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    Halloween is one of many favorite holidays of many people in the country. For some, it marks the beginning of the holiday season – followed quickly by Thanksgiving and Christmas. What’s more, many people love going all out for these holidays – and brandishing their homes in the most extravagant holiday decorations. If you are one of those people, then having to move to Main Line during the season might be a challenge. While planning your move with the most reliable movers in Greater Philadelphia area, you might still want to give your neighbors one last spook before you leave. Therefore, you will want to quickly prepare Halloween decorations before your move to Main Line. Can it be done? How can you possibly do it? Find out in this article.

    It is the season of carving pumpkins

    Pumpkins are “in” this season. Just take a walk outside, and you are sure to run into a couple of spooky Jack O’Lanterns. Even better – you can even make your own. These are easy Halloween decorations that you prepare and carve up, and then recycle after the holiday is over and you are ready to move.

    If you do not know how to carve a pumpkin, we will help you. First, you need to get a plump pumpkin – either from a local supermarket or a nearby pumpkin patch. Remove the top (but save it) and then scoop out everything inside it. This includes all the seeds and the pulp – you can use these for other projects you might have. Then, grab a carving knife and carefully cut a scary face – or any other design that you will want to decorate your home with. After that, all it takes is a candle inside a pumpkin to give it that amazing glow. Put the top back on and place them in front of your home, and you are ready to go.

    Jack O'Lantern
    Spook your neighbors with your Jack O’Lanterns.

    If you have kids and are moving with them, then you will want to be careful about carving up the pumpkins. Do not let them use the carving supplies. They can hurt and injure themselves. Instead, there are many painting kits that you can look into. Acrylics are often very good – because they will not get blurry if it rains. You can use the little masterpieces you have created with your kids for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Draw anything holiday-related – scary monsters and animals, or something they love from TV, books, etc. You can even decorate pumpkins with Fall themes like leaves and flowers.

    Ghosts are easy when you prepare Halloween decorations before your move

    Would there ever be a Halloween without some friendly ectoplasmic spirits involved? Of course not. Ghosts are one of the classic Halloween decorations, and they are quite easy to make. What’s more, as you wait for your Main Line movers to come to pick up your items, you can get rid of some fabrics and sheets by making these amazing ghastly decorations.

    First, find white fabric scraps that you have lying around the house. If these are clutter, then moving them to Main Line will be useless. Therefore, you can simply give them a new (after)life by making them into fun ghosts for your home. The best part about this type of decoration is that you do not really need to sew costumes or anything. All you need is to cut out pieces of fabric and drape them into the shapes that you want.

    Dogs dressed as ghosts.
    Ghosts are a ghastly good time – and you can utilize fabrics of all shapes and sizes.

    One of the easiest ways to do this is with an old newspaper. You can scrunch it up in the shape that you want and just drape your fabric over it. Then, tie it to create the head of the ghost, and draw a spooky face to frighten anyone passing you by. Another thing you can do is to get some balloons which you either insert in white garbage bags or cover with sheets. This way, your ghosts will levitate – but do not forget to have some string to keep the balloon from floating away. Once more, you add a face to your ghastly creation and you are ready to celebrate Halloween.

    Get all sorts of critters all over your home and your lawn

    Finally, to save up on even more space, you can use leftover moving supplies for Halloween decorations too. If you have already packed up, and you just have a lot of cardboard running around, then you can make many interesting shapes out of it. The most popular ones are critters – like spiders.

    It is quite easy to draw a spider shape and then cut it out. Then, you can either fix your cardboard spiders on the wall or use strings to make them stick out from different objects in your home. However, putting this outside might not be the best idea – since rain can mess them up quite quickly. You can still place them on your windowsills so that the passersby will take note.

    Chocolate spiders.
    Spiders and other critters are a traditional Halloween decoration.

    An alternative is to make your spiders and similar bugs out of repurposed items. You can use anything – straws, cloth, and even an egg carton. All you need to do is to make a clunky spider body and then attach the legs. You can go as creative as you want, adding different bits of pieces to your spider as you wish. For example, you might want to add some LED lights or fur to make your critter more disgusting or scary. Also, do not only stop at spiders. There are many things you can include when you prepare Halloween decorations before your move. Think outside of the box, and your neighbors will remember your home for years to come.

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