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    Looking for a place to move to is not only interesting but could change your life completely! Those who decide to settle in probably have a couple of things in mind when looking for their ideal place. If Pennsylvania is your first choice, you will have a lot of options in front of you. This state has something for everyone; no matter if you are looking for a subtle place or a more urban one, you can surely find it! As the new year is getting closer, the time has come to bring some changes into your life. Take a look at some of the PA cities to look out for in 2023!

    Welcome to Pennsylvania!

    Before you start negotiating with Pennsylvania movers, it will be good to learn about Pennsylvania movers, it will be good to learn something about this state. It may even be your home at the moment but there is always something that can change your mind when it comes to moving to a different city or town. This state is famous for many things including breathtaking landscapes and wonderful people. No matter how old you are or what your profession is, you can find a place with a lovely community where you have to lead a nice lifestyle. 

    two people shaking hands and talking about PA cities to look out for in 2023
    The place you are looking for must provide you all those things you need for a comfortable life

    Pennsylvania has 57 cities and its capital is Harrisburg! The biggest ones also include Philadelphia and Pittsburg and these two are what attract the majority of young people. With the list of cities being so long, the search for a place you would like must have certain criteria. You must focus on your needs, job, and of course, know what people around you want. People who move alone will probably look for different cities and neighborhoods than those moving with their families.

    How often do people move to or from Pennsylvania?

    The more you know about the state you will be calling home, the better the outcome will be. When it comes to migration and Pennsylvania, the statistics are pretty clear. The state that is sending the most people to Pennsylvania is New York. Back in 2019 more than 46,618 people moved from New York which is around 17.4% of the total amount of new residents. The situation is pretty similar the other way around as for residents of Pennsylvania New York is among the favorite destinations as well. Next on the list would be New Jersey and Maryland.

    When it comes to reasons, they vary old the time. According to long distance movers Pennsylvania a lot of people will decide to move to PA because of a new job offer or simply because they are looking for something different. Those who decide to buy themselves a property will find doing it there much easier and more convenient. If you are interested in PA cities to look out for in 2023 because of work, there will be some amazing options for you as well.

    One of the PA cities to look out for in 2023 is Exton

    Looking for a small and subtle place to retire or start a family? Well, Exton is an excellent option. It is located in Chester County and has a population of 6,079 people. Even though it is not a metropolis, Exton could be a perfect choice for living and working for many different reasons. The most important one is probably that you will get a chance to settle in a nice and cozy home surrounded by beautiful landscapes and. Exton is famous for its long and exciting history and is home to many historical houses, a museum, and of course, a lot of things to see and do. You can come across nice taverns and family-owned restaurants that will soon become your favorite locations.

    When it comes to living costs this place is a little bit over average, and for some people, this could be an issue. Exton has the living costs at 121/100 and the highest ones are related to housing! But with a good salary and your property, you could solve this issue relatively easily. Make sure you organize your budget and start looking for places to move to on time.

    people in the park
    Who wouldn’t like to spend the entire day in the beautiful park?

    After making all arrangements with movers Exton PA and settling there, you will see why this place is at the top of the list. Fresh air, some of the coolest hiking trails, and historical spots are what will make your life a dream. Take as much time as you need to adapt and look forward to meeting one of the best communities in the state!

    Meet the King of Prussia

    How about working and living in a lovely and subtle place but still being close to all that urban happening? That is what the King of Prussia has to offer to its residents. Located in Montgomery County, this place has a population of 22,028 people. Since it is much bigger than Exton there are more things to see and more people to meet. But the main reason why King of Prussia is one of the PA cities to look out for in 2023 is countless business opportunities. This city is home to one of the largest malls in the area. King of Prussia mall has more than 450 stores including some of the most popular clothing brands. With that many stores, different job opportunities are always on the horizon.

    If you plan on starting your own business or expanding one, movers King of Prussia can help you get there. You will get a chance to show off your talents and creativity, and with that make nice money. Residents of this city are always looking forward to seeing new people presenting good products and services. And if you end up working in this amazing mall your business will skyrocket in a very short period.

    Let’s not forget that King of Prussia is home to The American College of Financial Services. A lot of students will stay after graduating and pursue their careers right in this place. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of small businesses around King of Prussia as well. Around the mall and in the city center people will sell homemade goods and products everyone can enjoy. Living and working here can benefit you in many different ways and you should consider giving it a shot. 

    sculptures in the museum
    Many of these PA cities to look out for in 2023 are very rich in preserved history

    One of the PA cities to look out for in 2023 is Philadelphia as well

    Of course, we can’t proceed without mentioning Philadelphia. With 1.576 million residents, it is Pennsylvania’s largest city and with that one of the best places to live and work. Thanks to its stable economy countless new residents will choose to move there and completely change their life. This city is most famous as the birthplace of the USA and has a lot of history preserved. Here you will come across some of the most amazing things to see and do including:

    • Philadelphia Museum of Art
    • Reading Terminal Market 
    • Liberty Bell
    • Independence Hall

    But apart from amazing history, this city will be perfect for living and working for some other reasons as well. It is one of the most important business centers in the state as well as a city of diversity. After moving you will get a chance to meet a lot of new people, buy yourself a nice property and explore all wonders this city has to offer. 

    You should know that smaller places surrounding this city could work for you as well. For example, a lot of residents of Lansdale will commute to Philadelphia every day. With the help of movers Lansdale PA you could have all that peace a small place has to offer and the urban touch of Philly.

    people sitting at the meeting
    Some of the places in Pennsylvania are amazing for small businesses

    Let’s not forget Norristown!

    Located in Montgomery County, Norristown is one of those places you must visit at least once in your life. Movers Norristown PA operates in the area so getting there will be relatively easy. It also belongs to the Philadelphia metropolitan area which makes it super convenient for people who want the best of both worlds. Because it started as an industrial city, Norristown still gets to keep that same spirit. Many companies are always looking for new people and a lot of people arrive.

    Apart from that, Norristown is famous for its wonderful community. As soon as you arrive get ready to meet some of the nicest people ever. They will help you adapt much faster and get to know your new home quickly. People living there tend to have their own houses so if renting a place works better for you, you can easily do it there. 

    And what about Pottstown?

    If you are looking for a place to have a lot of fun, try some delicious food, and spend time doing outdoor activities look no more. With its 23,406 residents, Pottstown can easily become your home. It is located in Montgomery County and in recent years it started growing in population. The main reason is the wonderful nature and of course, affordable real estate. Besides that, Pottstown is also suitable for starting your own business but pursuing other professions as well.

    books and apple in front of the student
    Pottstown has some amazing schools that your kids will love

    It has a couple of excellent schools and if you are moving with your kids this will be amazing news. Here you can find elementary, middle, and high schools depending on the age of your kids. After movers Pottstown PA help you relocate, teachers and professors will help them adapt quickly.

    Your residential movers Pottstown PA will professionally deal with your furniture while you take some time to explore the area. What you will find are amazing restaurants and taverns you and your family will love. And if you ever get tired of that, your neighbors can teach you how to make some of Pottstown’s traditional meals.

    Plymouth Meeting is one of the PA cities to look out for in 2023

    And finally, we arrive at Plymouth Meeting. Even though it may seem like a small place, Plymouth Meeting has many traits that will be suitable for living and working there. It is home to IKEA’s U.S. headquarters and has many shopping malls and attractions. Movers Plymouth Meeting PA can carry out your relocation easily, but don’t forget to choose a good date for moving. Plymouth Meeting can have pretty heavy rains in late fall and you should avoid them.

    Plymouth Meeting is perfect for all nature lovers as well. It has a public pool that is one of the most popular locations in summer, but countless hiking trails as well. For the majority of residents, this is a perfect vacation getaway and it may become yours as well.

    Other things you should know about PA cities to look out for in 2023

    The search for an ideal place should last for as long as you think it should. This is not something you will get to do often and is best you take your time. Pennsylvania has come amazing counties and you can narrow down your choices by simply exploring them. Movers Chester County PA can help you move to nearby cities and towns, so you will know that your items will be safe no matter where you decide to go.

    family in the park talking about PA cities to look out for in 2023
    You and your family will love PA cities to look out for in 2023 from the list mainly because they have so many things to offer

    One of the most famous places in this county is West Chester. You will find it pleasant to live there mainly because of how calm and subtle this place is. Moving companies West Chester PA usually advise that you plan your relocation in summer or late spring simply because of the breathtaking nature. You will love spending time outside and checking out amazing restaurants and bars in this place.

    There may be a lot of PA cities to look out for in 2023 but once you find your match, things will start going great for you! Explore Pennsylvania in the best way possible and make sure you know what your priorities are.

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