The cost of living in Pennsylvania in 2022

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    Moving to a different state from the one you live in means a lot of change. And in order for you to not feel as stressed as possible, you should do proper research. One of the most important things to know about a state you are moving to is the cost of living. This is why we want to help you with this, and we have gathered statistics about the cost of living in Pennsylvania. Knowing all this will make you adjust easier but also make you fear the move less. After you get to know all the information, you can move on to hiring your movers. And we at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia would love to help you with your Pennsylvania relocation.

    Why you should know the cost of living in Pennsylvania before moving there?

    Living in different states means having a different cost of living. The cost of living in the US is presented through an index number. This number you can then compare this to the other states to wish to see and maybe move to. But how is this calculated? The base index number is 100, and this is the average cost of living for the whole USA. After comparing the services and other things that people pay for and need for living, each state can see if they are above or below average. If one state has 20% more costs than the national average, it means it has an index cost of living is 120%. So, a very important thing is to calculate and compare.

    View of the city and the river at the nighttime
    Knowing the cost of living before moving to a state is an important part of your preparation

    Cost of living in Pennsylvania

    So, how does the state of Pennsylvania rank with its cost of living? The cost of living index here is 94, 6% which places this state in the 29th position. This is around the middle and is a very good spot. Collected data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis says that the average expenditure of a single person in Pennsylvania per year is around $45,000. While the average salary per year in this state is $53,400, which means that with an average salary you can cover the average expenditure. This is a good thing, so a lot of people contact long distance movers Pennsylvania to help them move there.

    Another thing to consider is that Pennsylvania is a part of the popular tri-state area, along with New Jersey and New York. Since this is a popular area to live in because of all the business and school opportunities, it gets quite pricey. And while New York is one of the most expensive places to live in, Pennsylvania comes much cheaper. And this is a good thing to consider if you need to be in the tri-state area. You can also get help from local movers in the greater Philadelphia area to make this relocation even easier. And by moving here you will definitely have some money while being in the part you need to be.

    Housing and rents

    When it comes to housing prices, we can see a huge difference between states. And not just that, but we also see big differences between cities and areas in the same state. So, we can talk about average housing prices, but always be sure to check the prices in the area or the city you want to move to. Now let’s see statistics about this state. Housing costs are 9% lower than the national average, with costs on average going between $762 and $1,595. The average home price recently has gone up to $243,000 which is an increase from the last year. Still, it is cheaper than the national average price which is $348,079. But it all depends on the location as well. For example, you would pay less if you contact residential movers Pottstown PA city has than if you were to move to the capital of the state.

    When it comes to renting, you won’t see only the difference between places, but also the size of the home you are renting. So, based on recent research, these are some of the average rents:

    • Average studio apartment rent: $762
    • One-bedroom average home rent: $805
    • Two-bedroom average home rent: $971
    • Average three-bedroom home rent: $1,085
    • Four-bedroom average home rent: $1,155
    • Average gross rent: $951

    If you do decide to buy a property, the median mortgage rate in Pennsylvania is $1,595. To have an easier move and avoid all stress about moving, you can hire movers Norristown PA to help you out. Then you can use your time to do your research about the cost of living in Pennsylvania and leave the move to an experienced team.

    A home sign in front of the door, you can get after calculating the cost of living in Pennsylvania
    Housing is lower than the national average in Pennsylvania

    Price of utilities

    After finding out your home prices, you can go on to reading about utility bills in Pennsylvania to know what you will need to pay. All of the necessary things in the house go here, so gas water, internet, etc. This also changes a little bit depending on if you are living in big cities or contacting movers West Chester PA has to offer. The average utility price for a month in the state of Pennsylvania is $35. This includes an average bill for electricity of $115, a bill for gas of $101, cable and internet of $106, and a water bill of usually $31.

    Man fixing electricity
    Budget your utility costs

    Cost of living in Pennsylvania – Transportation

    When it comes to figuring out how much you would pay for transportation in a new state, you need much more context. Everyone is different, and even the cost of living in Pennsylvania is not the same for everyone, and the same goes for transportation. Many factors need to be included here, such as if you have a car, or you use public transportation. There is a difference if you work from home or drive to the office every day. This is why it is best to use a range for the cost of transportation. And the average range of price in Pennsylvania is between $4,332 and $11,773 per year.

    Since having kids can also impact the cost, if you are driving them t school, soccer practice, or other things, we will include a comparison. Once an adult living on his own will have an average cost of $4,33, while for a couple that would be $7,94. The price would go up to $11,773 if this couple was working and had two kids.


    For some, this can be a big important question, how much are healthcare costs in this particular state? Since the USA doesn’t have free healthcare, neither does Pennsylvania. Since some people need more medical help and doctor visit, they should know the prices of healthcare. In this part of the tri-state area, the average healthcare per year is $7,89. This means that residents in Pennsylvania usually have to pay a little more for healthcare than for housing. This can be a big problem for some, so take this into account before you decide to move anywhere.

    A couple making a budget for the cost of living in Pennsylvania
    Make a budget for your life in Pennsylvania


    Coming onto the cost of groceries and food in Pennsylvania. Factoring in how much you will be spending on food is an essential part of your monthly budget. This will also depend on your situation and the area you choose to move to. Usually, smaller towns have cheaper groceries and restaurant costs. There is an estimate from the Bureau of Economic Analysis that says that yearly expense for food and beverage in Pennsylvania is around $3,334. Based on this number, we can see that the monthly cost for a person for food and groceries would be around $278.

    This is a simple calculation, and by that, a couple would spend around $556 and a family of four would need around $1,111. But this doesn’t factor in that kids use less food than grown up, or that maybe you spend more time in restaurants than an average person. Still, it helps to have some information about the cost of living in Pennsylvania before movers in Chester County PA relocate you to your new home. For example, it might help you choose the exact location to move to. It is useful to know that Philadelphia has a grocery items index of 118% while Allentown for example, has an index of 98, 9%.


    Whether you already have kids or you are planning on starting a family, the price of childcare is probably on your mind. A huge number of people work, and moving to a new state means that you won’t have the support of your friends and family. This might be the issue you want to resolve before movers Landsdale PA head out with all of your things to Pennsylvania. And, it’s not just about keeping the kids safe while you work, it is for their socialization as well. On average, you should be prepared to pay $1,028 to $1,437 for monthly child care.

    Kids in the classroom, not worrying about cost of living in Pennsylvania
    Childcare is an essential part of your monthly budget


    While on the subject of kids, we can not forget the older kids and students. It is important to also know the costs and opportunities of education in Pennsylvania. While you might have heard that this state ranks low on educational scales, there are still very good schools and universities. Among the best universities are the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, and Lehigh University. One of the best school districts in Radnor Township School District in Delaware county. And you can easily relocate there with the help of movers in Delaware County PA who are experienced and ready to guide you through.

    Private schools can be expensive, and that is why you should look into both private and public school options. But, to help you out, the average private school tuition in Pennsylvania is $11,939 per year. For higher education, the average yearly tuition for an instate college last year was $23,498 which is higher than the national average. You can also look into many of the programs, scholarships, and other helping things that can cover a part or even whole scholarship for your child.

    Owning a business

    Moving a business to a new state is a huge amount of work. It is always recommended to use professional help for this, the one that commercial movers Pottstown PA provide for example. But it isn’t just about relocating your office, it is also about the costs of rent, taxes, and other things you need to know. For registering an LLC company in Pennsylvania, you need around $125, which is not a lot. Now, Pennsylvania has a strong and competitive marketplace with very low unemployment. For LLCs, the personal income tax is at 3, 07%, and for corporate income taxes at 9.99%. It is ranked as the 12th least taxed state, which can be a good sign.

    Not just that, but Pennsylvania is also among the best 20 states for owning a business, with a great location. This is also allowed by the cost of living in Pennsylvania which is lower than in the neighboring states. Still, there are many smaller expenses in moving or opening a business, and you need to do good research. For example, in Pennsylvania, it is legally required to own business insurance, and you also need a DBA. This only costs $70 but if you don’t apply for it, you could face a charge of up to $500. This is why before your chosen movers Montgomery County PA supply your boxes, you should have all the needed information about business expenses.

    Aerial view of the residential area in Pennsylvania
    Depending on the place you live in, your cost of living in Pennsylvania will be higher or lower

    Cities with the highest and lowest cost of living in Pennsylvania

    Since we mentioned earlier that the actual cost of living will depend on the city or town you choose, here is an example of some of the cheapest and most expensive ones. Even though everyone would think that the capital of the state is the most expensive, this is not the case in the state of Pennsylvania this year. The cost of living in Pennsylvania is highest in the small city of State College. With 42,000 residents, it has a score of livability of 111%. Housing has an index of 137% and the average home price is $375,412. The cheapest place you can live in is Pottsville, in Schuylkill County. The median home price here is around $109,500. Other affordable places include Reading, Johnstown, Lancaster, and York.


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