What Items Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

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    Storing your inventory will benefit you in many different ways no matter if you are moving or simply renovating your home. And while some people are still getting used to it, others will count on storage whenever they lack some space. Nowadays, there are different kinds of storage units and each one of them is made to fit some of your needs. And while you can get storage containers and regular units, there is another type that could be amazing for some of your items. But before you begin the search for climate controlled storage near me, you need to know what things to place there! Take a look at what items need climate-controlled storage!

    What is climate-controlled storage?

    The main difference between regular storage and the one that has been climate-controlled is the temperature and humidity conditions inside. Many moving companies Philadelphia offer them to their clients as they are a perfect way to keep your inventory safe. Each one of these units will keep your inventory at a low o higher temperature, depending on the case. They also have humidifiers and dehumidifiers which will make sure that the level of humidity is always perfect. Climate-controlled storage units always guarantee perfect conditions for your items, no matter the time length you wish to keep them there. 

    hall in the storage
    If you wonder what items need climate-controlled storage, you have come to the right place

    If you wonder if they look any different than other units, the answer depends. Most of this storage looks pretty usual and comes in different sizes. The good thing is that the employees will help you choose the proper size of storage so that everything can fit properly. 

    What items need climate-controlled storage

    Your home or office that you wish to relocate or renovate may be filled with different things. And while residential movers Pottstown PA can load and transport them, storage will be a good option for a couple of items. When people are using storage for the first time, they are sometimes not sure what items to place there. This is a completely normal thing and once you get to the bottom of it, the entire experience will be much better. Climate-controlled storage is different, so let’s dive into some of the items that should be there.

    Documents and anything made of paper

    No matter if you wish to store personal paperwork or one that is related to your company, it needs to be safe the entire time. Climate-controlled storage will be a perfect place for it, but you will still need to prepare it on your own. Before reaching storage, make sure to use paper folders or any type of additional protection. For those who are moving their company, commercial movers Pottstown PA will help you with the rest of your inventory. The more delicate your paperwork is, the safer place for it you will need.

    Photographs and film

    Art means a lot and those who live by it, know how important it is. Photographs and film are not only very delicate items but they can be pretty valuable as well. To avoid risking their safety, climate-controlled storage is the best solution for you. This is even more essential if you only have a lot of film tapes you wish to move. These items can’t be simply placed in a box or a regular bag and left in storage. High temperatures could do serious damage and fixing them could be super hard. Pack them in their suitable packaging on time and find some good boxes or folders for additional protection. With the right temperature inside the storage, there is nothing that could damage them. If you wish to go even more professional, you can buy special vacuum bags for photographs that you can use even after you pick them up from storage.

    antique pocket watches as an example of what items need climate-controlled storage
    The more valuable your items are, the more they will need the comfort of a climate-controlled storage unit

    Heirlooms or antiques belong in this type of storage

    Those who wonder what items need climate-controlled storage but have some precious things at home can immediately focus on them. Everything that costs a lot and needs a safe place for storing will suit this type of storage. But something else plays a much bigger role than safety here. Heirlooms, antiques, and other delicate items need a  special climate and conditions when in one place for a long time. Temperature and humidity levels must be perfect the entire time so that each one of them doesn’t damage or spoil. The thing about these items is that they need special care no matter where you place them.

    Still, wonder what items need climate-controlled storage? Electronics, of course

    The easiest way is to simply pack all those devices and transport them to another location with the help of movers. But certain situations can prevent that from happening and you should be ready when the time comes. Even though electronics could be placed in moving storage containers as well, a climate-controlled one is a much better option. Some of the devices still need special care even when in boxes and when packed properly. You can ask storage employees for even more advice about storing your electronics if this is your first time packing and storing them. The majority of electronic devices can get seriously damaged if constantly exposed to high temperatures and that is something you should avoid. 

    Medicine, cosmetic products, and other solutions need special treatment as well

    You may be in a certain professional field that requires you to deal with this type of product all the time. On the other hand, you could simply have a lot of these products and need additional space for them. On the list of what items that need climate-controlled storage are of course all those chemicals and medicine you have. This is a very specific type of item as you may even have some difficulties transporting them. Not every moving company will accept the risk of moving them, and the same goes for storage. Luckily, climate-controlled ones are perfectly safe. While you can use residential storage containers for the rest of your things, place these where nothing will happen to them.

    closed storage units
    The best thing about these storage units is that you can keep your items there for as long as you want or need to

    Plastic is the answer to what items need climate-controlled storage!

    And when we say plastic we mean a lot of things made of it. While regular items like kitchen tools and dishes are perfectly safe in regular storage Pottstown PA, some that are made of plastic may not be. Even if you don’t have some of them in your home, there could be a couple in your office. They include:

    • Vinyl records no matter their age
    • DVD’s
    • CD’s
    • Special plastic containers sensitive to heat
    • Thin paper folders

    As you may guess, heat would be a huge problem and will certainly cause damage to some of them. When searching your home or office for these items make sure to get those that are made of wax as well. Wax will not stand long in regular storage especially if the temperature is too high. Climate-controlled storage is such a safe place that you will not have to bother too much about packing as well. You can easily use the original boxes or bags and place everything there.

    Now let’s talk about clothes

    Those who plan on moving will soon realize that packing clothes has to be one of the most exhausting processes regarding relocation. But that is not all. Some of those clothes pieces can’t be simply packed and placed in a box or clothes nylon. To preserve them completely while in storage, you must pack them properly and choose a climate-controlled unit. This will prevent all potential risks like mold, damage, and of course, moths. Materials that you need to be careful with are:

    • Silk
    • Wool
    • Linen
    • Lace
    • Chiffon

    The best thing you can do is prepare them for storage by taking them for dry cleaning and using suitable packing materials. We could be talking about vacuum bags, boxes, or anything that will keep your delicate clothes safe. By the time you take them to storage, the process will be almost over.

    a piece of silk
    All your delicate clothes will not damage no matter how long you keep it in storage

    Your wine collection counts as well

    Moving is not easy especially when you have to move a part of your home that takes up a lot of space and is extremely valuable. Yes, we are talking about your wine collection. No matter how many bottles you have, if you ask yourself a question about what items need climate-controlled storage, these bottles surely do. Just like your collection has the right temperature in your home or basement, it will need it during your entire relocation. And just think about all that time you will need to set up your new home. Those who chose their new homework that is far away will have to take this even more seriously. 

    Musical instruments

    People who own any kind of musical instrument would probably tell you that they are their most valuable possessions. And when you have something you love so much, of course, you will find the safest way for it during moving. Musical instruments have a couple of categories but each one of them is very delicate. Each one of them has traits that can’t be put aside and that you must always keep in mind. They need special preparation and even more special packing. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, you can simply divide your inventory. Climate-controlled storage will be perfect for your instruments, and the rest of your items can be in temporary onsite storage containers. This way you will know that every single item is safe until you are ready to pick them up again.

    man playing a guitar
    Your instruments will need a safe place to be stored and some good packing

    While long distance movers Pennsylvania deal with the rest of your items, you will have time to prepare your wine cellar. Make sure everything is ready and once it is you can go and pick up your bottles. Of course, there is no need to rush things up. Every single one of them will be safe for as long as you want. With the right temperature, there is no better place for your wine than in climate-controlled storage.

    And finally, what items need climate-controlled storage? Any item that you want!

    As these are those special items that need a special kind of storage, you probably wonder what other items you have. Knowing there is a perfect place that will keep delicate items safe, it is good to know that you can place there anything you want! No matter if you are moving across the state of Pennsylvania or just across the street, your inventory must be in good hands. Climate-controlled storage units can hold any item as long as it goes with the company policy. This means that you can pack everything perfectly and place it there until your relocation is over.

    Many Chester County moving and storage companies will be by your side during this entire process. You can ask them for additional advice about your relocation and entire inventory. If you decide to place the majority of your items there, you must be ready for some packing and a lot of organization. Get yourself some good packing material, make a perfect plan, and set things in motion as soon as possible.

    onsite storage units
    Knowing that all the items you wish to store will be in good hands is an amazing feeling

    Enjoy the relocation and don’t worry about your items

    moving means you made some huge changes in your life and that you should embrace them right away. Stressing out because of your inventory is not something you should do, so why not find a good solution? Now that you know what items need climate-controlled storage, it will be much easier for you to organize and prepare everything. Montgomery County moving and storage companies will be at your service if you wish to move into the area, so don’t forget to provide all the details about your move. Have fun while moving and look forward to setting up your items in the new home. 


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