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    So you just moved into your new home. Your movers in Greater Philadelphia have just arrived with your belongings and you are getting ready to unpack. Normally, you should first unpack your bathroom and all the hygienic products you will need. As you do that, you realize that you have little space to accommodate all of the items. On the other hand, maybe you can accommodate all of the items, yet it looks rather cluttered. So, what can you do? Luckily, today we talk about small bathroom hacks you can do to either increase the space in your bathroom or make it more approachable and eye-soothing. They say that you can see how tidy a person is by seeing their bathroom. On the other hand, the most important thing is that you feel relaxed when entering your own bathroom.

    Small bathroom hacks to make your bathroom more spacious

    Bathrooms, in general, are usually the smallest room in the house. Because most of the time, you will rarely have a lot of items inside it, it can be easy to tidy it up. However, bathrooms can often look cluttered without having many items inside. Regardless, you should always be aware of the space you have to work with before you call moving companies West Chester to help you move. That way, you can know how many items you can fit inside and avoid cluttering the bathroom.

    a white bathroom with a shower, a sink and a toilet
    Sometimes, the best way to create a spacious bathroom is to keep it as minimalistic as possible

    Additionally, by moving fewer items than originally planned, you can save money on moving services. Why is it important that your bathroom is spacious?

    • The more space you have the less stressed you will be when in the bathroom
    • Utilizing the space inside the bathroom is easier than one might assume
    • Most items from the bathroom will usually not take up too much space
    • A presentable room is always an eye-candy and easier to clean

    Workaround with the space you have

    Organize everything. Try to make the most out of the space you have. We understand that moving your toilet, shower, and sink will be impossible. Instead, work your way around them. Find the best, suitable positions for your items. For instance, place your laundry basket in a place where it will not take too much room. Usually, you can place it behind the door of the bathroom. Later, you can place your, for example, laundry washing products on top of it and keep them there. That way, all of the items and products regarding your laundry will be in the same place. Next, buy a rack for the door. Moreover, buy a rack for towels as well. These racks can help you store towels and clothes you are using at the moment. More importantly, you can place new, extra towels for future purposes.

    Utilize the moving boxes or add shelves in the bathroom

    Do you have many bathroom products and no place to store them? Simply utilize the boxes you already have from the move. Especially if you have a place to “hide them” inside the bathroom. For instance, if you have a cabinet below the sink, you can place cleaning products inside the box and the box below the sink. In addition, you can store other items in that manner. If you still do not know what to do with extra hygiene products you have – install shelves.

    a bathroom with ladders as shelves representing one of the small bathroom hacks one can do
    If you do not want to put shelves on the walls, you can use the ladder shelves to add more space on lower levels of the bathroom

    When talking about small bathroom hacks, we cannot skip adding shelves. They are truly a great way to add additional space to your bathroom. Not only can you place them around the bathroom, but you can also do it in the shower. That way, you can avoid placing items on the ground in the bathroom and store them somewhere where they will not bother you.

    Small bathroom hacks: Not everything needs to be in the bathroom

    To efficiently use space in your home, not just in your bathroom, you need proper organization. This organization means deciding where you want your items to be. When talking about bathrooms, you have to understand that it does not have to accommodate all of your belongings there. For instance, instead of placing cleaning products inside the bathroom, simply place them below the kitchen sink. Your skin cleaning and hygiene products can be inside your bedroom and you can take them with you when you go to the bathroom. After you finish using them, simply put them back in their place. Just because you will be using certain products or items inside the bathroom, does not necessarily mean that they have to be there all the time.

    Carefully organize your medicine cabinet

    If you do not have any medicine to store inside it – store something else. Of course, it is always advisable to have the basic medical products you might need on a daily basis. However, if you store your basic medical products and have more room, then utilize the room you have. For instance, you can store your make-up inside, or even things like scissors, tweezers, razors, etc.

    a small bathroom with a cabinet below the sink
    Utilize the spaces you have below or above your sink to accommodate smaller items or products

    Especially if you have very little “closed space” in your bathroom. You have to work and organize each section of the bathroom to accommodate all the necessities you will need in that room. On the other hand, it is no big deal if you have to go to another room to get what you need.

    Baskets are more than just an eye-candy

    You will probably have free space to place items on your washing machine. Instead of simply placing items randomly on it, use baskets. Moreover, use baskets to place the items anywhere you want throughout the bathroom. For instance, your hairdryer, brushes, and other hair care products can all go into one basket. The main goal of small bathroom hacks is to provide additional space for your items without creating a mess. That is why baskets are the perfect solution. They provide additional space and are eye-candy in most cases. Additionally, you can pack makeup and toiletries inside them and they will store a large number of your items.

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