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    When we decide to focus on making our home the best place on Earth, we clearly understand some of the most important rules. But sometimes, the space we choose for us may not be everything we ever dreamed of, at least not when it comes to its size. So if you live in a smaller place instead of being anxious about it, it is much better you make it a huge benefit of yours! Even though no one knows your home better than you do, there are still some hacks on how to make small space living perfectly. Here is everything you should know!

    Inspect your home

    When you deal with a process this important, having a perfect plan is essential. You will feel much better knowing things are unfolding the way you want, and every single risk will be minimal. Some of the good moving companies like Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia can have a huge role in this entire process and you should include them in your plan right away. Once you decide to make the best out of your small space, you should begin by inspecting it for all possible solutions. As soon as you have all those things on the paper it will be much easier to combine your items and know which one to remove or add. 

    cozy living room
    Your main goal is to get the most out of the space you call home

    Of course, small space living is not something you can do overnight so feel free to take as much time as you need to deal with this issue. Chances are big that you already thought about this matter earlier and that you have some ideas in the back of your mind. When you are sure that this process is over you will know that you are ready for the next step. 

    Small space living: Furniture dilemma

    If you take a look at your home, the thing that will strike you immediately as an issue is your furniture set. When the size or quantity of it doesn’t fit, the entire area will seem way smaller than it is. Once you determine that a lot of furniture items are a key problem, you will know that you are on the right track. There will be a couple of solutions for you to try out and the more you know your home the easier it will be to get to them. For those who are absolute beginners, don’t start panicking. Some of the furniture items only look scary when they are pretty easy to disassemble and move.

    Replace some furniture items

    Your first solution is to replace some of your furniture items right away. You can make a plan in advance and check out a couple of stores for the items you will need. Write down all those things that are taking up too much space or are not functional anymore. If this process is to take place after your relocation, you can suggest that apartment movers Pottstown PA set them aside for some time. As soon as your new items arrive you can set them up the way you want. In case you need some help and useful ideas, you can try to:

    • Get a retractable bed and wardrobe set that will save a lot of your space
    • Instead of placing shelves on the floor get the ones meant for the wall
    • Get a coffee table that is easy to move
    • Combine the working desk with decorations and drawers
    shelves on the wall as they are amazing for small space living
    Place some of your shelves on the walls to get even more space

    For a better small space living remove some furniture items completely

    Of course, getting rid of some items is most likely to happen. If you live in a small apartment no matter how necessary the item is, sometimes it will simply be too much. This is not a time to be emotional but rather make sure you are comfortable in your home. Large items that are mostly decorative could be the biggest issue and should be your top priority. Slowly inspect them and get out all the items if any. Clean the item in question and make sure to prepare it for whatever comes next. Once it is gone from your place you will see the difference and that this step has countless benefits for you.

    The importance of using storage units when living in a small space

    You would think that storing items in your home is a good idea until you realize that those items are still there. Bigger homes are more suitable for DIY storage but when you lack space from the start you will need something different. Using moving storage containers will not only help you deal with excess items but keep everything under control as well. Even though it may not sound like a good idea at first, storage containers are completely different today than they used to be. You will know your items are safe while being able to use them anytime you want. 

    If you live in an apartment that is too small, a lot of things you wish to keep can be placed there. At any moment you can switch them, decorate your place all over again and do anything you like. And once you begin doing it you will be ready to rely on storage for all kinds of events happening in your life.

    How to sort your items for storage?

    When you take a look at your home, you probably wonder what if something is simply not suitable for storage. While that can happen, the majority of items we have in our homes are more than welcomed in storage units Pottstown PA. When people decide to make more space in their apartment and take some items to storage, they will usually prepare:

    • Books and old documents
    • Clothes and shoes
    • Sport gear
    • Holiday decorations
    • Huge furniture items

    The only two criteria you will need to sort out are how much you need them and how much space they take up in your home. Once they fill out both, you can easily proceed to pack and prepare everything for storage. 

    kitchen and its appliences
    While you can get rid of some items, you will have to keep the essential ones

    Avoid making the same mistakes

    whatever you decide to do with your items and the place you call home, you must remain careful. Some of the things you placed in residential storage containers or any other type of storage, should not find a way back that easily. And even if you decide to buy new ones, you must avoid making the same mistake and get items that will fill out the space again. When you do things right with furniture focus on other items that you usually use and move every day. As soon as you realize that your home is piling up again, carefully clean and categorize everything until you set things in order. After a couple of times, you will get the rhythm and things will be much easier for you.

    Small space living caused by downsizing

    Another issue people usually come across is dealing with the lack of space after moving from a bigger home. Downsizing can happen for various reasons but it always has the same result: living in a smaller place and getting rid of items you used to have. This process can be pretty hard for some people, as saying goodbye to things you used to have for many years is not easy. Luckily, there is always a bright side to things and you should focus on it as soon as possible. You should be aware that you must have a good downsizing plan way before movers Pottstown PA arrive.

    Clever solutions for downsizing

    As you already know by now, you must focus on making a good plan in advance. When you find a suitable place to move to, you can pay it a short visit and spend some time expecting it. This will be an amazing opportunity to see what items to move and what to leave behind. If this is your first time downsizing, make sure you have someone to help you out. This is not an easy thing to do and if you make some wrong moves you may come across many issues in the future.

    Try to find a suitable home no matter the size

    Small space living doesn’t mean your space shouldn’t be practical. Some places in the borough of Pottstown have amazing residential buildings with small apartments that have so many things to offer. The best thing you can do is find a bright place, that doesn’t need a lot of renovation work, and has enough space to operate with. With a base this good, you would be surprised how amazing things you can make for your home. The good thing is that for a smaller place, the price will also be suitable and that will leave you with enough finances to make everything perfect.

    mirror on the wall
    Placing a couple of mirrors around your home is a great solution for small space living

    Can DIY crafts help you with small space living?

    The answer is an absolute yes! As long as you don’t overkill it, of course. The trickiest thing about DIY is that it may seem too easy, too cheap, and simply too amazing, but cause a lot of problems along the way. Before you decide to do something like this, you should gather as much information as possible about the project you are into. You will also need some space for more complicated crafts so make sure your items are safe with onsite storage solutions. And while there are countless DIY crafts you can go with, you should stick with those that are essential for your home.

    Play with mirrors in your home

    Mirrors have been used for all kinds of illusions for many years and will serve a nice purpose in your home as well. Make sure you carefully set them up so that your home seems much bigger than it is. Get yourself a couple of mirrors and set them so that they reflect light or window. The thing you should avoid is placing them to reflect corners and closed areas. If you already had some mirrors in your old place make sure to rely on packing services Pottstown PA to avoid damage.

    storage containers
    And if you wish to keep some of the items that won’t fit, feel free to use storage

    Folding chairs and table all the way

    There is nothing better than living in a small place and using folding chairs and other similar items. You can get as many as you like and use them for anything you need. They will be perfect for working, dining, and welcoming a couple of friends when they come over. The best thing about folding items is that you can find one place for them and they will not bother you at all while there. They are easy to clean and maintain and will always serve the purpose.

    Remove unnecessary doors

    The space you live in could be very small but still, have some doors that shouldn’t be there at all. The best thing is to get rid of them on time. This will give you much more space and the entire place will seem much more spacious. If you wish to divide certain areas you can use home curtains or sliding doors. You will find it much easier to navigate through your home and of course, will feel more comfortable. And those who for some reason can’t do it should keep the doors fully open all the time. 

    two colorful chairs
    And once you are fully satisfied, you can enjoy your small space living

    Enjoy small space living and keep on improving your home

    Once you know exactly what to do, small space living will not sound that scary at all. All you need to do is focus on your needs and keep on experimenting with what is best for you. If some of the solutions are not working for your situation, feel free to change some parts of it to achieve the same result. This may take some time, but the goal you are after is priceless so feel free to focus on it completely. After a while, you will be more than satisfied with the work you have done and your home will be a dream come true.



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