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    There are many reasons to rent a storage unit and put some of your things away. This will help you declutter your home a little bit while keeping your belongings safe and protected. Of course, there are different ways of preparing your things for storage depending on what you’re planning on storing. Other than preparing your items for storage, you should also make sure you rent the best storage unit there is. As we’ve said, there are different things you can do to prepare your things for storage, and today we’ll tell you how to store liquids. Other than that, we’ll also help you find the perfect storage unit where your belongings will stay safe and intact. So, keep reading for some useful tips.

    Get the right storage unit for storing liquids

    One of the first steps, when you’re thinking about how to store liquids, is finding the best kind of storage unit. While there are plenty of choices when it comes to moving and storage Montgomery County, PA, not all of them are the right choice for you. Here are some things you should look for in a storage unit.

    Storage facility
    Before you learn how to store your liquids, you should find the appropriate storage unit.
    • Get climate-controlled storage. When you’re storing perishable goods, liquids, and items that are sensitive to temperatures and humidity, getting climate-controlled storage is the best choice. This way your items won’t get ruined by weather conditions.
    • Good security systems are crucial. One of the most important things is the safety of your belongings. So, if you want your items to remain safe inside the storage unit, look for facilities that have great security systems.
    • Accessibility is important. When you’re renting a storage unit, you want to make sure you can access it easily and at any time. So, find out the working hours of the storage facility and its accessibility.
    • Do you need specialized storage for your liquids? In case you’re storing wine, for example, you can get specialized storage units that are specifically designed for that purpose.

    How to find the best storage unit

    Now that you know what to look for in a storage unit, you should learn a few ways of finding the right storage.

    • Do your research. Before you sign a contract with a company and rent a storage unit, do a background check. Make sure the company is licensed, reliable, and legitimate.
    • Ask people for recommendations. If you know people in your surroundings who have experience with storage units, ask them for recommendations. They can tell you their experience, whether it’s good or bad, and help you make a decision.
    • Read reviews online. Most reliable companies like Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia have client reviews online. Read the customers’ experiences to learn more about the company.
    • Visit different storage facilities and compare them. Before you decide where to store liquids, you need to visit a few different facilities and see them for yourself. If you see any red flags, look for a different storage unit.

    Check if the liquids are allowed in storage units

    Once you have the right kind of storage unit, you should write down everything you’re planning to store. Because you need to prepare your items for storage adequately. Also, check the labels of all the liquids you’re storing and check if there are any special instructions. Other than that, check if there are any things you’re prohibited from storing. For example, flammable liquids are not allowed in storage units, so keep that in mind. This means that you can’t put things like gas or car fuel in storage. Also, if the liquids are hazardous, you won’t be able to store them. Make sure you know what you’re allowed to store and what’s prohibited to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

    Empty glass bottles for storing liquids
    Using glass or metal bottles for storing your liquids is the best thing to do to keep the liquids safe.

    Packing materials for preparing liquids for storage

    Whenever you’re packing your items for storage, you need to gather all the proper packing supplies. Of course, if you’re hiring packing services, the pros will take care of this. However, if you’re packing alone, getting the supplies is your job.

    For most items, people use cardboard boxes or plastic containers when packing. Obviously, these things aren’t the right choice when you’re packing liquids for storage. Instead, you should get hold of bottles or closed cups. You can choose the material of your choice, but glass and metal are the best options when you’re putting liquids in storage. Make sure to avoid plastics that will disintegrate over time.

    What to pay attention to if you don’t know how to store liquids

    Whether you’re packing liquids for moving or for portable storage units, you should keep a few things in mind. Namely, there are a few things you should do in order to make sure all the liquids stay protected. Also, it’s good to be cautious while packing liquids to avoid spillage. Here’s what to do:

    • Seal them properly. If you store your liquids without a cap, you’re risking them spilling, getting in contact with air, and possibly getting infested with pests.
    • Keep the liquids away from the light. When you’re wondering how to store liquids, we suggest keeping them away from the light. Some liquids are sensitive to light, so it’s better to keep them in a darker place and avoid potential issues.
    • Don’t put anything on top of the liquids. Placing things on top of your stored liquids can lead to spillage. This would only cause unnecessary problems and a mess you’d have to clean up. So, it’s best to avoid this altogether.
    • Don’t store liquids near electronics. To avoid any disasters when it comes to electronics coming in contact with liquids, keep these things separately.
    Glass bottles
    Keep in mind that you should never keep the bottles you’re putting in storage open.

    You’re ready to place the liquids in storage

    So, we’ve provided you with the best tips you need if you’re not sure how to store liquids. Now you’re ready to pick the best storage unit and start packing. Do your best to be careful and avoid spillages. You should be able to complete this task without any issues. Good luck!

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