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    Moving during holidays isn’t the easiest task. People rush to get together with families and close people and make sure to finish all duties to have some time for rest. However, life gets unpredictable and unexpected changes that require location change. That’s why we at Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia created this quick and easy guide on moving to Malvern around Thanksgiving stress-free. Furthermore, you can give us a call and let us help you execute the move properly from start to finish.

    Moving to Malvern around Thanksgiving is possible with the right movers at your disposal

    We cannot stress enough how important it is to find a proper moving partner. The movers you hire must be capable to execute demanding moving tasks. Moreover, they are obligated to fulfill their duties towards customers. For these reasons, skip the movers that don’t offer a free estimate and insurance options. Better to avoid possible costs you didn’t factor into your moving budget. Nobody likes to be surprised by additional moving costs. That further adds more stress to the already exhausting moving process, which you don’t need.

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    Make time for your closest people during your moving preparations. It’s possible to juggle both when you plan everything in advance.

    Check in advance which companies are available to help you with relocation to Malvern around Thanksgiving

    Not every moving company will be available around Thanksgiving. If you really need to move during this time, then make sure to find reliable Malvern PA movers first. Focus only on companies that are fully licensed and verified. Especially if you’re in a rush to find proper movers. Entrusting your move to whichever company will only lead to unnecessary worry around the safety of your belongings and more. In addition, check available hours on time. Call each company you consider hiring and confirm if they’re available around Thanksgiving.

    Don’t rush with your Thanksgiving move to Malvern

    Rushing your relocation to Malvern will cause more stress and chaos. Sometimes even the best-organized move doesn’t go according to plan due to unexpected changes. Weather conditions may get in the way and delay your move for a couple of days. On the other hand, you might want to consider help from professional movers if you really have to move as soon as possible. Professional movers will know how to handle last-minute moves stress-free and execute them in a timely manner.

    a person packing a moving box
    Consider additional moving services.

    Declutter before your move to Malvern around Thanksgiving

    Decluttering will save you some money for other moving services. You can simply sell or donate the majority of well-kept items. Besides, holidays are just around the corner. Someone will benefit from low-prices yet quality shoes or furniture pieces. Therefore, ask your friends or family members to help you sort all items you want to get rid of. However, don’t just throw a bunch of stuff! Instead, divide them into categories:

    • Donation
    • Gift
    • Recycle
    • Sell
    • Trash

    Luckily, you can create an account and post photos of items you want to sell. Also, you might want to consider portable storage units where you will keep all items for sale. On the other hand, you can turn a portable into a temporary room where interested people will be able to examine anything they would like to buy.

    You will need decent storage for all your belongings

    No long-distance relocation can go smoothly without a proper indoor storage unit. The temperatures are colder and colder which means some of your items won’t survive the move. For example, easily breakable objects or electronics are extremely susceptible to outside temperature changes. Indoor self-storage is your best choice in this case. Nowadays all indoor storage units are well-equipped with a climate-control feature that regulates an indoor temperature. Artwork, chemicals, and sensitive items, in general, are safe and sound in such storage throughout the move. However, pay attention to whether the storage unit you consider renting is well-maintained. A clean and sanitized space will keep rodents and mold away from your valuables. Also, storage security is very important. Strong locks and surveillance systems ensure you don’t worry about your belongings and focus on other moving tasks.

    a man preparing storage before moving to Malvern around Thanksgiving
    Renting storage is important before moving to Malvern around Thanksgiving.

    Keep in mind not every storage will fit your needs. There are different types of storage ideal for either long-distance moves or quick relocations. For example, portable units are perfect if your move lasts for several days. Likewise, indoor storage is best for cross-country relocations. Apart from storage types, you also have to consider the size of a unit. You don’t want to pay for too much extra storage space. Therefore, contact the storage provider and tell them you would like to check the unit.

    Don’t skip entirely on Thanksgiving preparations

    It can be complicated to juggle between responsibilities around the move and holiday duties. Your friends and family will expect to see you for the holidays and spend some time with you. As much relocation preparations may get overwhelming, it’s possible to balance everything with proper organization.

    Meet with family members and friends outside your home

    It’s probably going to be messy around your old home while you’re preparing for the move. There won’t be much space to host guests or organize a proper party. In that case, make sure to spend time with the closest people in a cozy restaurant with excellent food. Also, let them be a part of your moving journey. They will be glad to celebrate Thanksgiving and also support your fresh start.

    Moving during the holiday season is nothing new

    Although it may seem that moving to Malvern around Thanksgiving is not a good idea, remember that moving during the holiday season is much more common than you think. Holidays are also opportunities for a new life chapter. Therefore, many consider moving as a great way to start fresh somewhere else during holidays. With a friendly and capable team of movers at your disposal, your Thanksgiving move will run smoothly.

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