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    When it comes to moving, people often disregard the bathroom. They usually think they can pack it fast and they just need one or two boxes. But did you ever really looked your makeup and toiletries? They come in so many different shapes and sizes, and they can be made of anything from plastic to glass. If you look at them carefully and try to count them, it will be clear that packing makeup and toiletries is not always easy, and it can take time. If you hire reliable Philadelphia movers, they will tell you as well – it will take time, and you need to plan and prepare in advance.

    Before you start packing makeup and toiletries – sort them!

    Before you start to pack your toiletries and makeup, you need to know what exactly are you packing. You can easily oversee empty bottles or products that have expired. Moving products that you will throw away, in the end, will only cost you more money. If you are still unsure should you throw away or store something – ask yourself have you used it in the last 6 months? If the answer is yes, you should pack that. But if the answer is no, you can either throw it away or gift it to someone.

    pile of makeup
    Before you start packing your makeup and toiletries, go through them and sort them

    Is it worth moving everything from your bathroom?

    Once you start sorting your items, you need to have certain criteria of what you will pack and move and what you will throw away. For example, if you have a lot of products that are half-empty – it is better to try to use them before you move. If not, it is better to throw them away than to move them. If you have a list of moving companies King of Prussia and you want to be sure that you hire the best ones – ask them about this. Ask them should you move everything, or should you sort your makeup and toiletries before packing. If they are honest – you will get a straight answer, and if not – you will know to avoid them.

    What to do with unopened products?

    We tend to store a lot of items that we do not use. Maybe it was a good bargain, maybe you want to have a stock. No matter what is the reason, you should really think about should you move these items. If you have a lot of unopened conditioners, shampoos, creams, beauty products, baths – it might be wiser to leave them behind. These items can be heavy, and it might be more affordable to buy new ones than to move old ones. Also, you will need storage in your new place. Consider all of the facts before you decide to pack makeup and toiletries for your move.

    makeup products sorted and redy for packing makeup and toiletries
    Once you sorted your items, you need to determine will you move them or leave them behind

    ┬áBefore packing makeup and toiletries – purge unnecessary items

    Once you are done sorting your belongings, you need to purge unnecessary items. For example, you have 3 creams, and you mostly use one. Pack that one and throw away the rest of them. In case you have makeup – check every item. Anything that is dry, rarely-used, or broken should be thrown away, especially makeup. Simply, no matter what is the type of the item and you have a couple of them – purge them and keep only the items you need and you use.

    When you pack makeup and toiletries it is important to have an essential bag

    No matter if you are moving in a week or month, you will need to set aside some products. Although you can pack most of your makeup and toiletries products, you will need to keep some of them unpacked until the last moment. Also, you will need certain items once you arrive at your new home. You will need to clean the apartment after you move as well. So, you need to create an essential box that will contain everything you will probably need:

    • Soap
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Shower gel
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Your basic skincare routine
    • Toilet paper
    • Clean towels (At least a few)
    • Hairbrush
    • Medicines
    • Anything you use on a daily basis

    How to pack makeup and toiletries?

    Once you have sorted everything and set aside products you will need by the last minute of the moving day, you need to start packing all of the things in your bathroom. You need to focus on packing makeup and toiletries. It is important to make sure that everything is packed tightly, following some general advice. It is important to use sturdy moving boxes. Also, before this, it is important to ask your movers about their policy about hazardous materials. This is an essential question to ask movers. Simply, some materials are not allowed in the moving truck, and they can not transport them.

    moving box with sign for fragile
    Make sure to mark boxes with your makeup and toiletries as fragile

    Pack everything separately

    When you are packing liquid items it is important to pack them separately. You need to secure them, but you also need to separate them. The first step is to remove the air trapped inside. You can open them, and squeeze them gently. After that, you should wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in separate pouches. Heavy products should go to the bottom of the box. Ideally, you should pack them in layers. Practically, you should place one layer of the toiletries and the next one should be crumpled paper or towels. The box should be packed rather tightly, so there won’t be any movement.

    Protect your makeup

    When you start packing makeup and toiletries, you need to add an additional layer of protection. For example, you should place a cotton pad between the eye shadow, powder, and the lid. It will prevent crumbling or breaking. Also, you can place small items in separate small zip bags. Also, keep in mind that most makeup products are sensitive to temperature changes, so you should consider adding some additional protection against temperature changes. Packing and moving your makeup and toiletries can be done with ease if you start on time.

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