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    Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that protecting the environment is of extreme importance. Environmentally conscious people are looking for ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle in many different aspects. If you’re one of the people who are trying to better the planet and be kind to the environment, you’ll be pleased to know you can be eco-friendly even when moving. Namely, there’s a way of getting eco-friendly storage and even pack your things in a conscientious manner. Companies like Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia offer great storage units, you just need to find a way to be environmentally-friendly when storing your belongings. So, if this is something that interests you, continue reading. We’ll tell you how you can care for the environment while putting your things in storage.

    Use energy-efficient lightbulbs

    If you’re someone who’s environmentally conscious, you’re probably already using some tricks to be more eco-friendly in your home. In that case, you already know that simply changing up your light bulbs can be a very helpful thing in protecting the environment.

    An LED light bulb
    Getting LED light bulbs is a way to make your storage more eco-friendly.

    Namely, switching to LED light bulbs that are energy-efficient will not only save you some money, but it will also make your home more environmentally friendly. But you don’t have to stop there. If you want a green storage unit, use these types of light bulbs in there as well!

    Eco-friendly storage units are the ones with good insulation

    When you’re looking for an eco-friendly storage unit, there are a few things to think about. One of the more important things to look for in a storage facility is good insulation. If the storage is well-insulated, it means your things will be protected both from cold and from the heat. Other than keeping your belongings safe, storage units with good insulation are good for the environment. Why? Well, because you won’t need to use as much electricity to protect your things from climate factors – the insulation won’t let the cold or the heat pass through the walls. So, when you’re looking for climate controlled storage units near me, make sure they also have good insulation.

    Use eco-friendly packing materials for storage and save money

    One of the easiest and best ways to be more environmentally-friendly when storing your things is by using the right packing supplies. Luckily, this doesn’t have to mean spending extra money on packing supplies. Here are a few options you can opt for.

    Man taping a cardboard box shut when packing for eco-friendly storage
    Good news! You don’t have to spend a lot on packing supplies to be eco-friendly.
    • Reuse old boxes. If you’ve moved house in the past, you may have some old packing supplies lying around. So, use those instead of buying new ones. In case you don’t have any, ask your friends or neighbors if they do. Also, you can get used supplies on websites like the Freecycle Network.
    • Utilize things you already own. A great way to save money and make your storage unit green is by using what you already have. Namely, you can utilize suitcases and bags for packing. When it comes to wrapping your things, you can use old towels, blankets, etc.
    • Put newspapers to use. All of us have a bunch of newspapers, magazines, or spam mail that eventually goes in the trash. Well, instead of throwing these out, you can use them as padding when packing your belongings for eco-friendly storage.

    Avoid using plastic containers for packing

    Everyone is aware that plastic is one of those materials that are simply bad for the environment. Therefore, when you’re looking for eco-friendly storage tips, one of the biggest pieces of advice is avoiding plastic. Many people like using plastic containers for packing their belongings for storage. Unfortunately, that’s not the best choice when you’re trying to go green. So, instead of using plastic boxes, you should look into some other options.

    The sturdiness of plastic containers is the reason so many people like them. However, it’s much better to look for biodegradable boxes for the environment’s sake. The good thing about these is that you can recycle them after using them. But keep in mind that you should still look for boxes that are better-quality and a little bit stronger. Luckily, your Glenside PA movers can probably provide you with some good-quality, sturdy boxes. Also, it’s worth mentioning that these boxes will lose their dexterity after some time because they’re biodegradable.

    Another issue that some people face with cardboard boxes is mold. The last thing you want is your things getting ruined by mold in your storage unit. But you can still have an eco-friendly storage unit and keep your things safe. Just look up the ways of preventing mold in storage.

    Getting eco-friendly storage will save you money

    If you’re not 100% sure you should go green, here’s the best part of that decision – you’ll save some money! Moving house and renting a storage unit can be pretty costly, so it’s always nice to save a few coins.

    Putting a coin in a piggy bank
    Opting for environmentally-friendly storage is a great way to save some coins.

    As we’ve already mentioned, getting an environmentally friendly storage unit gives you the chance to save some money. First of all, by reusing old packing supplies and utilizing the things you already have in your home for packing, you’re avoiding spending extra money on supplies. Other than that, investing in light bulbs that are long-lasting will save you some money in the long run. Also, by not using as much electricity in the storage unit to protect your items from different weather conditions, you’re paying less for electricity. So, getting green storage is a win-win!

    Choose wisely when getting a green storage unit

    If you’ve decided to put your things in storage, you need to be careful when choosing. Make sure you rent a storage unit from a reliable company and to avoid scams. It’s great that you want to get eco-friendly storage, but you should still avoid getting scammed in the process. So, choose wisely, make an informed decision, and make sure your things will remain safe.

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