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    Renting a storage unit is one of the easiest ways to gain extra space when you are in need of one. People opt for this solution in a variety of situations. For instance, many people opt for storage when relocating, re-decorating, when traveling abroad or simply because they lack additional space for certain items. Regardless of the reasons why storing small items long term must be done with care. Having your items adequately protected and safe while in a storage unit will guarantee the best experience. If you require either moving or storing services, we advise contacting moving companies in Philadelphia to help you with everything you need.

    Storing small items long term – what’s to know

    Renting storage is not as simple as deciding on the biggest building you can find. Moreover, depending on what type of items you are moving you will have to find an adequate storage unit. Meaning that you should not opt for a larger unit if you are going to store smaller items in it. Especially if you plan on renting a unit for a longer period of time. Opting for residential storage containers is going to cost you on a monthly basis.

    a man looking at a checklist of items before storing small items long term
    Just because you will be storing smaller items does not mean you do not have to take good care of them while they are inside the unit

    Because of that, you should choose the right size and the appropriate conditions for your items. So, to be able to protect the items you store inside, especially if they are smaller, you will have to:

    1. Obtain sturdy containers
    2. Wrap each item individually
    3. Avoid using plastic bags
    4. Make sure each container has a label
    5. Create a checklist of the containers and the items
    6. Place containers above the ground in the unit

    Obtain sturdy containers

    The first thing you want to do is obtain adequate containers for your items. Depending on what you are packing, these containers will usually be either from cardboard or plastic. For instance, the cardboard will provide higher levels of protection to the items inside but is quite fragile and sensitive to moisture and water. If you want to increase the sturdiness of the box, we advise opting for corrugated cardboard. On the other hand, plastic containers are sturdier and have a harder shell. That means that they can protect your items better from outside factors but do not provide proper protection for those items inside. Therefore, you should decide which option works better for you depending on the fragility of the items inside.

    Wrap each item individually

    Next, you should seek to protect your items inside the container. Items that are inside a box or a container will likely hit each other. This is a new type of issue you have to deal with. However, by simply wrapping each item individually before placing it in a box you will ensure their safety.

    a woman wrapping an item in cardboard paper
    By wrapping your items in protective materials you ensure they do not suffer damage from outside and inside factors while in a storage unit

    Moreover, you can use some cushioning materials to fill in the gaps between items. This will prevent them from hitting each other or tumbling inside the box. You can use bubble wrap and old newspaper to wrap before storing small items long term.

    When storing small items long term avoid using plastic bags

    Plastic bags might seem a good choice for the time being but they are certainly not a good choice for a longer period of time. Namely, plastic bags once wrapped do not have a way to infuse air inside. This will eventually lead to the air that was inside vaporizing due to the heat generated inside. When that happens, the items inside the bag will be exposed to moisture and wetness which can severely impose a threat to their longevity.

    Make sure each container has a label

    Because you will store your items for a longer period of time, you will require some insight for the future self. Namely, as you are packing your boxes and containers inside the unit, make sure you label each of them. This way, you will have an easier time recognizing what box is where and which items are inside. Moreover, if you ever want to get rid of old items inside the unit you will have an easier time knowing which items are where.

    Create a checklist of the containers and the items

    Being organized is the best thing you can do in these types of situations. Moreover, this organization will not only help you in the current situation but also in the future. As you are packing items inside the box you should create inventory lists of the items. Later on, when you are packing the boxes inside the storage unit, you should also write down which boxes you have and how many of them there are.

    a couple writting an inventory list of all the items they have inside the box
    Inventory lists are a great way to know what items are inside the unit and inside the containers

    This way, in the future, you will have an easier time checking everything without it being overwhelming. This is a good way to avoid clutter in your storage unit.

    Storing small items long term is best when they are above the ground

    When you are storing small items long term, you have to think of a longer-period solution. Namely, having your containers or boxes on the ground might impose certain issues. Especially when you are planning on leaving those items for a couple of seasons. Different seasons bring different struggles when it comes to preserving items in a storage unit. For instance, excess water and moisture during the winter might damage cardboard and possibly the items inside. Another issue you might face is pests trying to hide from the weather or storms. By having boxes on the ground, pests can easily find their way inside the box and damage your items. Therefore, be sure to elevate the containers so they are safe from all harm.

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