, but are useless. They provide you with only one or two sentences and a star-grade. This will serve you in no way since it fails to provide a description of the companies conduct.
    • Too convoluted – And, speaking of the failure to describe the conduct of the movers, be on the lookout for the rambling reviews that are clearly way too personal and fail to provide you with any concrete facts about the relocation. Avoid them…

    Long distance moving checklist begins with an inventory

    After choosing a company that will handle your moving and onsite storage solutions, make sure you list your inventory. In other words, go over all of your possesions in order to make a comprehensive list of everything you own. When formulating a price for a long distance relcoation, the weight of the items is a rpetty big factor. Therefore, you wil want to downsize everything you can before the relcoationg.

    a hand writing down a checklist
    Long distance moving checklist begins with an inventory

    Items that are best not moved should be either:

    • Sold – In a garage sale or online
    • Donated – Home appliances, furniture, clothes etc. Charities are seldom picky.
    • Stored – If you are to use it at the later date, make sure you make a list of the things you wish to be stored.
    • Thrown away – Finally, some things are of no use to anyone. If they are not fit for any of the options, residential moving included, then simply throw them away.

    Accessibility and utilities

    Finaly, be sure to add things that you need to deal with just prior to your commercial moving day. Things like turning of subscriptions or utilities, for example. Don’t forget to register for voting at the new place and to register your new address at the post office as well.


    a power line
    Be sure to have utility disconnection on your checklist

    Finally, make sure that there is accessibility to your apartment or office on the moving day itself. Check if the hallways will be passable, if the elevator works, parking is available, etc.

    In conclusion

    In summary, your long-distance moving checklist should be comprised of movers that you plan to use, things you plan to move, and those you plan to downsize, as well as chores that are to be completed before the move. Bon voyage!

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