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    Renting a storage unit is often a great idea. People get storage units for different things while moving, for storing things they don’t use the whole year or storing a car they don’t drive anymore. But, do you know what some of the top storage mistakes to avoid are? Knowing them in advance can prevent your storage from getting crowded, and keep your items safe. Or, if you already have storage rented, maybe it is time to go over and looked through what you can fix. And if you are looking for a company from which you can rent a unit, Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia is here for you!

    When is renting a storage unit a good idea?

    This will be up to you, but most of the reasons why people rent a storage unit is either moving or they do not have enough room in their home. Since these are two different things, the storage solutions are also different. There are short-term storage leases that you can get while you are moving. For this case you can also have an onsite unit, meaning that you can keep your items close to you. For the long lease of a unit, there are residential units. Taking all of the things that you are not using that much to store can be a lifesaver. Maybe now you can have enough space to turn that one room into a gym. Or, maybe you want to get rid of the bulky winter clothes and equipment until the next year.

    A view of storage units
    You can use a storage unit for shorter periods like when you are moving or for a longer time

    Storage mistakes to avoid before you rent a unit

    No matter if you have rented a storage unit before or not, there are still some mistakes you can make. So, let us start with the unit you choose, the company, and other things that are related to the unit itself. There are different sizes of units, and different moving storage containers you can choose from. You can also get the unit when moving or for storing things you can’t find a place in your home anymore. Find what will work best for you and your needs. Look into each of these before you choose a unit for yourself.

    Not doing the research about the company

    This should be the first thing on your list of storage mistakes to avoid when searching for a storage unit. Doing proper research does take some time, but it pays off. It is the same thing as when you are looking for movers Pottstown PA offers. Look into their reviews and talk to them to get a sense of how they work. Having to see how they treated previous clients is a good thing. You can probably expect the same treatment for yourself. So, make a list of companies you want to think about and see how well they operate. You are entrusting them with your items, so you want to know they will keep them safe.

    Two people shaking hands
    One of the most important things is to find a reliable company to rent storage from

    Refusing the insurance for your items

    Refusing to get your things insured is another storage mistake to avoid. While yes, a storage company will offer safety to you with cameras and guards on site, they are not responsible if anything happens to your things. Also, there are climate-regulated storage units Pottstown PA companies offer, which are a great way to keep the items at the temperature they need to be. Look into other options for keeping your things safe. Most renters and homeowners insurance can cover the basics that you need. Sometimes a storage company will have an insurance policy for you as well, and you can look into that.

    Getting the wrong-sized storage unit

    Most often than not, when choosing a storage unit to rent, people will decide to get the smaller size. They are cheaper options and if you are not used to storing things, you might not b able to see how much space you need. This leads to you having to cram all of your items on top of each other which can lead to damage. When you come to choosing between different residential storage containers you can consult with the company for the right fit. This is maybe the best way to have the perfect size for your needs.

    Storage mistakes to avoid when preparing for the move

    Once you have your storage unit selected, there is a part of preparing your things for packing. The same tips apply for packing for a move or long-term residential storage. Before you start packing, a good thing you can do to help yourself is to declutter. Sort your things into groups for packing and storing, throwing away, or donating. This will make the number of things you need to pack lower. And when you are moving, you can also use the onsite storage solutions as they can be a great help when you need to keep something in your home.

    A man packing a box
    One of the storage mistakes to avoid is incorrect packing. Protect your things so they don’t get damaged

    Using the cheap packing materials

    Once you have everything set with your apartment movers Pottstown PA based, you can start with preparing materials for packing. The same goes for moving and storing things. You should use boxes that are of good quality as you don’t want the box to break and damage the insides. Other than that, you will also need some protective materials, like packing peanuts for example. In the end, you can securely close to box with tape so you are sure it won’t open. Having the correct packing materials can be detrimental sometimes to keeping your items safe. It would be a disaster if a box containing your plates for example opened while you were taking it to your car.

    Packing things that are damp

    Packing is often the thing people leave up to the end, as it consumes a lot of time and energy. If you wish to do it on your own, you need to know how to pack your things so they are safe. If you are preparing to pack your winter clothes, for example, it is a great idea to wash them before you store them. But, be sure that is completely dry before it goes into a bag or a box. Damp things will lead to mold, and your things can go to waste. As storage is not something you will open every day, it won’t be able to dry without it getting moly. So, this is a very important storage mistake to avoid.

    If you don’t wish to deal with packing, you can get help from moving companies. There are great packing services Pottstown PA companies have. This way you can focus on other things you need to finish. And you will have professionals who are trained and experienced to do all of your packing. Not just that, you won’t need to worry about packing material either, as they have their own. You can save time and be without worries about something getting damaged. Also, you won´t need to deal with all the storage mistakes to avoid them.

    A woman decluttering her clothes and thinking of storage mistakes to avoid
    A good tip is to declutter everything before you start packing, so you can get rid of things you don’t really want

    Forgetting to label the boxes

    Once your boxes are packed, you don’t want to forget about labeling them. This is a great way to help you stay organized. Just imagine not labeling your boxes, and having to open who knows how many of them before finding what you are looking for. Be sure to write item lists on each side of the box, so you can see them no matter how you place the box. For boxes filled with smaller items, you can even put a list of every item inside, so instead of “kitchen”, you will know exactly what is inside of it. Get yourself some labels from the store, or you can simply grab a marker and write on the box. You can use different colors for different rooms, or object types if you want.

    Not planning ahead

    having no plan before you get everything to your storage unit is something that will make a mess. You need to have a plan and also enough time to place everything inside. If you get friends’ help that will be great as well. Think about the order in which you want to put your things into storage. If there is something that you will need soon, or you will be taking in and out of storage, you need to place them in front. So, anything that you won’t use often goes in the back, with things that you will in front. You should also leave enough room to be able to walk inside and get to each of the boxes so you don’t need to jump over them once you need to get something out. So, once you have your things packed, make a plan of object placement.

    A woman researching storage mistakes to avoid
    Write a good plan and be organized when preparing for storing your things

    What not to put into the storage

    There are also a lot of things that people sometimes pack that should not be in storage and this is one of the most common storage mistakes to avoid. Companies that work with storage units will have a list of items you should not pack. And if you can’t find one, you can call them and ask about it. Mostly it is hazardous things and perishable things like food. No matter if you think that you will leave your items in the storage unit for just a short period, be sure to take everything out. Don’t leave the food in the fridge or the freezer that you are storing. It can go bad and it is not safe. If you are looking for storage to store hunting gear or other dangerous items, it is extremely important to clean everything and make it safe for handling. As you don’t know what can happen and if someone else will be in your storage unit.

    For other special items that are valuable, companies will tell you to keep them out of the unit as well. As they are not responsible if something happens if there are some valuables you need to see which insurance can cover them. The same goes for musical instruments for example. Anything that is of larger value might not be in the basic insurance plan, so take note of that. Also, before placing them into the storage unit, make sure they are correctly protected. Maybe you can use something to warp the object, like bubble wrap, a towel, or a blanket. After that simply use a good box and packaging peanuts to fill the box to the top. Always ask your storage company about valuables and if they have some recommendations for you on how to proceed.

    Storage units
    Hazardous things and perishable food should not be in your storage unit, and if you have something valuable, be sure it is insured

    Unpacking your temporary storage unit after moving

    Once you know all the storage mistakes to avoid and you finish with your move it is time to get everything unpacked and ready for life. If you have followed the advice and made a plan on how to place boxes into storage this should be easy. Always start unpacking the rooms you will use all the time, so the bedroom, bathroom, and then kitchen. Take all the boxes into the room they belong in so you don’t have a mess in one room. After that, you can start by unpacking large items and furniture, and then finish with smaller things. The labels that you have put on the boxes will be of a big help here. Just take your time and get everything unpacked. After that, your new house will start feeling like a home in no time! You can also put out your decorations for your new home and your favorite scents to make it feel like your space.


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