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    If you are a person who knows about the great benefits of using a storage unit, then you have to learn all the tips about renting it. Many people complain that they do not have enough space in their homes. No matter how many closets we have or what is the size of your garage or pantry, you can lack space even then. For this reason, putting your belongings in an external space for saving can come as a great idea. Also, you can use this option in other big life situations such as relocation for example. Whether when moving locally or long-distance, renting storage can be your lifesaver. Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia is a company that provides different kinds of storage renting options. Therefore, read this guide to learn all about renting and sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania.

    What kinds of storage units are there

    A moving and renting company such as Zippy Shell can offer different kinds of storage and moving solutions. Maybe you are just planning a relocation or have moved into your new apartment with a friend. Moving into a new space with somebody certainly carries the burden of too many items in the space. In this case, you may wish to get rid of all the items you will not use daily and which will only create a mess. For this reason, you have to contact local movers in Greater Philadelphia area and ask them what kind of storage they can offer you. Usually, storage renters offer on-site storage, residential storage, warehouse storage, as well as portable storage units. In addition, they might have temperature or climate-controlled units for special kinds of items that you plan to store.

    a blue storage unit
    Learn what types of storage units are there

    Why sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania

    There are many reasons why sharing a unit is a good option. Depending on the life situation, you might feel the need to rent a storage unit. Imagine that you just moved into a one-room apartment and that you need to start a new life here. No matter how minimally you packed your belongings, one room is still one room. In this case, movers King of Prussia can come in handy and inform you how much renting a particular unit will cost you.

    Also, since you probably do not have that many items, then sharing a storage unit can come in handy. First of all, you will save money on renting and you can rent a unit for a longer period. Secondly, you do not have to give up on the items you like or need just because you do not have enough space in your home.

    In case you are moving locally

    Moving locally can be as hard as any other relocation. The fact that you are going just a few blocks away does not mean that things will go easy. Especially when it comes to packing and sorting things out. In case you are moving with a friend or relative, both of you will have some items which will be necessary once you move to a new home. Together you will create a list of inventory and try to minimize it as much as possible. But in case some items such as winter sports equipment are coming out, you can still agree to bring this. In this case, there is a great solution in the form of moving storage containers. Both you and your friend can rent one container to share. Even when sharing you might not fill it to the brim, so it’s better to rent just one.

    a man and a woman packing a chair in a wrap
    Pack items together when sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania

    Communicate with the other side when sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania

    Renting a storage unit in Pennsylvania can bring both you and your friend or a partner great benefits. Among the most important things when you plan to rent and pay for something in collaboration with somebody is good communication. For this reason, you must sit down and discuss your renting options. Each person planning to involve in renting should say exactly what they plan to put in storage and for how long. Then you can go through your mutual budget and plan rent thoroughly. You can rent residential storage containers and put there all the items you do not have space for in your new home. Make sure to have a firm deal and to follow the rules you agreed on. If any change is to happen, inform the other side on time so they can organize.

    Choose your storage partner wisely

    It is not always easy to make a deal with other people. Especially when it comes to renting storage. In this case, it is almost impossible to share the unit identically since some of you may have a bit more stuff to put in. Therefore, liability should be among your top priorities before contacting movers Fort Washington PA. Remember that a rental company will probably sign an agreement with only one person. If that happens to be you, you will be in charge and responsible for it.

    a hand shaking for sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania
    If needed, make a contract with your partner for renting a unit

    If the other person will be responsible for that particular unit, then you need to have a trustworthy person. Neither can put some hazardous items that can cause damage to the items you plan to store. If something is missing or damaged, your partner will be responsible.

    Do you trust that person enough for sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania?

    As we mentioned before, whoever gets to sign a contract will be responsible for the storage unit. But that does not necessarily free the other side from any responsibility. Just remember that when sharing a unit, both sides should have the same access options. And you should all be able to access the unit at all times. That means that this person can come to the unit even if you are not there. If you have the feeling that you cannot completely trust that person, contact movers Harleysville PA and ask them to get out of this bad arrangement. In addition, if you see that your ‘roommate’ is using the storage for illegal activities you should immediately inform the police about it. You do not want to involve yourself in such a risky situation and become a suspect in a potential crime.

    Come up with the idea of how to split the space clearly

    Although this is not always easy to do, you need to discuss how to divide the space between you and your sharing partner. Sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania is a great option and it will save your precious belongings. But remember that strong fences make good neighbors. So before you call up and ask for storage options for your belongings, both you and your partner should write a storage plan and also sign it.

    red line dividing the floor
    Make a deal of how you will equally divide the space

    The plan should be easy to read and clear. It should divide the floor evenly. If not, then your friend might think that they can put as much stuff there as they like. This will prevent you from putting all the things you planned to. Remember to always show respect to the other side and their belongings as well.

    Make a deal of what items you can put when sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania

    Both sides need to be clear from the start when making this kind of deal. For example, if you plan to put there some art pieces such as paintings or family memorabilia, then your partner cannot fill the space with car wheels. For sensitive items, you need to have a special kind of storage renting option. Before you ask yourself where is climate controlled storage near me, tell your partner what exactly you expect from them. Also, you cannot put too many items in such a space as it will ruin the whole concept of a climate-controlled unit. Some items will not do good in this type of unit and both sides need to clearly understand that. Once you agree on the type of items you plan to store, you should agree on the layout. Common methods are putting tape down on the floor and dividing the area into halves.

    You will have to set up a payment plan when sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania

    No matter whose name is on the renting contract, it does not necessarily mean that this person should take all the responsibilities for this rental space. Therefore, before signing a contract, it would be nice to make a deal regarding everything.

    dollar paper bills rolled
    decide who is going to pay for rent and when

    One of those things should include the person who is going to pay for the renting fee. It may seem pretty casual when renting a storage space with your friend. This way you can easily lose track. First of all, you need to agree to pay 50-50 when renting a storage unit. If you feel the need, take a step further and create a contract with your friend. Also, you can split the payment activity and agree for example that you pay for it every second month or every six months.

    Keep up a good organization

    The key to every successful deal is a good organization. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to how your friend is treating the deal. Even if you set up everything in the unit, there may come the time when your friend visits the unit and create chaos there.

    a cream and green storage unit
    Good organization is a key to everything

    Even if this is your close friend whom you know, renting something together is like living together. Therefore, if you see that your friend does not show enough interest in organizing things, maybe it would be better to avoid this deal. This can only ruin your friendship and there will be no way back. If you are a student, there are storage options students can use. There you can all keep your books, clothes, sports equipment, or any other items that the renters allow. As long as you try to keep the organization, things will go smoothly.

    How many people is too many people when renting storage

    Sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania is a great idea but it also depends on several different factors. It depends on how many people are too many people when renting a unit. In addition, who can have access to a storage unit? There are many advantages of renting storage units In certain cases, your friend may wish to allow their partner to put something in a storage unit. You can agree to this idea and also let your partner do the same. The question is whether you can trust others you do not know to have access to your belongings. In addition, if they were not there when you were setting things up, they may easily cause something to fall on their head and cause some hurt. It can also cause other items to be damaged or lost.

    Keep the storage unit clean

    It is simply not enough to organize well with your partner when sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania. Before you set everything in the unit and divide the space into even halves, it would be necessary to go and clean it just in case.

    pink plastic cleaners and bottles with flip-flops
    You have to keep your storage clean at all times

    Renting company is certainly keeping the units clean. However, especially in cases when you wish to put something in a climate-controlled unit, it has to be perfectly clean. In addition one cleaning is not enough. You need to make a deal to buy some convenient cleaners on Amazon and make a cleaning schedule. It can either be once a month or in two months. Again, it all depends on the usage and preferences of both sides.

    It is not easy to find a reliable partner when sharing a storage unit in the state of Pennsylvania. It certainly all depends on the type of personality you have and how you both get along. But remember that only by having an open and honest conversation you can come up with the best possible solution that will work for both sides. Talk to your friend and ask them what would they prefer and what they actually expect from this renting. This way you will make things work and use this great renting option to save you time and money when sharing a storage unit in Pennsylvania.


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