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    Sometimes it seems like love really can move mountains and rivers, and get you right into your dream home! Deciding to move with your partner is a serious step and once you decide to do it, you should be smart about it. While all those great feelings are surrounding you, your head must be clear as choosing a place to move to is not an easy task. You and your partner may be similar but when it comes to your needs, wishes, and habits, your new home must include a perfect mix of them. Today, we will be checking out Pennsylvania destinations for couples and name all the reasons why your love will flourish there!

    Finding great Pennsylvania destinations for couples is easier with a good plan

    Moving overnight is not a wise choice and it should be preceded by a good and strategic plan. If you currently live in another state, you will be having a more serious relocation and for that, both of you must be ready. Considering the transportation, movers in Greater Philadelphia area can help you out, and you can count on your inventory being safe during your move. On the other hand, choosing the place in Pennsylvania where you will be able to live, work, and have a good lifestyle is completely up to you. By starting your research on time, you will get results faster and set your relocation in motion.

    two people smiling while looking at Pennsylvania destinations for couples
    Make sure you and your partner know what you are looking for before deciding to move

    Residents of Pennsylvania love their state, and the majority of them know a lot about it. Those who don’t live there or didn’t have a chance to visit can rely on the internet and firsthand advice. If you belong to the second group and wish to know more about your future home, let’s talk about some interesting facts this state has!

    Welcome to Pennsylvania and enjoy your stay!

    With its 2.96 million people, Pennsylvania represents the very heart and soul of the USA. With rich history and tradition, it is one of those states everyone should visit at least once. Beautiful landscapes and nature are another addition to everything you can find here, and the list will end up being huge. those who decide to move here, praise their decision and no matter what was the reason in the first place- they didn’t regret it. 

    Back in time. this state got its glory as being the industrial giant. Findings of coal ended up in steel and railroads production and little by little, Pennsylvania became what it is today. It managed to keep its status and some of its cities are huge business centers to this day.

    According to some statistics from movers Montgomery County PA, the majority of people who move to this state will do it because of a new job offer or a change of lifestyle. The rest will do it because of a family member or partner, and some decide to come back after many years of living someplace else. 

    Best Pennsylvania destinations for couples

    This state has 56 cities and many smaller towns and townships. Its capital, Harrisburg is a place for all young people and those who are ready to chase their careers. But not everyone wants to be surrounded by crowds and car noise, and that is why the options in this state are multiple. As a couple, you and your partner should look for a place that suits your needs and can provide a comfortable lifestyle. And since you are not the first or the last ones to do it, certain places are favorites among couples looking for their new home. Each one of these cities has special traits and almost no flaws which is a wonderful thing. Here are some of the most popular ones!

    a group of people working and writing
    Apart from being romantic, these places are great for starting or expanding business


    All young couples should visit Conshohocken at least once in their lifetime. This small town is located the on the Schuylkill River in Montgomery County, and believe it or not it welcomes countless couples annually. The main reason behind that is countless festivals and events held here and locals who are doing all the magic. The most popular festivals include the Funfest and July Fireworks Display. These two only attract people from everywhere and it is no wonder some of them decide to stay permanently. This town also has eight parks filled with green areas, cute benches, and places for an afternoon picnic. Movers Conshohocken PA operates in the area so getting to this amazing place is everything but difficult.

    Apart from its beauty, Conshohocken is on the list of the best Pennsylvania destinations for couples for some other reasons as well. Those who plan on starting their family will find this place to be extremely suitable and affordable. You will get a chance to buy a nice house somewhere in the area and make all of your dreams come true. Just like the entire state, Conshohocken offers living costs that are below average compared to the rest of the USA. This means you will make a nice income and won’t spend too much on groceries, utilities, or housing.


    Next on the list is Lansdale, a loving Pennsylvania borough. It is home to 18,916  people and if you love a peaceful and cozy life, it could be yours as well. What’s best about it is that is so close to other cities and towns and residents take good use of it. More than 40% of people who live there will travel to Philadelphia for work. Instead of using their vehicle, they rely on SEPTA Regional Rail as this is a much faster and cheaper option. Apart from that giant, some of the cities close to Lansdale include:

    • East Norriton
    • Norristown
    • King Of Prussia
    • Ardmore 

    Living here is a great opportunity to stay away from the city rush, but be very close to it. The population is pretty mixed and no matter your age, you can find your group for hanging out. In recent years, Lansdale got a couple of small businesses that turned out to be a great boost for the community. They include workshops, schools, shops, and restaurants. If you plan on doing the same with your partner, this destination will do you only good.

    busy restaurant in one of the Pennsylvania destinations for couples
    There is nothing better than enjoying local food and drinks and small places with the person you love

    If we are to talk about the romantic side of Lansdale, you are in for a surprise! This place is full of hiking trails and parks that will come as a great refreshment for those who used to live in the big city. There are many restaurants with local food and delicious drinks that will soon become your must-see location. And once Christmas comes closer, Lansdale and its buildings are giving out only love and warmth. If you find this to be enough, movers Lansdale PA will be at your service for a quick and effective relocation.


    Just a little bit further from Lansdale, there is another Pennsylvania gem waiting for you. Norristown is a municipality and the county seat of Montgomery County that carries a lot of history that shouldn’t be ignored. Back in the day, it earned the nickname “Industrial Boomtown” and for a very good reason. It was home to countless companies that helped build America and some huge cities and today it proudly carries all those memories. When the first factories and retail centers were established here Norristown became growing in both population and size. Today, it counts 35,829  people living there with new ones arriving often. 

    You probably know by now that the entire state of Pennsylvania is beautiful during summer. Well, when this quote came to life, they probably thought of Norristown in particular. Covered in brown leaves and with a pleasant breeze, it represents a favorite spot for many people. Residents of other states will often come to visit, and some of them will even buy vacation houses or apartments. Moving companies Norristown PA are busiest during late spring and late summer, and if you plan on moving, consult with them about the best time to do so.

    If you and your partner plan on expanding your family soon, keep in mind that Norristown is one of the safest places to do it. The crime rate is constantly falling due to good law enforcement services and the community taking care of each other. 

    small lake in the park
    Pennsylvania destinations for couples include breathtaking landscapes and parks


    We can’t proceed with Pennsylvania destinations for couples without mentioning Narberth. This is another borough in Montgomery County, and if you are looking for a small piece of paradise, you will find it here. With just 4,496  people living there, it offers nothing but peace and happiness. No matter what time of the year you decide to move to, you will be welcomed with open hands and breathtaking scenery all around. With a community that sticks so close together, you will be able to blend in as soon as you arrive. And if you are looking for a job, you should immediately let your creativity out. Narberth is home to multiple small businesses and people who live there tried to establish one at least once. Some of the most notable ones include The Cheese Company and Real Pizza. 

    Probably the best thing about Narberth is that you will find your dream home quickly. Houses here are different in size and age and you should set your priorities straight before going shopping. Almost every single one has a beautiful garden or even a small park or forest surrounding it. On the other hand, if you prefer to live in a building, there will always be a smell of fresh coffee waking you up in the morning. Yes, restaurants and bars are mostly family-owned businesses and you won’t be able to decide which one to visit first.

    Your movers Narberth PA can take you there no matter where you currently live. All you and your partner must do is prepare for your move and explore Narberth just a little bit more. The result will be amazing as you will have a beautiful place to call home.

    colorful trees in the park
    In Narberth, you can buy a house that has a spacious garden included


    Now let’s move to Chester County and introduce you to a wonderful Paoli. this census-designated place is home to 5,591  people but it is smaller than Narberth. If the name sound familiar, you are on the right track. It got from the Battle of Paoli that took place in 1777. Locals are extremely proud of it and the entire site represents a huge attraction for them and tourists. The fact that Paoli is a smaller place doesn’t change the fact that couples love spending time here. It is quiet, romantic, and a great base for living and working. Raising kids here is a great idea as the crime rate is extremely low. Philadelphia is close, so if you ever need to get that sense of being in a big city, you will be able to do it in no time.

    The majority of people who decide to move here will do it because of work. In the last couple of years, Paoli became home to dozens of freelancers and young professionals who needed a place to focus on work and later enjoy beautiful nature. Movers Paoli PA operates in the area and will be by your side from the beginning of your move.

    Plymouth Meeting

    And last, but never least, there is Plymouth Meeting. If you decide that some of the places above suit you more, you must at least visit this amazing destination. You will be close to this one as it is located in Montgomery County as well.  Plymouth Meeting is tucked in beautiful forests that are filled with hiking trails and camping spots. The main reason for being so popular is beautiful houses that could be yours for a very affordable price. With the help of movers Plymouth Meeting PA, you will be there ready to explore the entire county.

    hugged couple looking at lake in one of the best Pennsylvania destinations for couples
    Pennsylvania will make a wonderful home no matter what place you chose!

    If you decide to do so, check out your new home a couple of times. You may need to do some changes or start renovation work to make it more suitable for you. Portable storage units will be a real lifesaver and you will realize why so many residents use them both for moving and renovation. 

    When you narrow down the choices of Pennsylvania destinations for couples and end up choosing this one, you will be satisfied with your decision. Plymouth Meeting is home to excellent schools where you can find a job or sign up your kids for later in the future.


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