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    Leaving home is never easy. You leave your previous life and go to a new chapter. The problem with sadness about moving is that you do not have much time to do this. You should concentrate on more practical things, such as agreeing with the moving and storage Montgomery County, PA that you previously selected, packing, collecting the necessary documents, etc. On the other hand, your move can be even more difficult. If you need to carry sports equipment with you, all this needs to be done much earlier. So that you have enough time to pack. Learn how to succeed and move sports equipment to Norristown. Read on to find out how to safely move your gym equipment. So you can stay fit and healthy by training right after your home move is over.

    What to do before you move sports equipment to Norristown

    Before you begin preparing sports equipment for packing and moving, you need to do several important things to facilitate the whole process and make it as safe as possible:

    Sports equipment
    Make sure you prepare your sports equipment for the move
    • Decide if you will take all parts of your fitness equipment. This is an important first step. Simply because it makes no sense to pay for the transportation of an item if you almost never use it. Or if it is in poor general condition and you have to replace it soon enough. Be critical because training equipment is heavy and costs a lot of money to transport to another home, sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles away. Is it really worth the cost and effort? Sometimes it’s better to sell part of the sports equipment and buy a new one after the move is completed.
    • Take pictures of each part of the sports equipment from different angles to help you assemble it upon arrival at your new home. Do this even if you have instructions for using the machines.
    • Clean and sanitate all parts of your treadmill to prevent germs or bacteria from entering your new home. Use high-quality wet wipes or paper towels with universal cleaners to thoroughly clean all surfaces of your weights, treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, or other training equipment you have. Remember to wipe yoga mats and yoga accessories.
    • Have at least one other assistant to help you move sports equipment to Norristown. Keep in mind that most training items are very heavy. So you need to have several helpers around you to complete this often difficult task without any incident. Or you can hire movers Norristown, PA to do all the work for you.

    How to move weights: dumbbells and barbells

    Do not be surprised to know that your weights will be … well, heavy. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are planning to transport your free weights between two houses.

    • Distribute weights between several boxes to evenly distribute their serious total weight.
    • Use plastic containers that can support the extra weight of your hand weights, dumbbells, and barbells. If you don’t have plastic containers for storage and you don’t have time to buy them, you can use many small cardboard boxes that are strong enough to withstand the load.
    • Fasten the bottom and sides of each small cardboard box with strong packing tape.
    • First, wrap each individual weight in wrapping paper, then in a moving blanket, and finally transfer it to a sturdy box, preferably made of plastic.
    • Fill the remaining empty space inside the box with old newspapers or items of clothing (towels work great) to prevent the weights from moving and possibly causing damage during transport.
    Set of weights
    Everything must be safe when you move sports equipment to Norristown

    How to move a treadmill

    The best approach to moving a treadmill will depend on how heavy and large your home treadmill will be. If it’s over 100 pounds, you will need not only a reliable assistant but also a dolly for transporting heavy fitness equipment to a moving vehicle. Follow these steps to pack and move the treadmill:

    • Set the treadmill to zero, and then remove the safety key. Keep this key in a safe place.
    • Turn off and disconnect the treadmill from the power source.
    • Follow the instructions in the user manual to fold the treadmill. Depending on the specific model, you may need to fold the standing segment or fold the belt section.
    • Use its locking mechanism to lock the treadmill after you fold it to prevent it from opening during transport.
    • Wrap heavy fitness equipment in thick blankets to protect it until it reaches your new home. Use tape to keep these blankets in place.
    • To transport a heavy treadmill, use a dolly – an L-shaped lever with two wheels. To do this, ask the assistant to tilt the treadmill back about 45 degrees, slide the dolly under it, then tilt the dolly back and fasten the treadmill part to the hand dolly using straps or a rope.
    • Scroll a loaded treadmill outside your home and gently load it into a moving truck. After loading, secure it with ropes or ratchet straps on the side of the moving vehicle.

    How to move an exercise bike

    Stationary bicycles are still one of the most popular items for the home gym, and there is a good chance that you also have one. And now that your moving day is approaching, you must be wondering how to move your stationary bike to a new home.

    • Disconnect the stationary bike from the power source (if it is an electric bike) and keep the cords in a safe place.
    • Disassemble the steering wheel and pedals to lighten sports equipment and make it easier and safer to move around.
    • Wrap all parts in moving blankets to protect them from accidental shock during transport. Wrap all excess fragile parts in bubble pack first.
    • Lift and carry the packed exercise bike with your assistant. Exercise bikes are not particularly heavy, so you should not have problems with safe transportation.
    • Load the exercise bike in a moving vehicle and securely attach it to the side of the truck. After all, it is not one of the items you should unpack first, so you can put it in the back of a truck.
    Stationary bikes
    Your stationary bike must remain stationary during transport

    If you really have very expensive sports equipment or if most of these machines are too large and cannot be dismantled safely, you should seriously consider hiring a professional moving company that knows how to move sports equipment to Norristown with ease.

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