The items you should leave behind when moving far away

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    Preparing for your upcoming relocation includes a whole host of things to do. You’ll probably start by making a moving checklist, then hire Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia as soon as you have a moving date. If you’re moving to another state or even another country, you’ll do some research about what life is like there. Eventually, the time will come for you to also start packing. Not the easiest process, especially when you have a lot of stuff. But the good news is that you shouldn’t be packing everything you own anyway. In fact, there are some items you should leave behind when moving, especially if you’re moving far away.

    The benefits of letting go of the items you should leave behind when moving far away

    We gather a lot of things as we go through life. It’s only natural for us to get attached to them as well. So it can be hard to let go. But it’s important to do so when you’re moving, especially when you’re moving far away. The main reason for this is because long distance movers Pennsylvania charge by weight. This means that the more stuff you have, the more the relocation is going to cost you. Getting rid of stuff can, therefore, save you a lot of money. On top of that, having fewer things means less time spent packing and fewer packing supplies needed (which can also factor into the cost).  Finally, decluttering before a move can give your new life a better start by unburdening you of all the unnecessary things you’ve been hoarding. So it’s time to embrace the idea of letting things go!

    A desk without all the items you should leave behind when moving.
    Minimalist living isn’t for everyone, but getting rid of at least some things is a must.

    Items you should leave behind instead of packing

    The majority of things you own, you’ll want to bring with you. And that’s how it should be – these things are a part of your life, you’re probably attached to many of them and they will also make your new home feel more like yours because they are familiar. But there are also quite a few things that you should consider getting rid of.

    Things you couldn’t move even if you wanted to

    Sometimes whether you want to bring something with you or not doesn’t really matter. There are certain things residential movers won’t move regardless. So unless you are willing to splurge on specialty movers, you will need to leave these things behind when moving far away. These include:

    • plants and perishable food because they require special conditions for transportation
    • hazardous and flammable materials which include all sorts of fuel, many chemicals, some cleaning supplies, and some cosmetic items
    • any kind of weapons such as guns or explosives and even ammunition; you will need specialty movers for this
    • valuables that you should keep on you such as cash, cards, bonds, checks, financial or personal documents, and even jewelry and medicine

    If you want to move any of these items, you’ll need to look for movers who specialize in that kind of service. However, most of these are not worth the effort and cost that it takes to move anyway. So you’re better off getting rid of them. If you cannot give them away to someone else or use them up before the move, make sure to look up the best ways to throw them away (especially when it comes to hazardous waste).

    Danger sign on a road.
    Movers won’t move hazardous items so don’t bother packing them.

    Things you don’t really need anyway

    Since you have to go through all your stuff in order to pack it, you might as well sort it and get rid of the things you no longer need. You don’t want them just sitting around and gathering dust in your new home, do you? So consider getting rid of old clothes that are out of fashion or that you’ve grown out, outdated electronics and appliances you no longer use, tools for that hobby you never actually got into, CDs and DVDs that you now stream instead, and really just about anything you haven’t used in a year or more. If you’re not quite willing to part with it all, you can rent a storage unit instead. That way, you will still have your stuff without it being in the way all the time.

    Things you can easily replace

    Some things you need, want, and use regularly but are simply not worth the effort of packing and moving. So leave behind your toiletries, office supplies, cleaning supplies, inexpensive decorations, and even non-perishable food. These kinds of things are easy to find anywhere and not very expensive to buy. So you can easily replace them once you move into your new home! Getting rid of them can significantly reduce the amount of time and money you need to invest in your relocation.

    Things that are due for an upgrade

    You probably regularly upgrade your phone, don’t you? But you’re much less likely to be doing the same with all the appliances and furniture items you have lying around the house. However, everything has an expiration date. So think hard about all the things in your house that you should probably replace with new and improved models. Everything from a wonky dining room chair to the old freezer could be in this category. Whatever it is, getting rid of it will make your relocation easier. And once you replace it with a better version your new life will also be better.

    White kitchen.
    How many of your kitchen appliances are due for an upgrade?

    What to do with the items you choose to leave behind when moving?

    As you start preparing for your relocation, you should also start sorting your belongings into items you should leave behind and items you should pack. But what are you going to do with all the things you’re getting rid of? You have three options: donate to charities, sell, or throw away. You can donate things like clothes, furniture, working appliances, toys, and perishable food to a number of organizations. But you can also give other things away to friends, family, and neighbors. If you need some extra cash, then a garage sale or an online auction are good ideas. Finally, some things just need to go. So throw them away – but make sure you do so safely!

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