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    If you are about to buy your first real estate, you must have thousands of questions about where is the best place to buy it. There are many great places all over Pennsylvania that you may consider. However, recent trends show that Montgomery County is among the most popular areas. Many people prefer it to be their future home. And it is no wonder since this is one of the safest places in the entire state. In addition, home prices are fairly reasonable. So its residents mostly own some property instead of renting it. Also, many retirees choose to contact movers in Greater Philadelphia area to help them relocate here. This is one of the healthiest areas in the entire state. If you are still in two minds about what would be the best place for you, in this article find out real estate trends in Montgomery County.

    Get to know Montgomery County, PA

    Montgomery County is one of the most populous areas in the entire country. This already signals that you should definitely put it in the top place of your future home areas. Young professionals, families with kids, and recent retirees, all consider this to be an ideal place for a new beginning. Before you book moving and storage Montgomery County PA, you need to know real estate trends in Montgomery County. In this county young people would find plenty of job offers due to the country’s recent program Night Time Economy Initiative which brings new businesses and job offers.

    a bird eye view of the houses
    Montgomery County is one of the safest in the country

    Also, as this is one of the safest areas in the country, young families prefer to raise their children here. Finally, good development of the health system and daycare facilities provides great living conditions for senior citizens.

    Real estate trends in King of Prussia, Montgomery County

    The costs of living can be a bit higher than the national average. However, the annual income is around $92,500 which can cover the living costs, including buying or renting a property. Recent studies show that the job market in King of Prussia has grown a lot. If you are looking to start up or expand your current business, contact moving companies King of Prussia to get you here. Retail and industrial production is at its best here. Therefore, you can easily score a nice job offer. On the other hand, living costs are around the national average. While for buying real estate you will need to spend around $320,000. With the average income, its working residents, as well as retirees, can easily afford to buy a property. The crime rate is at its lowest basis, so it is pretty safe for families with children.

    Moving to Norristown, PA

    All over Montgomery County, you can feel this suburban vibe that brings great and peaceful living conditions. When speaking about real estate trends in Montgomery County, almost 75% of its residents own their own place.

    a big white house behind trees
    You need to follow real estate trends in Montgomery County to find a proper home

    The same works for Norristown, PA. This suburb is among the most popular for families looking to buy a property here. From single-home dwellings to comfortable condos, you can find literally any type of real estate you look for. Before you make a deal with moving companies Norristown PA, you need to know that you can find great public and private schools for your children here. Also, the costs of living are lower than the state average. Median home prices are about 25 percent lower than in the rest of the county. If you plan to retire in “the Borough”, here you will spend less on food and groceries in general.

    South Kensington

    This picturesque area will probably tempt you to buy a home here. This neighborhood in Kensington is in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, PA. This is one of the most beautiful areas for living. The closeness of Rock Creek Park makes this area pretty attractive to its residents. If moving here you may ask if there is a climate-controlled storage near me and the answer is positive. This will make the entire relocation much easier when buying a new property. Through Connecticut Avenue, you may see many real estate offers. The median home sale price here is around $51,750. This is one of the most diverse communities. Here you will find a big working-class Irish Catholic community. In addition, many Hispanic, African and Polish Americans found their place living here. John H Webster Elementary School is a school with top rates in 2021 together with William Cramp School.

    Real estate trends in Montgomery County-Paoli

    There are many particular things to consider when you plan to follow real estate trends in Montgomery County. Many different factors may affect your final decision on where to buy a property. If you prefer living in smaller communities, then Paoli in Montgomery County may be of your interest. If you decide to hire movers Paoli PA to help you with relocation, it is good to know that the unemployment rate here is below the average. With only 4,5 percent of people without a job, this is an attractive place for millennials, in particular, looking to start their carrier.

    a house on the brim of the water representing real estate trends in Montgomery County
    Different factors will affect your decision to buy a property

    However, the living costs are a bit higher but a good job market and hire income can easily compensate for this. Also, you will be able to find a nice coz family home and not spend a real fortune on it in this fast-growing residential area.

    Other popular areas in Montgomery County

    One of the most family-friendly areas in the entire county is just a few miles from Philadelphia. Narberth is a residential area comfortable for people with children as well as for senior citizens. This cozy, friendly atmosphere is what gathers all the people around this small community. Movers Narberth PA can help you with reaching this area where you can find some really affordable real estate in its great offer. The median home price is around $290,000 so it’s no wonder why many young families can manage to buy a home here. Most homes are around the main district. So if you like a sense of community closeness and familiar faces all around, this might be the top choice for you. In addition, its venues and entertainment areas are very close to the residential areas. You will have a feeling that everything is at hand here., from work to shopping.

    Moving to Glenside PA

    If you decide to move to another smaller community, then Glenside PA is a great choice for this. With only 8,900 people this is one of the smallest areas in the entire Montgomery County, yet very popular.

    sunshine through branches
    Glenside is one small, peaceful community

    The median income is around $101,000, while the median home value ranges up to $278,000. This neighborhood has around 76% of homeowners which makes it one of the areas with the most homeowners in the entire county. You can buy a property here and book your Glenside PA movers to help you with the relocation. If you are looking for peace and quiet and the proximity to an open space, then this is the right area for you. Although not owning a car may be unacceptable for some people, Glenside is a walkable area where owning a car is not necessary. Instead, you can take many great walks down its paths.

     Plymouth Meeting PA real estate purchase

    Montgomery County and its surrounding areas have a lot of great things to offer to its residents and newcomers. The proximity of Philadelphia provides something for everybody. In addition, the area of  Plymouth Meeting also has a great potential for buying a property. It is northwest of Philly and in 2019 it got a rank as one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. This is a great historical and cultural area. This metropolitan area is affordable for its size. Also, this is one of the best locations to buy a house in Montgomery County. The median home price is $367,800. One of the most expensive real estate areas is in the community of Whitemarsh. On the other hand, more affordable housing for purchasing you will find in the area closer to Norristown. Finally, a family of four will need approximately $100,000 income to make a living.

    More real estate trends in Montgomery County

    One of the greatest benefits of making Montgomery County your new home is easy to access to job positions. There are numerous opportunities for everybody as it covers many different industries. If you combine it with the affordable real estate market, then this is a perfect combination for living. Also, there are many popular places to raise a family in this area. One such neighborhood is Lansdale, Pennsylvania. The reason it is so popular is that it has a peaceful environment and many great schools for your children. Also, housing will not consume too much of your living expenses here.

    a house representing real estate trends in Montgomery County
    You will have easy access to good job positions to cover housing costs

    The median home price in Lansdale is around $280,000. In addition, this area has one of the largest communities for senior people, Among the most popular ones, is Dock Woods Senior Living Community with beautiful villas and spatial apartments.

    One of the richest real estate areas in Montgomery County, PA

    One of the richest communities in the entire county you can find is Penn Wynne. Its recent job offer reached the cotton sky, and this is one of the main reasons why young professionals choose this to be their carrier starting point. Following real estate trends in Montgomery County, you can easily find real estate per your needs. Living costs in this community are not low. With the great income which you can get in a number of different industries, young professionals can easily cover their expenses. Being one of the best places in Montgomery County, it is easy to find a spacious home with a nice backyard. Penn Wynne offers great transportation options for its commuters. For this reason, you do not have to move to a big city. You can buy a property in this area and still have great access to the rest of the communities.

    Best real estate trends for all ages

    Being at the center of the Philadelphia Main Line, Villanova is one of the most populous areas in Montgomery county. In addition, this is one of the most influential and also historic communities. This area also got the rank of one of the most popular for people of all ages. If you want to move to Philadelphia in 2022, you will certainly have here some of the best living conditions. Here you will enjoy a great location, transportation, and access to fantastic public schools for your children.

    a stone house in the yard
    Villanova is popular for all ages

    This is also one of the favorite locations for retirees.  This is one of the healthiest areas in the county. The access to many public parks and outdoor activities makes this a perfect choice for seniors. There are also many popular events such as festivals which you can attend.

    Blue Bell is one of the real estate trends in Montgomery County

    If you decide to move to this area, you will have some additional benefits. Among them are some of the lowest living costs in the entire Montgomery County but with great living conditions. Here everybody can find something for themselves. One of the crucial factors for choosing to buy real estate here is that healthcare is less expensive. This is also one of the smallest neighborhoods with around 6500 residents. It can be a great advantage since you can easily meet new people and find friends. Your new Montgomery County home in Blue Bell can cost around $270,000. It is not strange that most of its residents own their property here. In addition, living here is pretty safe so you should now have any doubts regarding the crime rate in this quiet area.

    a line of white houses
    You will find here some affordable housing options

    There are many real estate trends in Montgomery County that you can follow in 2022. Different factors can qualify one place as a perfect residential spot. Therefore, it is necessary to give yourself enough time to explore all the options before making a final decision on your real estate purchase. Montgomery County certainly has many great things to offer and it is definitely worth your time and consideration.

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