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    Some things in your home, require to be packed with more care and attention. To pack a PC for moving means to have all the skills and necessary supplies. You would not want your computer damaged during transport. Let’s learn how to treat this valuable item and pack it as a professional would.

    Hire packing services to pack a PC for moving

    If you do not want to take any chance, it is a good idea to hire packing services in your area. Packing services Philadelphia is here to make your items safe and sound during transport. They know how to treat each of your belonging especially. Since you need to be sure your computer is safe in transport, hiring packing services is a great idea.

    An apple PC
    Hiring professionals is a good idea when you want to pack a PC for moving

    To pack a PC for moving means having the best supplies and skills necessary to do the job. Packing services are professionals and best at what they do. So you will not have to worry that anything will be damaged during transport. Whether it was your computer or any other time. Besides your PC, mention what else needs special care and it will be done. Meanwhile, you can run some errands and settle paperwork while the pros are doing their job.

    Buy proper packing supplies

    If you opt-out for DIY moving, you will need some proper supplies. They are more than half the job regarding packing. It is certainly cheaper to invest in good packing supplies than to buy a new PC. Whether you move alone or with Main Line movers make sure you get good packing supplies.  Pack a PC for moving by starting with:

    1. moving blankets,
    2. packing tape,
    3. foam sheets,
    4. packing paper,
    5. moving box.

    As we said, having the right supplies is a job half done. So make some effort to find the right supplies and ask around. Sellers and store owners probably know a lot about how to pack a PC for moving. Do not be shy to ask for some advice regarding it, they will probably be happy to help you.

    packing supplies you will use when you want to Pack a PC for moving
    Try to get good packing supplies before moving your PC

    Packing cables

    Before you start to pack a PC for moving, remember to turn it off and let it cool completely. Start by removing all the cables from it. Cables are fairly simple to pack. After removing them from the computer just roll them around your forearm. Secure them with a zip lock to that they stay in place and not tangle.

    It would be best to pack your cables separate from the computer. The same goes for preparing TV for moving and other devices. Cables are best off sealed in a plastic container. That way if you are moving on a rainy day, they are protected from the weather. Also, they are protected from other impacts, since plastic containers are great at protecting from it. Make sure you label the cables in case you forget which one came from where. Moving is a hectic process for us all, so it is okay if you simply forget. The emotional impact of moving strikes us all differently.  Label them by writing it on a sticky note and tape to the cable. You will be thanking yourself when you start to unpack.

    Packing the monitor

    Monitors are fragile and very tricky to back. You will need a lot of protective materials for moving because the slightest impact can damage it. Start by wrapping plastic wrap around the monitor and secure it with tape. Find a box large enough for it, if you have the original even better. Next, you wrap it in a moving blanket and secure it yet again. When you pack a PC for moving it is all about securing the cover materials in place.

    two monitors
    Use blankets to wrap monitors

    Fill the box with packing peanuts and place the monitor inside. Fill the box again so that you are sure the monitor is not moving. After that tape the box well.

    Packing the computer and other spare parts

    It would be great if you had the original box from your computer. If that is not the case, do not worry one bit. Just find one large enough for it and make it work. Tape the box all over so that you are sure it won’t open. Wrap your computer with packing paper and secure it with tape. Same as with the monitor, place it in a box and fill with packing peanuts. Shut the box and tape again so that you are sure it is not going to open. If you are moving on a rainy day, make sure you wrap the box in a few layers of plastic wrap.

    Pack the mouse, keyboard, and USB separately. They do not need that much attention to them. You can just secure the cables and tiny parts in zip lock bags. Place it in a regular box or a plastic container and secure it with tape. If you use a smaller box, you can just tape it over the large box holding the. Label that tiny box as well. If you are renting a storage unit to place some of your items in, make sure it is climate-controlled. Storing technology in a storage unit means the unit must be dry and cool. Pack a PC for moving and just store it until you are ready to relocate it along with other items. Ask around your neighborhood and work about a good storage unit to rent. There is a high chance someone has a good experience.

    To conclude

    When you pack a PC for moving it is all about tiny details. The safety of the PC depends on how you wrap and secure it. If you do decide to hire movers or a packing service even better! You will not have to worry about any of this at all. They will be doing the job for you and in half the time! If you are doing it yourself, we are sure that you will do a great job as well!

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