Get Ready For A Pennsylvania Winter: Things You Need To Know

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    As summer slowly ends and leaves turn brown, your entire neighborhood and city are about to change. Yes, winter will soon knock on our door and we must be ready once it does. Even though today, our homes are pretty well organized and protected from harsh weather conditions, some situations and events can shift all of that a little bit. If you recently moved to Pennsylvania, or you plan to do it during winter, you will face two challenges at once. One will be setting up your new home and the other one to greet winter from it. Luckily, we prepared some useful tips on how to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter, and here is everything you should know!

    So, what is Pennsylvania winter like?

    If you are moving to Pennsylvania from warmer cities and states, you are in for a surprise. This state can get cold in winter, and with a lot of snow in some parts too. According to annual weather reports, winter in this state lasts from December to March. If you make a deal with Philadelphia movers to move in this period, you must be ready for some cold challenges. Temperatures in this state vary, but on average it can get from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to below 0. Days are usually cloudy and cold and at the very beginning of winter, it rains a lot in almost every region of the state.

    road in forest covered with snow
    It doesn’t take too much to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter, just a couple of things you should think of in time

    Those who love snow will get to see plenty of it. It is one of the reasons you must get ready for a Pennsylvania winter properly. In some cities, especially those that are close to Lake Erie, snow can be really deep. Some statistics show that on average it can be even above 100 inches which is a lot. In those conditions, you will have to prepare yourself, your home, and many other things that you use daily. During a short but very intense rainy season just before winter, Pennsylvania can get less than 34 inches to more than 50 inches per year.

    The importance of being ready for winter in Pennsylvania

    Everybody knows that changing the climate is not an easy thing to do especially if the change is drastic. You will have to change a couple of your daily habits and probably come up with new ones. Luckily, this is not so difficult as long as you know what you need to focus on. If you plan to move west, Chester County moving and storage companies can help you with your inventory. Moving and transporting things during this season can be tricky and it is good you have some additional help. That is the moment when you will understand how important is to be ready for winter completely. 

    Another reason why this is important is your family. If you are moving to Pennsylvania with your young kids, they will need some time to adapt. You can expect a couple of mild colds in the beginning as that will just be their body trying to adapt. The same goes out for the elderly but you should be extra careful with them. Your parents or grandparents will need a little bit more time to get used to Pennsylvania winter.

    How to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter

    Now it is time to see what are the best ways to prepare for winter in Pennsylvania. Once you get all the useful tips, you will know exactly what to do during every winter that is about to come. Even if you move during summer, that still doesn’t change the fact that winter will come. You will need to be creative, act on time, and of course, be ready to make some changes. The place you plan on moving to will play a huge role as well. That is why we will talk about a couple of Pennsylvania areas people usually move to. 

    Preparing your home for winter

    Even before you get yourself some cozy clothes, you will need to get ready for your home for a Pennsylvania winter. If you bought yourself property somewhere in the state, its current condition matters a lot. You must inspect your home from the bottom to the top and look for all those flaws that can cause issues when the weather becomes cold. Those who move to Western cold areas of this state should make a good plan with movers Coatesville PA. They can provide more time for you to check out your new home before officially moving there.

    people put their hands toward the fireplace discussing how to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter
    Once you check if your home is ready for winter it will be much easier to proceed to other tasks

    To save even more time and money you should focus on important things like:

    • Securing doors and windows
    • Checking the roof
    • Securing balcony and balcony doors

    Even if your house or apartment is new, you should check these things just in case. Sometimes even when they look good and are recently renovated, something could be off. This will be your chance to secure your home and get ready for a Pennsylvania winter on time.

    Dealing with your indoor furniture

    And those who have a garden or plan to have one will have another task. Moving to some places in Pennsylvania that have wonderful landscapes surely is a win-win situation. But when winter comes, you will have to focus on your garden and its furniture. Malvern PA movers can help you relocate it if you are in that area but what should you do next? This will be extremely easy even if your home is small and you have a lot of chairs and tables in your garden. There will be a couple of options in front of you but leaving everything inside isn’t one of them. Snow and cold weather can damage your furniture and you should act on time.

    One of the things you can do is take everything inside. A garage or basement will be a perfect place for your garden furniture and it can stay there until spring or summer. This is of course if you have these as part of your home. But if there is not enough space, don’t worry, there is another solution that will help you! Residential storage containers will be a real lifesaver for you! They are made to hold all kinds of weather conditions, and you can place them just outside of your home! Once winter is over you can get the containers back and set up your furniture again. 

    Get ready for a Pennsylvania winter but don’t forget your vehicle

    Those who have any type of vehicle will have to go through some preparations as well. You can’t just let it sit with the old equipment let alone drive it. If you are a driver for a long time, you already have enough experience, so just follow the tips you already know. But those who just got their driver’s license should be careful. What you need to do is make sure your gas tank is always full and have certain items in your car. The most common ones are:

    • Gloves
    • Flashlight
    • Shovel
    • Flares
    • Cables
    • One extra phone charger
    car going down the snowy road
    Your vehicle should be prepared as well, so check the tires and additional equipment

    Most drivers will have these items throughout the year, but it is also good to double-check on time. In case you need to go on an emergency trip during a storm or commute every day, you must be certain that there are no risks for you. Keep in mind that the state of Pennsylvania has certain laws regarding safe driving, and winter safety is included.

    Food and other supplies

    As winter gets closer, you will have to focus on what’s going on inside your home as well. Gathering food and other goods will be a normal thing to do every winter, but if this is your first one in Pennsylvania, you could use a couple of tips. The good news is that no one knows your family better than you do and you will know exactly how to stock that fridge and store room. Make sure you have goods that can last a certain period and that you don’t have to visit the supermarket often. This will save you from driving through snow and storms which is a good thing. 

    Apart from food, you will need some other supplies as well. If you don’t have a fireplace or stove make sure to get one on time. And if you do you will need fireplace wood. A lot of it! You will also need some salt for your driveway to prevent a slippery floor from creating. keep in mind that this process can last as long as winter doesn’t come. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter as long as you begin on time.

    woman playing with snow wearing gloves as warm clothes is one way to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter
    There should be some warm clothes in your wardrobe as well!

    And of course, to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter, you will need some warm clothes

    The good thing is that you can deal with this later and upon arriving. Those who are in the area could use movers Exton PA to transport winter clothes as well, but that city doesn’t even have that much snow in winter. To prevent relocating more items than you need you should wait to move first. Once you do, you and your family can go shopping and get yourself everything you need. Don’t forget to get warm jackets, gloves, and boots, in case of snow surprises you earlier. You can even get some cool things for your home, like those warm and cozy carpets.

    Once the winter is over make sure to store all those things properly. If you encounter a lack of space again, you can rely on onsite storage solutions. Before you take your items there make sure everything is prepared. for packing your winter clothes you can use vacuum bags so that a lot of things can fit at once. This will not only give you more space but will keep your things fresh for a long time. 

    Things you should avoid when getting ready for a Pennsylvania winter

    There are not a lot of things you can do wrong during this process and that is great. Even if you forget to prepare something, you will have just enough time to do it before huge storms begin. What you absolutely must do is put the safety of yourself and your family first. Those who move to Pennsylvania from another state that has harsh winters as well, will find it much easier to blend in. what you should avoid is ignoring some other essential things that your neighbors probably do. For example, make sure you have a weather report set on your phone. In the case of a huge storm coming you will get a notification that will give you enough time to prepare.

    neighborhood pictured during winter
    If you recently moved from warmer areas, let your neighbors help you adapt to Pennsylvania winter

    If the snowstorm happens to hit, stay calm and don’t make sudden decisions. After all, you and your family will be safe in your home and your belongings will be safe in the moving storage containers. Just be patient and officials will inform you if you have to take other measures. These things don’t happen often in Pennsylvania but when snow is huge, everything is possible.

    Winter in Pennsylvania is wonderful!

    With all these precautions side, winter in this state is amazing. Snow covers hills, forests, and parks and when the weather is calm, it will be wonderful to take a walk anywhere. Different cities and towns offer countless winter attractions like ice skating, skiing, and even Snowbowl fights. You and your entire family can spend a huge amount of days outside when it is not snowy or in front of your home. Certain neighborhoods in Pennsylvania and its cities organize different events in winter that you simply must attend. Let’s not forget about the most important of them all! 

    parents playing in the snow with their child as an example of how to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter
    What matters the most is that you and your family enjoy winter for as long as it lasts

    Christmas in this state is wonderful no matter what city you choose. When you decide to get ready for a Pennsylvania winter don’t forget to get some Christmas things as well. You can get a new Christmas tree, ornaments, and everything that will make your home look like it’s from a winter fairytale! 


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