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    Welcome to Pennsylvania’s largest city and the one more than 1.576 million people call home! Yes, you are in Philadelphia and you will enjoy every single second of your stay here! There will be time for meeting new people, learning new traditions, and finding yourself in this amazing city. If you recently moved here, or plan to do so, there is a huge homework standing in front of you. You will not only have to deal with the relocation and its aftermath but with beginning a new chapter of your life in this city! We are offering you lifesaving advice and a chance to get to know some of the best spots in this city! Take a look at some things Philadelphia is known for!

    Short Philadelphia introduction

    If you decided that this city should be your home, you must have had a good reason for it! Moving companies Philadelphia deal with relocation requests on a daily basis. So what makes this place so good and special? Well, we should start by saying that Philadelphia is the birthplace of the USA. It is the city that welcomed Founding Fathers who formed the new country that is your home today. Simply knowing that can paint you a perfect picture of how important this city is. History itself attracts countless tourists daily, but some famous historical names from all around the world are as well.

    colorful park
    Apart from wonderful parks, there are many other things that will make you fall in love with this city

    For some people. history is enough to make this city the perfect home for them. But those who are looking for more will find it too! Philadelphia has its urban side, and those who had a chance to see it- think about it a lot! From classy and luxurious restaurants to nightclubs, it has it all. 

    Things Philadelphia is known for

    With the city this huge, you understand that there are countless interesting things Philadelphia is known for. But if you divide them into different categories, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for. Those who plan on moving with the help of long distance movers Pennsylvania should spend more time exploring the city. Since you are coming from far away chances are big that you can easily miss a very important detail or location. That of course is not the goal here and there is no need for it to happen. 

    Everyone leads a different life, but our lifestyles have some common traits. We can’t ignore them as they matter too much to us. It is much easier to cherish them and don’t stop doing it even when moving. So, when you start making a relocation plan, set your priorities in order. This will not only help you move easier, but you will also find a much better place for you!

    Culture, art, and history are also things Philadelphia is known for

    The first and the most obvious category is of course this one. You already know by now that one of the things Philadelphia is known for is history. Every single part of it is filled with museums and historical houses and to some, that matters a lot. Probably the best thing about the city is that so much history is preserved! Today’s visitors have a chance to spend time looking at different artifacts that manage to shape the entire country! And even with so many things to see that will remind you of the past, two of them will always stand out. Yes, we are talking about Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell! Both are symbolizing great things and stand proud and tall to remind us of how hard work always pays off!

    In Philadelphia, history, and art go hand in hand! If you love music, film, and theatre, you will probably end up negotiating with movers and choosing moving services PA. The Avenue of Arts, or as other people call it Broad Street, is home to countless events including concerts, theatre, and dance plays. Speaking of dance, keep in mind that in this city you can get a piece of every traditional dance there is. Dancers perform Flamenco, Hip-Hop dance, Salsa, and much more! 

    girl sitting in the museum and thinking of things Philadelphia is known for
    Museums and galleries are one of many things Philadelphia is known for

    Important establishments regarding culture

    It won’t take too much to get to these places, but it is good to know where to begin. Detailed research can give you amazing results and during it, you will come across places like:

    • Pennsylvania Academy Of Fine Arts
    • Tyler School of Art
    • Moore College of Art and Design
    • October Gallery 

    Attractions are one of the most important things Philadelphia is known for

    It is no secret that almost every city in the USA has some attractions people simply love! Well, Philadelphia is no different and here you will find plenty of them. There will be something for people of all ages and before you know it you will have your favorite ones as well. Even though attractions are not a good reason to move somewhere, sometimes they really can be. If your profession is related to them or you are a child in heart, some cool places are waiting for you in Philadelphia! 

    two people shaking hands
    If you are not willing to find a job you can easily start your own business in Philadelphia

    The Gardens After Dark

    One of the biggest ones is the Gardens After Dark and which attracts countless tourists daily. What’s interesting to know is that this is a seasonal attraction and it is not available all the time. After buying one ticket you will get a chance to explore the gardens inside and outside and have the time of your life. Considering that this attraction will not always be there you should get them on time to avoid losing a good spot!

    The Rocky Statue and Rocky Steps

    You saw the movie right? Well, if you are a fan you will get a chance to see some of the locations shown in the movie and take a picture next to the Rocky statue! What’s best about this attraction is that is free and you can spend as much time as you like there! Just don’t exhaust yourself too much running up and down the stairs! 

    Elfreth’s Alley

    And how about taking a walk down the alley that dates back to the 18th century? Since it is one of the things Philadelphia is known for, it will give you pleasure to check it out. It was home to merchants for many years and now it is a wonderful attraction. The city keeps on growing around it but this alley will stay there forever to remind us of some other times! 

    girl in the library
    And your kids will have plenty of universities to choose from

    Schools and universities

    Those who will be moving with kids must think of this part as well. Way before you make all arrangements with local movers in Greater Philadelphia area, you must make a good plan for their education. Your kids will need some time to adapt as well and there is no better way than finding them a good school. Teachers and professors can help them blend in faster and there is no better place to do that than in some of the schools and universities in Philadelphia! There are about 55 colleges in the entire area including:

    • 46 private colleges and universities
    • 2 public colleges and universities
    • 7 community colleges 

    This is more than enough to choose from and your only job will be to go through brochures and make a plan with your family. Some are more expensive than others so make sure you have enough time to organize your budget. Just to give you a better insight some of the most popular universities and colleges are:

    • Temple University
    • Thomas Jefferson University
    • Drexel University

    Things Philadelphia is known for regarding business

    Moving to Philadelphia means that you will have to find a job sooner or later. Especially if you are coming from another county, you must be prepared for new business challenges in this city. Moving companies in Montgomery County PA can make sure you arrive in time for your next job interview. You only need to find a good place to apply to. The best way to find the best employer is to check the biggest ones first. This will give you a better idea about what residents love and what professions are popular. According to some statistics, the biggest employers apart from universities are:

    • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
    • Comcast
    • Virtua Health
    people at the meeting
    Some great companies are located there as well

    Starting your own business in Philadelphia

    This is a wonderful idea for many reasons. No matter what part of the city you decide to move to, chances are huge that your business will skyrocket. Movers in Chester County PA often accept requests from people who decided to change their life and start a business in the big city! If you are creative enough and wish to change your life for the better, you should go for it! Locals in the area will love your services no matter what they are because Philadelphia is famous for its diversity and people from everywhere!

    Architecture and house styles

    If you wish to buy yourself a home in this city, you will not make a mistake. There will be a lot of options for you and your budget and all you need is time to explore and check them all out. It all begins by choosing a neighborhood you wish to move to. Different one means a different style and in Philadelphia there are many. If you are moving from some similar but smaller places close to Philadelphia, you can even check them out a couple of times. Apartment movers Pottstown PA will deal with your inventory as soon as you decide. Your choices will be:

    • 20th-century rowhouses
    • Condos and high-rise living complexes
    • New construction townhouses and condos
    • Big family homes

    Your residential movers Pottstown PA must know all the details regarding your relocation. This will help them understand the situation better and get faster to your current location. Upon arriving in Philadelphia they will know exactly where your new home is and will navigate to get there soon. 

    Other things Philadelphia is known for

    You should know that the more time you spend exploring this city the more you will learn about it. What stands out as a fact is that you will be happy here. If you manage to find a good job on time and organize everything, this relocation will be more than easy. Keep in mind that Philadelphia is an excellent place for young people. It is heavily covered by social media and more and more freelancers are moving here to work and create content. People from other places in Pennsylvania are sending their residents to this city as well, for a better job and lifestyle in general. Our reliable movers carry out dozens of relocations to Philadelphia suburbs almost daily!

    Other counties follow as well, so you should know that movers in Delaware County PA could be at your service as well. The main reasons people are moving from smaller towns to Philadelphia are job opportunities, and education as well. No matter what your reason is, try to make it valid and keep on focusing on reaching your goals. As long as you know what you want, things will be turning out in your favor for sure! 

    girl reading about things Philadelphia is known for
    It seems like in recent years more and more young people decide to move to Philadelphia

    Enjoy Philadelphia to the fullest!

    And just like that, the city of Philadelphia is now your home! After learning the most important things about it, you will find it easy to adapt and blend in. Your new community will welcome you happily and help you learn more about your new area. Upon arriving check out the most important locations. Those who are coming from another state must find certain institutions to issue their documents. Step by step you will feel things Philadelphia is known for on your skin and you will love them all! If you have some friends or family members who already live there, ask them for advice. There is nothing better than getting good information firsthand! 


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