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    Relocation is one of the biggest life events, on par with marriage or the arrival of children. Needless to say, events of this magnitude are difficult to organize and execute. Another drawback is that relocation is not something we do often, and therefore we are not accustomed to these circumstances. But you are not alone in this, your local movers in Delaware County could help you survive this difficult period. Furthermore, your move will not be over when the moving truck leaves you in front of your new home. You will have to unpack and make your new home suitable for living. In other words, there are some home renovations to complete before you move in.

    Also, you will have to adapt to your new surroundings including your new workplace, neighborhood, and so forth. This is a process that could last for several months, so the most important thing is to stay focused and positive the whole time.

    What are the most important home renovations to complete before you move in?

    More and more people are choosing to move into unfinished homes because this approach makes sense financially. Home renovations are a long-term project, and for most people, they require serious flexing of the financial muscle. Most people choose to complete renovation stages one at a time because they are limited by their budget.

    Picture of a roof wooden frame. Some of the big home renovations to complete before you move in are structural repairs
    Your home must support the bare minimum of living conditions before you can move in

    But here are some renovations that would be wise to complete before moving in:

    • Huge structural repairs like leaking roofs, rotten foundations, and cracked walls. Before you can move in, your home must meet the minimum safety parameters if you wish to stay healthy.
    • Installation of basic home security systems like windows and doors.
    • Plumbing and electricity. Leaking pipes and short circuits are first in the line of home renovations. When not done properly they can wreak havoc and ruin everything you already completed.
    • Design the layout of your rooms and make all the necessary modifications before you move in.

    Bathroom and kitchen should be the first two rooms to renovate

    When you have a limited budget, renovating one room at a time makes the most sense. Prolonging the renovation process will make it possible for you to get the best materials, appliances, and furniture. But the question is where to start? What rooms should you renovate first? Well, most experts agree that the first two rooms that should be completed are the kitchen and bathroom. The logic is similar to the unpacking process.

    Picture of a bathroom
    Some of the most important home renovations to complete before you move in are related to your bathroom and kitchen

    There are many reasons why you should first renovate these two rooms:

    • Kitchen appliances are expensive and the sooner you get this worry out of the way, the better.
    • Renovating these rooms usually involves changing the tiles. This is a dirty job and you can expect a lot of dust and debris. Protect your health and your belongings and finish these works before moving in.
    • A bare minimum of living conditions. Don’t forget that you will need these two rooms to function normally.

    Home renovations to complete before you move in: Painting your walls

    Relocation tends to be an expensive project. Zippy Shell Greater Philadelphia is a reliable yet an affordable moving company that has all the necessary competences and experience to deal with every type of relocation. But there are other ways to save some money aside from the moving company. For example, you can do some of the renovation projects on your own, like painting the walls. This is a fairly easy task assuming that you have all the essential tools.

    Picture of cans of paint
    It is advisable to paint the walls before you move in

    There are several reasons why you should paint the walls before moving in:

    • It is easier to paint an empty apartment or house. Don’t forget that moving furniture from room to room takes time and energy.
    • Inhaling painting fumes for too long can cause headaches, dizziness, and even nausea.
    • You will be able to better perceive if you applied the right color nuance if the room is empty.

    What to do when your home is not ready for moving in?

    Ideally, your home should be fully furnished and ready for moving in as soon as you arrive. But unfortunately, we are not living in the perfect world, and we often have to search for compromises. So, what can you do if your home is not suitable for living yet?

    • Ask your friends for help. If you don’t have where to sleep, your friends probably have a spare room. Ask them to take you in for a few days, but be careful not to overstay your welcome. Keep in mind that renovation projects tend to run off schedule.
    • Consider staying in a hotel. Now you don’t have to wash your dishes or laundry and you can use this time to supervise contractors and keep track of the progress of the renovation.
    • Rent an apartment. If you believe that these renovations will last a bit longer, you could rent an apartment during this period.

    Set the deadline for home renovations to complete before you move in

    When it comes to renovating your home, you should know that this is a process that could last anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the scale of the project. The best way to avoid lengthy delays is to set some sort of deadline. Also, you should have a general vision of how your home will look like, and pursue it. These were some of the home renovations to complete before you move in. Remember that upgrading your home should bring you joy and happiness, not anxiety and headaches. Therefore, our last piece of advice is to relax and take it slowly. You will have more than enough time to finish everything. We wish you enjoy your new home as soon as possible.

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